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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Random Tidbits

Our frozen green peppers are still supplying us, as well as the celery cubes I froze, and home grown garlic.  My homemade beef "bullion" cubes are running low though.

Guess what I found?  It was the only book allowed back on the shelf.  Now to find Volume one.  The book store called me back finally, saying the signature couldn't be verified on the book and it was for sale for $39.00.  I found it elsewhere for almost half that price.

We had to head out to the hardware store, and after two stores, I finally found two more seed starter trays (apparently these are selling out fast in our area).  I bought the last two of these.  Canning jars are available everywhere, but absolutely no sign of canning lids.  I sure hope they are in stores soon, I need them.  Yeah, I can freeze sauces, but I can only fit so much in the freezer.

Work resumed on the hallway yesterday, but due to "technical difficulties" of another nature, it's on hold (again).

Friday, February 26, 2021

Freezer/Pantry Stash

I have been getting creative with my freezer and pantry stash.  I am trying to rotate out, so I am prepared for the new garden stash to go back in.

I made another new breakfast recipe - Blueberry Baked Oatmeal (Cookie and Kate online).  I followed the recipe completely, other than adding a bit more blueberries.  I am going to need to re-stock my organic oats soon though.  

I'm looking into making herbal packets to sell for facial steams.  Has anyone done one?  There are so many recipes for different skin types.

I haven't heard back from the General Store on selling an item.  Hopefully today I will.  I sent another email in case it got missed for some reason.

A few deer came to see us the other night.  They were scrambling to find grass and found it just outside our house.  Look at all those mole mounds!!!  Sigh....haven't had those in years.  Guess I'll have to take care of those before the garden gets planted.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Motivation Returns ~ From Pile to File Recipe (Sweet Potato Egg Cups)

We have a lot going on now.  Woot!  I heard it from my husband's mouth!  His goal is to finish the hallway completely this weekend.  What's on the list?  Well, for starters, I have boxes in the hall (again) that need delivered.  After that we finish the hallway flooring and trim.  I'm excited to see him motivated, but the weather may have something to do with that too, ha ha!  Although it's a bit chilly this morning.

The purge continues, but at a slower pace unfortunately.  I have done it again - printed new recipes to try.  I want to switch up our breakfast meals, try a few for larger group meals, and some for potlucks/summer cook outs.  I'm having a family get together one way or another (for whoever wants to come).  I miss family.

You may see lack of posts from now until later in March.  There are two possibilities for the bathroom remodel.  Not sure which way we'll go.  

New Recipe!  Baked Sweet Potato Cups (Skinny Taste online).  The next time I will add garlic powder.  So good!  It's a keeper!  The only difference with the instructions, is that I had to bake the eggs longer (18 minutes for mostly cooked yolks), and I rotated the pan.  The one egg that was under the oven light was baking faster.  Will definitely keep this on the breakfast menu.  Oh, I also used parchment paper cups vs. non-stick spray, and it worked great.  The sweet potatoes do not look orange because they were organic hannah sweet potatoes (have a white color to them).

Finally got around to making kamut flake bars.  I added dried cherries, pecans and hemp seeds.

Had to drain a jar of homemade vanilla to make the bars though.

I have more recipes to try, but need a few ingredients.

I've started two trays of seeds, but need two more trays and soil.  The sun is shining most days and it's been so enjoyable.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Nothin' Much.....

Nothing much going on here lately.  We were conserving hot water until our propane was delivered.  Someone forgot to check the tank, but thankfully we prepaid last fall and delivery was the same day.  However, that meant dirty dishes piled up, ha ha!  Oh boy, I guess we'll keep a better eye on it. At least we didn't run completely out.

I felt bad for the guy delivering the propane too.  He had to walk through a 4 foot drift of snow around the garage to do it.  The snow is slowly melting here.  I've been busy shoveling snow away from the house foundation, garage doors, entryway etc.

Our propane company pulled in the drive again yesterday.  I went out with our receipt and told him they already filled us up.  He wasn't happy about it, but that's not my problem.  Their company had routes double booked I guess.

We are melting away here.  Love the weather, but the one side of our drive was pretty much flooded.  I had to tell Daughter T to not come over unless she had rain boots.  She opted to stay home.  Later last night the water receded.  Thankfully, it's melting at a nice pace, but a muddy mess as predicted.

