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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Birthday Dinner ~ Sorghum Candy Making

Youngest asked for me (for her 13th birthday dinner) to make a few new recipes - Pumpkin and Sage Baked Macaroni, and Italian Oven Roasted Cauliflower. 

(Cauliflower dish)

(Pumpkin Macaroni Dish)

Both were super easy to make,
and incorporate my homegrown veggies, and herbs.  Now...if I just had some goat's milk I could make the pasta dish with homemade ricotta too.  I loved the fact I could utilize fresh sage and parsley, and my home canned tomato paste for these.  Oh, and homemade garlic powder.  Both had the garlic, so they kind of went together I think.

Although both recipes contain cheese, they were fabulous dishes that Youngest picked out.  I told her the only thing missing was a side of greens (he he!).  

I doubled both recipes.  For the cauliflower dish, we used one entire 4 oz canning jar of home canned tomato paste.  For the pumpkin macaroni dish I doubled everything but the ricotta and mozzarella (only adding a cup more of each).  Since my pumpkin puree was frozen in pint containers, I used an entire container too.  It worked great. 

Both dishes are completely vegetarian too.  She did not plan for that, but it just worked out for us.

I finally got around to making one batch of Sorghum candy.  This stuff is so good you should try it at least once.  This is how it looks after I pour in the sorghum.  You don't even stir this stuff much either. 

When it comes off the burner, I whisk in baking soda and pour it (not stirring it or spreading it) onto parchment paper.  There is always a little that won't come out of the pan.  I carefully help it out.  You let this cool completely.

I break it up into bite-size pieces (carefully).  It has a very light honey-comb texture, so breaking them too small can smoosh the candy.

I then melt dark chocolate, and dip the pieces, resting them on waxed paper until they set.  

My family (extended) has never had this candy before.  This year, instead of making my traditional toffee (which is very good too), I made this to share.  I'm currently seeking permission to post the recipe on my blog. 

Do you ever look at your blog "audience" that is reading your blog?  

I've been checking lately, and find it interesting that folks in Russia, Pakistan, Spain, Poland. United Kingdom, Canada, France (waving to Emma), Australia, China , Greece, India, and other countries are reading my blog.  You can even see what countries are reading it at that very moment too.  Just sharing. . .


Sam I Am...... said...

I've got to try that candy and I'm not even a candy lover. I bake cookies at Christmas. Today I'm baking bread and making sugar cookies. It's just me and the girls (2 dogs and a cat) but we have a great Christmas Eve snacking and watching movies and tomorrow I'll cook a ham dinner and the kids will all call and I might even get to Skype with one while he opens his presents from Grandma! LOL! The best of the holidays to you and your family and Merry Christmas.
Oh, the veggie dishes looked really good too!

Kim said...

I am waiting on the candy recipe. I have a fresh quart of sorghums that are made at a farm down the road.