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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Sunrise ~ Sickness


We had a beautiful sunrise the other day, and I could not help myself, but to take some photos.  There is still snow on our porch.

I had plans to take our outside Christmas lights down today, but that is not happening.  I have come down with a sickness, and of course all of our covid tests at home have expired.

I'm doing all I can do from home - mullein tea, eucalyptus/oil rub, 4 thieves, humidifier, diffuser, etc etc.  I really want some homemade ginger ale, but I have zero energy to make it.  I feel like someone beat me up, and the cough is horrible.  So far, no fever.

Not sure if I picked it up while out shopping, or have been over doing things here at the house.  I'll be taking a blog break to heal up and get over this, whatever it is.  The weather isn't helping either.  The frigid temps that we just had are now changing to the 50's with rain.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Hats ~ Questions


Not that I need another project right now, but I returned the coat for a smaller size and ended up with a green colored coat.  The above yarn matches it the best, so I stopped at JoAnn Fabrics and picked up some faux fur pom poms.  The smallest I could get was medium, but they were on sale 40% off.  

The pom pom is a tad too big for my liking, but it will work.  Regular price for one medium was $2.99.  I paid $1.79.  I feel it would less expensive to buy 12 or 24 for selling hats less expensive.  I am looking at some on Amazon that would make a 24 lot about $.70/each.

Question:  If you crochet/knit and use these faux fur pom's, where is the best place to purchase a set of them online?  

I looked up the one I purchased at JoAnn's , and it says Medium, 4 x 4 inch.  I think I would like smaller ones.

I won't start a new hat right now, but put it all in a bag, for working on when we have longer car trips, like to the cemetery etc.

Question:  What is your favorite (if you crochet) hat pattern that is free and online?

I have made a few different hats, and with different yarns, but since I had that thyme colored yarn, I think I will use it.  I read that some yarn that is part cotton and part acrylic works better, but I just don't want to buy more yarn right now.  Thoughts?

While I wait for the delivery of the floor transition piece, I am tidying up our room.  I had more yarn in there than my husband would like (he he!), but I wanted to make sure I had it accessible during the floor tear out.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Egg Soufflé ~ Couch Moved and Other Ramblings


It doesn't look like much, but I only make it once a year.  I got the recipe from a co-worker many years ago, when I was a Certified Travel Agent.  It's called Egg SoufflĂ©, but we also call it "Christmas morning casserole."  Once our youngest found out I baked it, she was over with her boyfriend to get some.  I made it the day after Christmas this year.

Thankfully, while they were here....

They helped move the couch to the living room.  We are so happy to finally have it back where it belongs.  There is so much more work to do, to get everything back in it's home, and we are still waiting on the flooring transition piece to finish that and the rest of the trim.

The storm is over, and we are predicted to be up in the upper 40's or low 50's by later this week, but rain moves in.

I don't like to go out a lot during winter, so I attempted to purchase a desk top file holder for my office area.  Well, it was delivered and returned.  It had mold on it, and may have been opened and gotten wet.  Anyway, I will just add that to my shopping list for the next trip to town.

I was greatly disappointed.  It was a wooden handmade one, and matched the desk.  I will just keep looking for one to get that area organized.

I am all stocked up for what I sell at the museum gift shop.  They close for a month for winter, so I am ahead of taking them more.  I sell my dish scrubbies, jar openers and soap saver bags there.  I'm glad I am ahead of that, as I have no place to cut more netting to make more. 

I will be very busy over the next few months, sorting, and purging what goes back to where it came from.  I still need to print photos for the home journal, as we'll need those records of what we repaired in the living room.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.  It's always a crazy time for our family, and we are not done with repairs.  

Monday, December 26, 2022

Christmas is over ~ Frozen Pipes ~ Anniversary


The storm delayed my surprise anniversary getaway, but we still went despite arriving home on Christmas day.  We had zero company Christmas day anyway.  The kids were all with other family this year.

Anyway, we stayed in a Bed & Breakfast, he had flowers, chocolates, and a cheese and meat board all arranged for us.  What a guy!

Also, he bought me a new very warm coat you see in the photo, but I have to return it for a smaller size.  

We returned home to no hot water.  Everyone in the state was either battling no power, or no power and water, or pipes that had already burst.

We finally got all of our pipes cleared, and despite heat tape, it still froze with this treacherous weather.