The chickens are going stir-crazy.  We are upon coyote mating season.  I can't let them out and alone for too long at a time, and the gigantic snow drift in their run has not melted.  The younger ones absolutely hate the snow, ha ha!


Monday, February 22, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday

Today's post is a dewzie.  Meaning long.  I tried a few new recipes this past week.

I've been doing some searching on the internet lately, and have been reading up (Better Homes and Gardens) how to make my own seed tape.  It will make planting my new green onion seeds so much easier this spring.  I may also just plant them in starter trays this year for easier planting.

Good news!  We are warming up, so this snow will start to melt and we can get outside comfortably to fix the wood splitter.

Thank you all for your oohs and ahhs over the new switch plates.  I have them up for now and deciding on if we need to replace receptacles with another color.  So far I LOVE they way they look, but missed buying for one more outlet.  

.....and guess what?  I think I want them for our master bath now, and one for the living room.  Sigh, I just think we are due for upgrades in this house to perk our spirits.  The old switch plates and screws will be bagged and donated either to the thrift or Habitat location.  I have more ideas for the kitchen.

I've been working on making Monday's and Sunday's an all one meal crock pot day.  It gives me a break in the kitchen, and if we are working outside or in the hallway, we can relax when we are done for the day.  Sunday I made Four Beans and Sausage.

My husband's way of a quick fix (wood splitter) on Sunday?  Buying about 1/3 of a cord of wood.  It was really too cold to be out and fixing the wood splitter.

Woke up to 7° yesterday and today?  At 5:30am it was 38°F.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

The weather outside is . . .

38°F/31°F, but may hit 36°F during the night tonight.

How I am feeling this morning . . .

Feeling like our weekend work was simply problems that needed fixed, so no work done on the hallway.  Otherwise feeling good.

On my mind . . .

I was happy to see a bill passed a second time to reduce our Governor's control on lockdowns etc.  It has a better chance this time, as more were for yay than nay and that stops him from putting a veto to it.  

I'm starting to know what the empty nest feels like.  We haven't seen Daughter E (youngest) since last Thursday.  She doesn't like the long drive with the snow.

On the breakfast plate . . .

Not sure, but this is what we had yesterday.  

On my reading pile . . .

As the Earth Turns

On my TV . . .

I love watching Create (cooking shows) during crochet time.  Avoiding talk shows and news has definitely lifted my spirits (sick of the lies, and tired of biased shows).  As for evenings we rely on netflix, movies we own (the best out because they are older movies or funny) or Amazon prime - whatever looks good.

On the menu . . .

-Crockpot roasted turkey breast, roasted asparagus or brussel sprouts

-Beef stew (Monday crock pot meal)

-Philly stuffed green bell peppers

-Sunday crock pot meal - sweet potato chili or a roast with veggies

- Snacks, homemade hummus, kamut flake bars with nuts/seeds

From the camera . . .

Looking around the house . . . 

Looks the same as last week. I need to take boxes to donate and deliver purged crafting supplies.

To relax this week I will . . .

Watch Create (cooking shows) and crochet.

New Recipe I tried or one we tried and really enjoyed. . .

Pizza casserole (my version)

1 lb. sausage of your choice (we like homemade sausage using organic pork)

1 box Organic Einkorn Penne

1 organic green bell pepper diced (or equivalent from your freezer)

1 onion, diced

2 pints home canned pizza sauce

2 cups your favorite pizza topping cheese or cheese blends (we love some Parmesan in ours).

Cook sausage in a skillet. When the meat is halfway cooked, toss in the diced green bell pepper and onion (and any additions you'd like - olives, mushrooms, pepperoni).  Stir in the pizza sauce and heat.  

Cook noodles per package instructions and strain water.  Add cooked noodles to the pizza sauce mixture and combine well. 

Pour half of mixture into a prepared 9 x 13 baking pan, layer with cheese, add last half of mixture.  Bake at 350°F for 45 minutes.  Add another layer of cheese and bake until cheese is melted.  Serve.  Note: You could also add extra pizza toppings with the last layer of cheese.

Crispy baked chicken.

