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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, December 29, 2014

Rest and Relaxation (kind of) ~ Whiskey Butterscotch Sauce

Sunday we finally sat around and simply enjoyed ourselves.  We tossed around the idea of going bowling, but the more we relaxed and took time for ourselves, the more we wanted to simply hang out (in pajamas no less).

It's hard for me to sit around and do nothing, which was what we told Mom to do (she had another ER visit) for the next few days. 

I was reading through a library book, on handmade gifts and decided to not let the year end without a "bang." 

I went to the kitchen and made Whiskey Butterscotch Sauce.

I used organic, non-gmo corn syrup, organic butter, and homemade vanilla extract to make it.  The recipe is in the book, "Edible DIY: Simple, Giftable Recipes to Savor and Share" by Lucy Baker.  I am pretty sure if you search the internet for it, you'll find it there too.

It cools for 40 minutes before placing in canning jars. It's then refrigerated.

We just had to try it too.  Delcious!  How did this all start?  Well, I was also reading through magazines and getting them ready for recycling, when I came across another recipe that I thought would go good with this.  I hope to try that recipe soon too. 

...and that's how I ended up in the kitchen.  Hubby laughed and said I can "never sit and do nothing" and I better check on Mom to make sure she's doing "nothing."  Which is next on my morning list of to-do's.

I also took time to read this magazine.  It's the fall issue, and i have not opened it until now.  

The first article I flipped to is this.  Ha!  Hubby found that funny, considering I am a stickler on eating "real" food.  This magazine is packed with information, so I plan to read it all week.  There is also an article in it on home grown popcorn,and Dakota Black is mentioned in it.  

Even Tiger joined me while reading and relaxing.  He looks like he wants the lights turned off, with his paw over his eyes and all.  So cute.

I was too occupied last night (imagine that) to notice this beautiful sunset, that Mom texted me about. 

I quickly snapped a few shots before it disappeared into the dark night.

And speaking of night, approximately 6:25pm, we had suspicious people walking behind our property with flashlights - possibly trespassers, possibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.  There was/is no reason for anyone to be walking that close to our property, especially in the dead of winter, in the dark of night, and/or without a motive.


EMMA said...

Looks delicious. Can't get corn syrup here either! maybe I need a holiday in the US just to stock up on ingredients!
Don't like the sound of those people, hope they don't give you any trouble.

Mama Pea said...

Getting me thinking about this Whiskey Butterscotch sauce over ice cream was not a nice thing to do when I'm mentally preparing for cutting out all sweets/sugars in the month of January!

Who owns the property behind you where you saw the trespassers with the flashlights? If it's someone other than the "mud boggers," you could contact them just to give them a head's up.

I'm like you in that I actually start to feel very, very uncomfortable (see how maladjusted I am?) if I sit without doing something . . . reading, knitting, going through files, sorting recipes, etc. Maybe we both need therapy??

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Emma I hope you are able to find those ingredients some where.

Mama Pea, sorry about that (tee hee). You should see what I was going to put the ice cream and sauce over (double tee hee). I may have to get it made this week yet. The land is owned by his mother and Aunt. Yep...same people. I had to laugh at your therapy comment, ha ha!

Susan said...

Hmmm. This need to be active at all times must be a homesteading thing. I vowed to take it completely easy yesterday and ended up baking bread and sorting out the cats' room. I did squeeze some reading in between. That sauce/ice cream photo had the Pavlov affect on me... What a worry, having people on who-knows-what clomping around in the night time. I hope it's too cold for them to come out.

Michelle said...

Hope very thing is ok and the trespassers left, not to return. The sauce looks so good. But I still have a counter full of treats from Christmas that I need to get rid of or I'll weigh a ton. LOL

Sam I Am...... said...

That sauce looks and sounds scrumptious! I am not a whiskey drinker but my parents had some and it has been sitting there for years. Now I have a use for it!
that is so scary to have people slinking about in the night. Doesn't Alias bark? I have a Rottweiller who barked the other night and woke me up and she never does that so I let her out to scare whatever or whoever away. It was still hard getting back to sleep after that though.

Beansieleigh said...

That butterscotch sauce looks to die for!.. Oh, but please do be careful, where those visitors lurking about! That does sound very strange, especially in the cold temps we've been getting these last couple days! Keep the doors locked as much as possible, and stay safe. Hopefully they'll find someplace else to wander! ~tina

RB said...

I also can't sit and do nothing. I almost always have some kind of sewing or a handheld game in my hands.

Ya know, every cat I've ever had has covered their eyes when they're trying to sleep and we have the lights on. I wonder if it is to shut out our light?

What did you do about the interlopers? I'd have turned on all the outdoor lighting and hollered from the back door to ask what they were doing. Sometimes it's just a mistake they crossed the boundaries but ya never know unless you ask. And if they sass or run, I'd call the cops for sure.

God bless.


Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

We have about 6 acres, so we'd have to walk straight out to where they were (Hubby did go out there but they walked into the woods), to find out who they were and what they were doing. Hubby and I have an idea, so we are talking about more security along the back property line. I'm sure the older two can help us create trip wires with alarms or something. Son did go out later and walked Alias around to see if they came back too.