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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Friday Thing

When I worked full time (and lived in the city) I always looked forward to Fridays.   Now, Fridays are no different than any other day, because Saturday's start with barn chores.  That's okay too.  Although on Saturdays and Sundays I have Hubby home to help, and the kids too.

Yesterday it was Alias's day to visit the vet.  I forgot to put his harness on him (I wasn't even thinking), vs. his collar, and I had a bit of trouble with his pulling.  I made it home without him pulling me down (he's a strong dog for 14 years old).  The vet was very surprised.  The last visit (one year ago), Alias had pretty bad cataracts.  Yesterday, he was stumped.  The cataracts are receding.  He's now updated with shots and very healthy according to the vet.  

We had a high school concert choir concert to attend last night, so I opted for making us an easy lentil casserole to go with any leftovers, and also boiled a dozen eggs for those wanting a sandwich (or just a boiled egg).

It had been a while since a baked with lentils, so it was due time. And it's something the kids will eat.  As for the concert, we did enjoy it, but it was all slow songs.  We would like to hear an up-beat, dance in your seats song, but all slow songs nearly put us to sleep.  Especially at that time of night.  Christmas time should be joyous and entertaining, right?

I'll be sharing another ornament soon.  It appears that I have gifted so many over the years, that I (due to recent discussion) need to gift something else (trees are overflowing from gifting them).  The ornaments I am about finished making will go in boxes for each of the kids.  Years ago, I started a small box for each child, so when they had their own tree, they had a little bit from home to decorate.  As far as making something different to gift (at this late date), I'll have to be creative.  I also used to send a box to my Aunt every Christmas, and she'd share with her kids.  It feels odd not to send one this year.

By this time last year, we would have baked up four or five different cookies already.  I'll be honest, it's been nice not too.  Not that we are not celebrating the Christmas season, but we are not eating all those sweets.  We may start making some hard candy, but time will tell.  It appears if the weather breaks, we'll split more wood.

I think well enjoy some time as a family, watching some Christmas movies.  In fact, that sounds good. Daughter has drill already this weekend, so that will make the evenings fun around here.


EMMA said...

I haven't made 'your' lentil casserole for so long - i'd completely forgotten about it and my boys like it so much!
Great news about Alias's eyes and Sadie doing so well too - must be a relief. Just noticed my pooch has red eye so we'll probably need a trip to the vet on monday (unless you have a good home made lotion recipe...)
Making up a batch of your homemade hot chocolate this weekend - for my nephew who has recently gone to uni - going to gift him a big jar of it and a big mug and some homemade sweet treats for christmas.

Mama Pea said...

Regarding Alias' vet visit, they say the human body is amazing in the way it can heal itself given the proper nutrition and environment. Maybe it's true with animals, too, do you think?

How long is your daughter home for?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Emma, the hot chocolate makes a wonderful gift. I don't have any lotion recipes for dog's eyes, but you'd think I would, right? Ha ha!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, Daughter will be able to report for her duty here in our state, so we'll get to see her a lot more often. It's only a few hours away, even if she moves directly there.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

glad to hear all this good news. Alias check up and his eyes! that is wonderful.
I read in the comments that daughter will be closer now, reporting in state... that's gotta make a momma feel good!
Haven't had any Christmas dramas this year... but the Honey have been watching our share of Movie Favorites!
I was just about to look for a hot chocolate recipe... I'll give yours a go!
I bought mugs for each of the Grands last year after Christmas... 10 cents each! I almost forgot about them, until earlier in the week, I found them! SURPRISE!
have a nice weekend. :)

Michelle said...

We are also trying to cut back on sweets. But without much luck. I keep seeing all these great recipes and a course I just have to try them. LOL

RB said...

I think I'd like some of Alias' medicine, whatever it was cause I'd love for my cataracts to suddenly start receding without surgery.
God bless.