With zero family to spend time with this Christmas, I made Mom's sour cream softies.  The temperatures are slowly getting warmer, but so many people suffered damage to their homes with this storm.  I'm glad it's over and warmer days are in the future. 

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Winter storm continues....

 We had plans to go away yesterday, for celebrating our  upcoming anniversary.  It did not happen.  The winds were up to 50-60 mph, -27°F wind chill, white out conditions so bad, almost all business/restaurants closed.  We had a level 2 road emergency.

Reports today tell us a 50 car pile up on the state turnpike caused 4 deaths, and one electrical worker died doing his job repairing power lines.

Power went out all over yesterday, and some are still without.  We are currently, despite heat tapes, without hot water.

The wind is just as nasty this morning as yesterday.   

I unburied my office, by removing books off a bookshelf, moving the bookshelf back to the living room.  It was the only thing moved back so far.

The storm continues this morning, and entire cities are again reporting power outages.  Thankfully, we have power, but that wind could stop.  There will be no cooking or baking of any kind until we have water restored.  This is not how we intended to spend Christmas, or our anniversary.  By the way, this is the first time ever, for our area, to have such cold weather.

I heard that the big box stores have had trouble with their freezers, and they were pulling all of their food.  I have not confirmed this yet.

Friday, December 23, 2022

Storm Updates

 Storm/winter prep is not new to us.  I made sure all the dishes were washed, and laundry done, chickens got fresh straw, and salt tank filled.

Gas heaters were finally up and running last night, and wow!  I cannot tell you what a difference with heat these are.  We will be putting a stove board under it next week.  We just needed it "on" for this storm.

It is currently a windchill of -27°F as I type this post.  The interstate highway near my hometown has shut down due to so many accidents.  The in town route is so bad, we are told you cannot tell what side of the highway you are on. 

We have turned on porch lights, as we live on a country highway and it will be a beacon for those needing to get to work (which is crazy unless you are medical).

We could definitely lose power with the wind.  It is horrible.  The snow has arrived as predicted, but the 60mph winds are here.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Winter Storm ~ Blizzard Conditions


My afternoon delight most days now - homemade hot chocolate and mini marshmallows we picked up in Amish country.

You may see blips in posts now.  Meaning, more chances of power outages, loss of internet (like this morning), etc.

This morning there was a car accident nearby, which took out power, and I am sure I heard life flight fly over.  Praying for all involved.

No, the heaters are not on yet. and the temps will drop to 0°F tonight (so frustrated with getting this done).  Experts have been called in at this point.  Delivery on our flooring transition piece is a month from now.  We will fire up the woodstove, but I sure hope we saved our fireproof rug from the pellet stove.  I went to the farm store to buy a new one, and they told me they never got any shipped in this year.

I made an attempt to have the sofa moved back to the living room, but we could not get anyone in the family to help move them.  We literally have about an hour of daylight after my husband gets home from work. 

The winter storm is moving in now.  Rain turns to snow, then icy roads and blizzard conditions.  I believe we will be snowed in for a few days.  Stay safe my friends.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

This and That


To our surprise, guess who showed up?  Yep. Our handyman showed up, took all of the flooring out and started to put it back in.  It is looking so much better though.

Two kiddos came out for a visit.  I made a batch of hummus, and it did not last long.  I'm glad they showed up, as one was needed for some work on the computer.  I had to link up late, as it was doing many updates (see yesterday's post for an update on the living room).

Bad weather is heading our way, and we are down to one vehicle due to broken down parts.  Lovely.  I think I can hitch a ride with one of the kids for groceries this week (so I don't have to do it after dinner). Just to be sure we are stocked up good for a few days.

They are predicting snow, 50 mph winds, possible power outages and more.  I stocked up on extra oil for the oil lamps and wicking as well, so that is off the list.  I do need to fill water jugs for the chickens (just in case).  If the power goes out, we will not have water (pump runs on electric).

Just say a prayer our handyman has the flooring in, and the propane heater hooked up and running before Friday.  It will dip to 5°F.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday

Busy weekend....we met up with Daughter E (hair stylist) and she gave us hair cuts on her day off at the salon.  It was nice to be there without other people, and we re-stocked her groceries.  She was very happy about that.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.
Will link up later when she posts.

The weather . . .
31/23°F today, and we dip down to 5°F by the weekend.  Snow moves in just before Christmas.