Recipe is online from the Salty Marshmallow.  I adapted organic ingredients.  I can only find organic chicken drumsticks, so that's what I used.  It was so easy, healthy and delicious.  A keeper recipe.  If you are interested in my favorite way to make sweet potatoes, it's basically diced sweet potatoes, loaded with thyme, some fresh minced garlic and olive oil cooked in the crockpot all day.  The other recipe is a corn and zucchini saute (also very delicious, but I prefer to make it with fresh organic zucchini and our corn off the cob we froze).

I really like the chicken recipe, because it's something we could make on vacation when renting a home or cabin.  The chicken tastes great re-heated the next day too.

Something I want to share . . .

Ideas for revitalizing and energizing yourself (cont.)L:

51. Don't do wrong

52. Learn to let go

53. Allot time for daily meditation

54. Engage in organized religious activity

55. Encourage your gentleness

Prayers . . .

Texas.  Mom - she gets her vaccine this week (shipment was delayed).  Youngest - she is still mentally having a difficult time after losing her boyfriend last year.  Some things just remind her of him.  Some times too often for her to handle. 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Consignment Sales~ Whoops! ~ Repairs


Good news!  I am looking into selling my jar openers in a smaller town with a general store.  I have to raise the price due to the percentage they want to sell consignment, but happy they are considering.

Whoops!  I did it again!  While waiting on my husband to open the wall access, I came up with another craft.  By the way a fitting came apart and yes, another water leak as we guessed.  Kitchen drain is thawed.  Two down one to go today - fix the wood splitter.

You can find the easy instructions for the mini-sun catchers on my S.C.R.A.P. Blogspot.

They are perfect as they are, or can be Christmas ornaments or given as sun catchers (random act of kindness during these uncertain worldly conditions).

Our warmer weather is arriving starting today.  It's a brisk 7°F so I am thrilled we are moving to warmer weather.  I haven't been able to put anything on the clothesline this winter.  It feels so wrong ha ha!

Saturday, February 20, 2021

A Warm Up


Although they say we'll dip to a low of 5°F tonight, yesterday the sun was out all day and the icicles started to melt.  What a joy that was to see.   I knocked them down over the door to avoid any falling on us.  The warm up is approaching thankfully.  I am prepared for a big muddy mess, but so glad to be moving out of the cold spell.

I had a lot of indoor house chores, and after doing laundry all day, I pulled the rug from the washer only to notice water on the floor.  Yep.  Guess what my husband is doing today?  Ha ha ha!  Fixing the softener line that runs into the water lines behind the utility room sink.  Water is shut off, so thankfully I had jugs of water to make coffee this morning.

Speaking of rugs, the rug at my master bath shower is a rag rug, crocheted from old bedding.  I do think it's time to make a new one, but time will tell.  I was exhausted from housework, but at least that is done and will free up time this weekend.  We need to tackle fixing the wood splitter too.  

Mail is running very slow in our parts.  There has been times when we are not getting anything for 3 days, which is very unusual.  We typically don't go one day without something (mostly junk mail), but I do worry about a late bill, so guess what I am doing today?  Writing down due dates and bill names on my handy dandy planner.  I pay them all online, so I can check my planner every day from now on.  

Oh, and speaking of late mail, the IRS said we didn't pay our taxes in 2020.  I typed up a letter, gave them the online bank confirmation number, sent them the interest they were charging us (which we should have had to pay).  Guess what they sent back?  Yep.  They interest.  Guess it was worth writing a letter with a real check vs. paying online this time.

Okay, sorry for the boring post.  I'm trying to get my husband to start this day.  I had to tell him about the mess in the utility room as he was literally walking in the door from work last night.  Hallway progress will depend on how long it takes to tackle today's repairs, and of course splitting some wood so we can turn off our expensive electric heat.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Crafting ~ New Kitchen Project

Not sure if we will get more snow yet today, but we definitely got at least 3 inches yesterday.  Had to shovel out the mailbox (again).  After getting sweet potatoes in a crock pot, and walking 2 miles on the treadmill, I piddle-dinked around with the scraps of wall paper.  I just want this particular project done so I can really resume the purge.  Got one more dish scrubbie crocheted too.

My new switch plates arrived for my kitchen.  USA made.  I just need my handyman husband to replace the receptacles to match the color.  Although, after he saw them he thinks the color of receptacles we have may look okay.  I'll be putting one up to day to see.

There was of course more shoveling of snow to do, so I warmed up with a mug of homemade hot chocolate and a splash of peppermint vodka.