As I look outside my window . . .
It's cloudy and dreary.

Right now I am . . .
Getting ready to make a breakfast, brewing more coffee, as Daughter E is coming over to do laundry.

Thinking and pondering . . .
An antique store we often visit has those shade for oil lamps.  They suggested I bring my glass piece in to be properly fitted for one.  I guess I thought they were all standard size.  I'm thinking of doing that for the one on the kitchen table.

How I am feeling . . .
Frustrated - see "from the camera"

Listening to. . .
Rock station on the radio.

On the breakfast plate . . .
Working on that.

What I am wearing . . .
Sweatshirt, sweatpants and slippers.

On my reading pile . . .
It's been halted for now.

On the TV . . .
Mystery channel.

On the menu . . .
-chicken with a home canned sauce, veggie
-literally have no idea yet.

Looking around the house. . .
Still a hot mess.

To-do list . . .
-make breakfast
-put dinner in the crock pot
-pay bills
-unload dishwasher
-do other dishes
-write up menu
-mail in another rebate
-work on crocheted blanket.

From the camera . . .

We had a very, very busy weekend, and we didn't see this until we got home Saturday, could not sleep and woke up Sunday with another busy day intended on taking out this flooring (again).  It is hard to show you with out a close up, but our handy man apparently doesn't know how to do flooring.  He literally lined up the seams with full planks in between.  It looks terrible.  The seams need to be staggered (he did all 6 inches), looking like a real wood floor.  The more we looked at it over the weekend, the more we hated it, and with the cost of flooring we were not going to leave it that way.

Our handyman declared more money to take it out and do it right.  Guess who got fired and guess who is putting the floor in every night my husband is home from work?  Yeah, us.  

Out with the came with the house about 14 years about, globe missing, just ugly and hangs low....lights didn't work right...

In with the new....remote control too.  Simple, farmstead style, and we can control the fan for winter or summer (will work either direction).  My husband and I took the old one out, put together the new one, and he re-wired it. The top still needs hooked to the ceiling, but it's in working order.

There is much work to do yet in the living room, and now we are behind getting the heat hooked up, but spending that much on flooring we want to enjoy the new room as well.  It's a head shaker for sure.

What I am creating . . .

Devotional, Bible Verse, Prayers . . .
-prayers for Jim, a brother to a good friend of ours with MS.  He was life flighted to a hospital due to half his body not functioning.  No update on if it was a stroke or not yet.


Saturday, December 17, 2022

Homemade Lip Balm


Homemade lip balm has been made.  I originally made it with calendula infused oil, but now make it with lemon balm infused oil, plus essential oils.

Instead of buying the holder to hold up the tubes, I just wrap a few with rubber bands, and it works great.  I save the rubber bands from any mail delivery.  I also use a can, washed and dried (from chickpeas/beans etc.).  I bend a "spout" for easy pouring.

I did not write down the source for my recipe, but there is one on Mountain Rose Herbs online, and many other recipes to use online.  Trust me, it took some work to get the binder out of my office, ha ha!  I'm just glad this is done.  I use the lip balm all the time.

I try to keep notes on my recipes.  I had written this makes 10, but I got 9 tubes.  I guess it will depend on tube size.  Anyway, the benefits of growing medicinal herbs.  

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Flooring Snafu and Tidbits


I caught a short glimpse of another beautiful sunrise.

I spent most of my morning making a breakfast casserole with dandelion greens, but guess what while it was baking?

The new flooring did not work with our floor.  As well as a new level floor was, this flooring was not working (thin, and locking side would not stay locked).

It was all taken out, and our handy man went home.  New flooring was picked up, so we will find out this weekend if it will work better.  It's thicker, and actually less expensive.

The rain arrived last night as expected, and it's is to rain all day long.  The weatherman says, "do not let this rain fool you."  A winter storm is on the way.

My few outdoor tasks today are halted, but I have plenty to do inside today.  It's still not feeling like Christmas at all.  I can say though, I'm glad I'm not running around crazy busy baking and cooking this year.  

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

This and That


I ended up cooking eggs for breakfast, using my English muffin rings.  I cooked bacon as well for sandwiches.

Although upside down, the order has been started, and the one color I needed I found online with Michaels store.  I found a great deal, considering prices - buy 2 get one free, made the skeins $2.99/each (7 oz).  Free shipping.  I had to order yarn for me, so it got me the free shipping, but what a deal.  It's been shipped, so as soon as it arrives, I will continue making it.

Flooring started to go in, but our handyman has a few doctor appts. this week, so it has been slow going.  My house is still a hot mess.  I can't put anything where it needs to go, so I keep telling myself to be patient.

We are being told there is a winter storm coming our way.  It is to arrive before Christmas.  Lovely.  I'm checking freezer supply/pantry supply, paper product supply etc. and making lists.  Just in case.

Our truck gets a new windshield today.  Of course they tell you, that you have to be available from 8am to 5pm.  More loveliness.  I just love those text messages too.  No sir, I do not need new wipers.  Anyway, I'm just glad they come to the house to do it.  We've been thru this before.

I need to remind myself today, that I need to put some things from the flower beds in storage.  I keep forgetting, and every time I go out to get the mail I mentally put it on a list in my head.  Sheesh.

Our youngest daughter is no longer doing nails at the salon. Apparently, it is not producing enough income to pay for the booth rental for nails.  She is still doing hair.  I sure hope she continues to do well.

I will be working on lists today, but mainly writing them ha ha!  I have soooooo much going on right now it's crazy.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday

 The weekend was a long work weekend.  The walls in the living room are completely painted, the trim is almost done (we literally ran out of steam and time on Sunday), and the gas heater line goes in this week.

The walls are a light gray, and the floor trim is not getting painted to match the windows.

We put grave pillows on Mom and Dad's graves.  We picked up salt for the water softener, and I could not believe how high the price is right now.

My husband was called away for several hours, so that put us behind in painting the floor trim.  A nephew is having electrical issues, and he went to help.  However, for the family's safety, he plans to go back and re-wire their house.

It doesn't even feel like Christmas here.  We've already told our broke kids to not buy us anything for Christmas. Once the house is in order (could be late January at this rate), we will have them over for a meal.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

The weather. . .

39/28°F, and we dip down to the 20's this weekend.

As I look outside my window . . .

It's the same gloomy skies.

Right now I am . . .

Making another pot of coffee, getting ready to fry some eggs.  I'm thinking egg/cheese/bacon breakfast sandwiches.

Thinking and pondering . . .

Wondering when we'll finally get done with the living room ha ha!

How I am feeling . . .

A bit frustrated.  The hardware store sold our flooring, but no matching transition pieces.  We had to order it online, and that puts us, once again behind.

Listening too. . .


On the breakfast plate. . .

Ezekiel bread with peanut butter, coffee.

What I am wearing . . .

Painting clothes for now.

On the reading pile . . . 

Nothing. It's halted for now.

On the TV . . .

Whatever we find on regular TV.

On the menu . . .

For once, I have no idea.  Possibly thawing some fish.

Looking around the house . . . 

The same - hot mess.

On the to-do list . . .

-paint the last of the floor trim
-make a breakfast
-figure out dinner and menu
-write up grocery list
-clean chicken roosts and put fresh straw in them
-put trash out

From the camera . . .

When we drove to the cemeteries, a passing truck threw a rock up and cracked our windshield.  One more thing to repair now.  It's about a 5 inch circle.  We are thankful it did not go all the way thru, as it would have hit me most likely.

What I am creating . . .

I started the blanket order.  I am just waiting on one more yarn order.

Devotional, Bible Verse. . .

I literally can't get into my books, and I cannot wait until everything is back in it's place. Prayers for my friend Dean, whose mother fell and broke her hip.  She has had surgery, so prayers for a quick and healthy recovery.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Weather ~ Yarn Prices ~ Painting Update

 The weather is moving colder again, and the entire week has been nothing but gloomy days.  It's been dark, cloudy, rainy, and now snow showers.

Unfortunately, all the resources for yarn online, have once again raised their prices.  I'm holding off for a sale, but geeze, this is getting ridiculous.

Windows are now painted, other than the very tippy top.  Those will be finished today.

I checked in at the Museum gift shop (where some of my handiwork is sold), and they are pretty well stocked.  I found out they are closing at the end of December for a month.  I will have plenty of winter time to restock items.

We also picked up grave pillows I had someone make. We did a barter for that, which was nice.  Not sure when we can deliver those yet.  The weather is an issue as well, and we are on a time line to get the rest of the painting done.  