Thursday, February 18, 2021

A Day of Sitting in the Parking Lot and Things that Stopped Working


Just a few days before yesterday, I sat in the Verizon parking lot waiting on my husband to get a new cell phone.  His phone was 5 years old and got a free trade in thankfully.  However, if you have a cell phone, you know buying a new one takes about an hour or more.  I had no projects with me that day either.

Yesterday morning, I had zero plans to leave the house.  It's cold, snow covered, and I didn't need a lick of anything important.  I him-hawed around in my slippers and pj's sipping coffee, stoking the fire, feeding the cats etc.

Hubby gets up and says, "Your daughter's phone died so you need to go with her to get a new one."  My best eye-rolling moment happened.  Sigh.  Another day of sitting in the parking lot.

We rolled in at 11:02am.  I see a truck pull in, and Daughter K was taking her time getting out of the car.  I literally ran in the store to make sure we got in there first (knowing the wait time). I go in, sign (which now it pops up on your own phone, you sign and it goes back to their tablet).  Anyway, I do all the things I need to, and an elderly lady came in but approached the counter with impatience.  Remember I said phone buying is at least 1 hour to do?

She apparently went over on her data and was charged, but not even the clerk could explain what "data" was.  The clerk at some point just shut off her data.  That women will be back for sure.  

Anyway, I'm thinking "oh my gosh, that would be my mother" then I ask about flip phones.  Thankfully they are continuing to sell them, so later that day I let her know (her flip phone needs replaced).

After I did what I needed to give access to our account, and she picked out a phone, I went to the car to crochet.  One hour later the clerk sends Daughter K out and suggests we go get something to eat and come back.  

We did, and we went back. 

Daughter K drove me all the way home, and went back and never got out of that Verizon store until almost 2pm.  She had that much to transfer from her old phone to her new phone.  

...and that my folks is how I spent most of my day yesterday.  

Once home though, I got 2 dish scrubbies crocheted.  I have 3 more to make for the person who ordered, but glad I at least had crochet time.

Our smaller bathroom has running water, but the drain is still frozen.  Don't get me started on the kitchen.  I hauled hot water from the master bath, washed dishes and when I dumped the dish tubs into both sinks a water line below sprung a large leak (drain froze and I didn't realize it).  I was grabbing whatever I could to fill until it was done.  Hubby walked in and said, "is it safe to come home?"  

He apologized over and over and said he'd heat tape it this weekend.  He also said, "why don't we think about doing this stuff over summer?"  I told him to not worry, I have a list and will put it in plain sight so we stay on task this year.

Oh, and get this....wood splitter is broke down.  So, if we stay on task this spring/summer/fall with wood splitting, we'll have wood and not have to deal with things like this in winter.  We ran out of wood, so the electric heat is on until Saturday.  Or until he fixed the splitter.  Always something.....

Snow and wind are back this morning.  We may actually get up to 26°F in our parts.  On a good note, the hot water line works in my utility room, so I can at least do laundry today. 

Ideas for revitalizing and energizing yourself (cont.):

46. Give in occasionally

47. Make clear choices

48. Face painful questions directly

49. Work toward deepening your life

50. Keep things in proper perspective

Wednesday, February 17, 2021



The boys also shoveled me a path to get to the other side of the drive, but I needed to shovel out getting into the coop.  There was snow in the coop and a huge drift in the run.  Lovely.

We got 12 inches of snow by Tuesday morning.   We have 17 inches on the ground.  A nephew came and plowed us out, but more snow is coming.  Sigh.

They predicted -8°F last night.  I filled water jugs.  Woke up to a wind-chill of -11°F.  I made sure there was plenty of food for leftovers for today too.

Daughter K made it to work yesterday, as the downgraded us before she had to be to work (level 3 is a level the Sheriff can give you a ticket for being on the road). She got to work, but said all the stores in the strip she works in were closed.  She just wanted to go home, as the roads are still not good and no one was shopping (as should be).

Youngest was told she should not go to work, and if the salon opened, they'd just have two people there.  They ended up staying closed.  My husband who got his truck stuck yesterday, got it out with the nephews and he made it to work (although drove during a level 3).

I got busy in the kitchen, by first making a breakfast bake - zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli, onion, green pepper, jalapeno, garlic, dandelion greens, bacon and chives.

Next up was a strawberry crisp, using strawberries I froze.

Made some more homemade seasoned salt.

Made a double batch of my version of "chex mix" for the girls.  I normally only make this for the holidays.

Dinner?  A new recipe - pizza casserole (posting recipe soon) using Einkorn penne. Our side dish?  Zucchini and corn saute.  However, I didn't get the side veggie made.  I will get it made today though.

The craft supply purge continues.  It's gonna get me into more trouble.  I found these and they are USA made.  I may be making something.  Or not.  We'll see if the craft bug stays or goes.  

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Snowed In!

Not good.  Opened the door to a 2 foot drift blocking my way, and the barn cat's food box buried.  

Yesterday, before the roads got bad, we drove clothing and items to our Youngest at her work.  She stayed in town over night with my Mom. 

Daughter K works in the opposite direction, and I begged her to get off work early.  The roads were horrible.  She did and barely got into our giant U-shaped driveway.  She said some drifts on the road were taller than her car.

Husband tried to plow thru the drifts with the truck to get to work.  Truck is stuck and awaiting to see if the boys can plow us out.

We are at the highest level on our road emergency plan.  There is no one on the road right now.  It's very bad.  The worst part?  If we can't get the snow plowed, we have to hand shovel before it goes to a very cold temp tonight (-7°F).  

I officially can say I dislike winter.  It's 15, but feels like 2°F.  Not a good time to say we wished the wheel horse was fixed.

Guess I'm getting some hot coffee and getting my full body winter coverings on and heading out to shovel off the 2 foot drive to just get out of the house.  Then it's back out to get at least one side of the drive shoveled.  Mail won't deliver if the snow plows buried the mailbox access.  So there is that too, and it's heavy snow there.

Oh, and it's still snowing, so there is that too.  We don't own anything to plow, other than the wheel horse.  I did find numbers to two people in our country town who plow, but want too much.  I totally sigh over these decisions.  Should'a, could'a, would'a.....fix the darn wheel horse come spring.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday

Another upgrade for the kitchen (front door).  I replaced the plain sheer with a lace one. It's scalloped all around.  I love it!  I have more plans to upgrade the kitchen, so those will be posted as they unfold.

Sunday we needed to cut more wood.  They are saying we'll dip again on Tuesday below zero.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.
I'll link up as soon as she posts (or later after a trip to town).

The weather outside is . . .

15°F (feels like 4°F).

Snow moving in by the bucket loads, starting tonight. However, there is snow coming down as I type up this blog post and the snow plow has been past the house several times already.

How I am feeling this morning. . .

Happy that my husband is off work today.  We may make a trip into town for a part we need for the hallway.  Just depends on how long he sleeps in and what else needs done today.  I forgot to pick up cat food for the barn cat, and we could stand to re-stock toilet paper, so a trip to town before more snow falls might happen.  I'm just happy he is home today.

On my mind . . .

Well, I'm not happy to see that there is talk of banning state travel (meaning no travel in or out by the Federal Government), and Florida is it's first target.  It's getting so ridiculous.

We recently dined out for breakfast at one of our favorite local eateries.  Not any more.  I won't dine where the servers are wearing gloves.  I literally watched a waitress pull down her mask, blow her nose with her gloved hands, put the mask back up and served food to customers wearing the same gloves.  The glove wearing is not doing anyone any good as you can see.  Gross!  Blow your nose...wash your hands.  

I hope we can find someone to plow us out. The trash gets picked up tomorrow, and the mail won't deliver if the mailbox area is not plowed.  Not to mention everyone works tomorrow, and the girls turn into anxiety girls when it snows this bad.

On the breakfast plate . . .

Bean, sausage, egg and cowboy candy burritos, coffee.

On my reading pile . . .

As the Earth Turns

On my TV . . .

No Tomorrow (Netflix)

On the menu this week . . .

-Crockpot cod, corn relish, roasted veggies

-Pizza casserole (new recipe I want to try)

-Baked chicken, sweet potatoes


-new treat recipe (more on that if I try it)

From the camera . . .

Sunday morning sunrise.

Looking around the house . . .
Dirty dishes.  Dirty dishes everywhere.  Kitchen sink pipes are not thawed, so I'll be hauling hot water to the kitchen in tubs.  Hubby says he doesn't want to put the propane heater on it yet.  We have water everywhere else in the house.  It's dripping, but not that much and frustrating.  This snow and wind won't help either.