Oh, and as far as the flooring goes for the living room, we found out (should have checked sooner), that our hardware store does not carry the transition piece to match the flooring.  So now we are delayed even longer.  The flooring can go in, but seriously, why carry flooring with no matching transition piece?  She even checked a sister store.  Nope.

December is a pretty busy month for us - our baby girl turns 21 this year, we are approaching our wedding anniversary, then there is Christmas, followed by New Year's Eve party.  Goodness, life needs to slow down right now.  

Friday, December 9, 2022

Ornament Idea and other ramblings....


I saw this ornament for sale the other day.  I thought it was so cute, but look at how small that is.  You'd almost have to knit with toothpicks to create one, ha ha!  Just thought I'd share.

One window and office door trim is completely done.  In the spring, I will take that door off and paint it.  It's just not on the to-do list right now.  Anyway, I later removed all the paint tape and started on the next window.  I'm so glad we decided last minute to paint the trim.  No better time than now with the flooring not in yet.  It really brightened up the room.

I can tell you, that is has not been fun.  I never knew how many muscles were used for painting.  I have to climb the tall ladder to paint the top of the windows, and literally lay down on the floor to paint the bottoms of the windows.

The only reason I have not painted the trim around the stairway, is that our handyman ran staples into the trim to hold plastic up, so I'm waiting on the spackle to dry.  Oh, he put 4 or 5 staples in the wall to hold up wires, so I have to spackle that today too.  Just a what were you thinking moment....

I got a tall order for a crocheted blanket.  I'm hoping for some holiday sales for the yarn.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

This and That


These finally arrived, but I have very little time to make them right now.  I have to put this on the to-do list, as I have one tube left and winter is here (lip balm tubes).

The living room is moving along, but it feels like it's taking forever.  We did pick up the gas heater for our alternative heat source for the living room. 

It was nice to be out at dark and see so many beautiful Christmas lights.  I don't think we have been out at dark in a long time recently.

I have been pretty good at making sure I stop working, so that I can take time to decompress/rest.  I am rotating my crocheted blanket with re-stocking baby booties.

It was a tough moment when I dug out the pattern for these.  Mom was my inspiration for just about every thing I made. She was so positive and motivational when it came to making new things, and she always gave me ideas that were great sellers at craft shows.  She would also bring me the best customers.

As I read over my pattern, I realized I forgot to write down my hook size.  Then I realized at that moment I could not call my Mom.  I broke down missing her. 

She is the reason I crochet these booties.  Her friend that worked at the bank with her would gift me booties when my kids were born.  When this special woman could not make them anymore, she gifted me her pattern.

I think I will start a journal, where I have "talks" with Mom, to get me thru this difficult holiday season.  She was the glue that held us all together.  I miss her excitement when she'd call or share a new crochet project for me too.

I still had the gifted baby booties in a storage bin, so I dug one out to examine and start creating.

Thanks for listening to my story....meanwhile my husband is cracking the whip on the work in the living room.  I don't think he realizes how long it takes to paint, prep work, or washing down walls takes.  He will find out this weekend though.

By the way, thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers on the arrival of our heater and flooring.  The flooring is in now and ready to pick up (a day earlier than expected).

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Priming the Trim and other ramblings. . .


I wasn't even going to paint the trim in the living room, but after we talked about it, we decided it would brighten up the room.  I have started to prime the trim, which is slow going.  I decided to use a tool to paint edges vs. using expensive paint tape.  It is slower, but works for the job.  You can see the room is already brighter with the trim white vs. dark wood.

Good news!  I got an email and a text.  The flooring will be in this week, and the gas heater is ready to be picked up.  I guess that means I better get these windows done, so we can get the walls painted next.  I never expected to do that either, but since we had to replace the entire floor, and it hasn't been painted in 14 years, we decided to do it.

I have been a bit depressed, and not feeling like it's even Christmas time right now, but glad this project is keeping my mind busy.  I'm just used to baking, and making homemade gifts this time of year, and I am not.  Heck, I'm not even sure where my Christmas cards are, that I bought a few years ago.

I am having grave pillows made for Mom and Dad's grave.  I will post a picture of them when I pick them up.

I am rotating crochet projects again.  I think it's just because I get bored doing the same blanket every night (although I am very happy with my color rotation).  I dug out baby yarn to re-stock baby booties.  I'm working on finding a nice, but inexpensive way to package them.