New Recipe I tried, or one we really enjoyed. . .

I tried a copy cat dairy queen hot dog chili recipe (  The results? My husband said, "perfect!"  You can find the recipe online. I used home canned BBQ sauce and the chili sauce can be made homemade using home canned tomato sauce.  

The story behind trying this.....

My husband and I grew up in the same area, and Dairy Queen was a regular hang out hot spot for years. However, the owner and his wife sold it a few years ago, and opened up a pizza place in the southern states (taking their recipes with them).  Anyway, we dined there a year ago maybe, and the chili sauce on the hot dog he ordered was terrible.  They changed the menu, serving sizes and it was all a bad experience.  

For some odd reason I was thinking about it, and I made it using organic ingredients.  He loved it.   I will probably make it again and start freezing some for summer camping and cookouts.

To relax I will . . .

Watch netflix with hubby, sip hot cocoa with peppermint vodka in it, crochet and work on my scrubbie order.  If the dishes are done quicker than I expect, I would love to make the new treat recipe.

Something I want to share . . .

Little Acts of Kindness:

6. Give a homeless person your doggie bag

7. Say "I love you" to someone you love

8. Put a coin in an expired meter (if these even exist anymore, s our big city has machines to put your debit card in, which I do not like).

9. Each time you get a new item of clothing, give away something old.

10. Bring your assistant coffee

(I had to skip some on the list I have, as they can't be done anymore with covid restrictions sadly).

Prayers . . .

Mom - she's getting her first covid vaccine Tuesday.  The entire business of the development of the vaccine (when there is worldwide treatment for it) scares me.  Plus, she has the weather to deal with too, and isn't supposed to be doing her own shoveling.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

More Snow ~ Hot Pepper Pickled Eggs

We got more snow.  Not what we wanted, but then it's great for the garden (poor man's fertilizer). 

Work on the hallway project was delayed.  One toilet kept running, and after checking it we discovered it needed a new float.  While we were out and about, I picked up a new 5 gallon bucket and lid for my homemade laundry detergent.  It needed replaced.

I finally talked my husband into buying a new mail box.  After it was beat up last year by someone, it wasn't latching and the flag was beat off.  It's not good weather however to put it up.  Freezing cold weather, and by the time we returned home the roads were drifting pretty badly.

We got some work done on the hallway before retiring for the night.  I'm thankful for that.  We are not finished, but we are gaining.

Good news for our state!  The state-wide curfew was completely lifted, but not with the threat he'd do it again if he "needs" to.  I hope this Gov. is not voted back in. 

I finally dug out my ingredients to make lotion, but need one item.  I guess it's on the to-do list for next week.

I got some hot pepper pickled eggs made.

I purged craft supplies, and this time without starting a new project.  I am filling a 5th box for our daughter and grandkids.  I hope she has room for all of it, ha ha!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

from the handiwork journal . . .

. . .got more fridge magnets made and packaging them. There were more that didn't get in the photo.

. . . more recipe card holders in the making.  They need embellished with buttons, and packages up for a craft show this year.

(sorry no photo yet)

. . . finishing up the back panel and started one sleeve on the cardigan.

. . .more progress on the wine cork ornaments

. . . got the black netting cut and rolled into balls for the order I received.  It took me almost 3 hours to cut and roll the entire 10 yards, but I got it done.

. . . finished my latest craft project.  If I have enough scrap wood, I will make these to sell as well as gift.  I love it.  Instructions are on my S.C.R.A.P. Blogspot.  I may make some with coffee packets too.  Maybe even small packages of candy or mints?  Lots of ideas for this one.  Makes a nice random act of kindness too.  While cleaning my craft supplies, I had everything already packed up to give to our daughter.  Sigh....I just couldn't help myself.  

Friday, February 12, 2021

Hallway Progress ~ Knobs are on and other ramblings

Yesterday we delivered Youngest her car before she had got off work.  She was so happy that we not only got the tire fixed, but she had her car back before her shift was over.

I also delivered a large box of "doodle" paper to my niece and nephew.  I had to laugh, because my niece showed me a book she made with a lot of paper.  The are well supplied now, ha ha!  I also gave them 3 boxes of colored pencils and two of markers.

When we got back home, we had some time to do a few things around the house, and I am a happy gal.

My husband helped me put up the window film.  I also put up my new lace valance.  I absolutely love it.  I may do the front door this way too.  That framing on the window is inside the window.  I am glad I found window film I liked and was long enough to only have to cut one piece as well.  The window is next to the side door.  I'm not putting it on the door (which looks just like the window), because the dogs will jump up on it when someone delivers or knocks.  When Daughter K moves out, I will cover that door too.  I love, love love it.

I bought some for the bathroom window 12 years ago, for a window above the tub.  It has stayed up for 12 years.  It's the kind you wet and stick, is removable and no adhesive on it.

Anyway, I am hoping we get time to finish the hallway paneling and trim work.  Then come spring, I can paint the side door (inside and out), and the garage door.

Remember the knobs I bought last year?  They are finally up on the utility room cupboards.

Woke up to 19° and we'll warm up to 24°F today.  I sure hope the sun comes out too.  It's a bit windy out and more drifting, but so glad they were wrong about below temperatures.

Fire is stoked and this lady is going to make some coffee and get to work.


Thursday, February 11, 2021

Winter Woes and Wins

I noticed we had a visitor when I went out to empty the ash pail.  We got more snow yesterday.

The leak ended up 2 leaks, and since we had to turn the water off, the other water pipes froze.  It's not been fun.  My counter is full of dirty dishes.  The drain froze too.  It'll be a long day for me.  When I do get water and a clear drain, it'll take me a week to catch up.  So frustrating, but leak was repaired, just not the softener line.

I spent most of my day on handicrafts, although I attempted to purge.  I didn't get very much put in the box for our daughter and grandkids.  My husband got a chuckle watching me though.  He said, "aren't you supposed to be cooking cabbage?" Ha ha ha!  We'll, I'll have some items for a fall craft show, prepared well in advance anyway.

Anyway, I heard my husband talking to himself over and over for not heat taping those water lines.  I tried to get him to do it several times over summer, and he wouldn't listen to me.  I think he got the picture this time.  

While he was trying to thaw out the rest of the house, I started yet another craft project.  More on that later.  I'll probably be purging the last two boxes of books.  I can't control myself when I'm purging crafting items (ha ha ha!).


Attempted to get this post up this morning, but had to literally throw on sweatpants and a shirt and head out.  Youngest broke down.  I had to pick her up and take her to work, only to come home and find my husband and a friend in the drive.  He had left work to tow her car home, but found out her tire blew (what happens when you drive too long on a tire with low air, but maybe she'll learn).

We had to go back to the big city and get a new tire, then back to the car and then back home.  I needed a shower and to brush my teeth.  Once we get the fire stoked, we'll make a 3rd trip into town (it's 20-25 minute drive each way).  We'll deliver her car to her work location and head back home.  

What a morning.....hoping the day goes way better now.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Curtains and other ramblings


The two curtains I ordered for the hallway windows arrived.  These are different than the fiasco for the long window in the hallway.  I love them!  It's hard to see, but the sun hasn't been shining.  I have ordered a new curtain for the other window, so stay tuned on that.

Pipes are thawed.  However, we had another flood in the utility room.  It stumped us, as it wasn't when the water was running to the washer or sink in there.  I told my husband it looked like it was coming from the wall behind the sink.  I told him the last flood we had.  We opened up the wall (thankfully we made an access).  The hose coming from the salt softener came loose and was leaking. 

Guess who is off work today just to fix the leak?  Yep.  Sigh.  Water has been shut off until then, so I am glad we had the jugs filled.  Plus, Daughter K brought home more drinking water just in case.

My Amazon curtain (rag) has been labeled on on the way to return.  What a mess.  It took two trips to buy printer ink (forgot it the first trip).  When I put the new ink in the printer, it automatically prints an alignment page.  Had to do that twice to get the darn thing to print.  Then the label printed blank.  Finally got the label and my packing tape malfunctioned (must have been cheap tape).  Finally got it all done and wrote them a review.  What a hot mess.

I still need one sheer panel for the front door, but that can wait.  I have lots of new ideas for the kitchen in the way of updates.

The snow finally stopped, so we may be cutting more firewood today if the leak project goes smoothly.  Soup beans are going in the crockpot this morning.

Ideas for revitalizing and energizing yourself (cont.):
41. Contact new people
42. Do something for others
43. Take charge of getting involved
44. Give the other person a break
45. Don't criticize and blame others