I'm also looking for inexpensive clear (with zipper) blanket storage bags.  I would like to have them for when I donate the lap afghans.  I found some on Amazon, but the per-piece price is a bit higher than I would like.  I will keep searching.  Wal-mart is more expensive and their bags are a bit too big.

I haven't had time, but there is a new crochet venture I am going to start making, as this living room project comes to an end.  It will keep my spirits up for selling stuff next year.

Today will be interesting.  Balancing house work while painting is a true hot mess, ha ha!

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Sunrise ~ This and That


I took these photos of the sunrise yesterday.  There won't be many left to view as winter is rolling in.  So beautiful.

This is what the view from the porch looks like this morning.  Foggy and raining today.  No sunny sky today.

I got so side tracked on my to-do list.  I started in the living room, but realized I need a taller ladder, so that was brought in.  I took more yarn back upstairs, but brought more down, and completely got off track with the living room.  I did however, put a roast in the crock pot, so tonight it's easy leftovers.

We are so frustrated with ordering supplies for the living room.  The delivery date on our heater (fireplace) was Nov. 30th.  We've called two times, and each time they say they'll send an email to get more information on why it's not been shipped yet (and they never followed up/called us back).  I have brought in our small electric heaters we used to use in the pop-up camper.  It's taking the chill out and heating up the room for painting (for now).

Our flooring should be in by the end of the week, but we need the gas line hooked up before we can put that down.  Just a lot of "ugh" moments.

The nail polish ornaments got hangers attached, and were delivered to the salon.  I hope to sell them, as it feels so depressing not to participate in a craft show this year.

The chickens are not liking this weather, but are let out every day so far.  The egg laying is definitely on the slow-down.  I'm still trying to convince my husband to let me get a donkey.  We are him-hawing on putting some sort of meat animal in the barn (in the future).

I used to pick up note paper at the dollar store for my daily lists, but have not seen it there lately, and I am running low.  I still cannot get into my office.  I found one notebook to use for now, so I am hoping to stay on track today.

It sure doesn't feel like Christmas in our house.  We are hoping to have a tree up before Christmas, but with all the things slowing us down, I'm not sure that will even happen.

Daughter K is sick.  I felt bad that she is so far away, and had to care for her dogs while sick.  We called to check in on her last night.  Today I will send her my recipe for homemade ginger-ale, in hopes that her boyfriend will make it for her.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday

 The living room walls are being washed down, and all of the trim has been cleaned as well.  The ceiling has been painted.

I actually found a craft show to sign up for, but after doing calculations on the living room, decided it was a no-go for me.  There is still much to do.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

The weather. . .

Woke up to 26°F, today  50/26°F

As I look outside my window. . .

It's still dark out.

Right now I am . . .

Brewing more coffee.

Thinking and pondering. . . 

I think baby booties will be on the top of the stock up crafting list for now.  I am also thinking about our upcoming anniversary.  The  living room is the entire issue of what will be getting done. Speaking of that, our handy man made comments to us in such a way, that he was not happy we are painting the living room.  We decided we were not spending any more money on hiring someone, and besides that, we are staying physically active during this cold winter.

How I am feeling . . .


Listening to. . .


On the breakfast plate . . .

-leftovers from yesterday 

What I am wearing . . .

Sweatshirt, sweatpants, zip up jacket, thick socks and slippers

On the reading pile. . .

Nothing right now.

On the TV . . .


On the menu . . .

-roast, veggies
-have no idea just yet

Looking around the house . . .

We are gaining on the living room, but these cold nights are so stinking cold.  We have no heat source (in that room) until it's completely done, other than using portable propane heaters.  We could fire up the wood stove, but it would be an issue with painting the walls next.  

To do list . . .

-make a breakfast
-get dinner in two crock pots
-prime window trim

From the camera . . .

I donated this set to our youngest daughter.  It is set up at her salon for a December drawing.  One entry for every service booked with her.  I'm hoping it will draw in new customers for her.  It was filled with some holiday cheer as well.

What I am creating . . .
I'm working on an afghan for our living room.  I also have a scarf in the making, and several other projects on the "stock up" list.

Devotional, Bible Verse . . .

Prayers that our propane fireplace arrives.  It's holding us back, as well as the flooring order (supplies are such a pain to get right now). Continued prayers for Daughter E to get new clients and enough to pay her bills.