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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dog Update

I'm up early, but I most likely will go back down for nap after barn chores.  Hubby and I were up most of the night waiting for a call.

After the vet called me (the first vet), and I was given the not-so-good prognosis, I was back in the car to go pick her up.

Once there, I picked up her x-rays, blood work and papers, paid the $231.00, and drove her to another emergency clinic.  One that was high-tech and could take better x-rays and even an ultrasound if needed.  I knew the numbers would crunch, but I wanted answers.

The first vet, our long-time family vet, told me from his work that Sadie could be bleeding from her Spleen or somewhere else (indicating possible mass that ruptured).  That's what it came down to.  But no complete test result answers.  He did warn me that if it was her spleen, he preferred an emergency clinic did the surgery due to the possible loss of blood and possibility for a blood transfusion during the surgery.

When I arrived, they offered to x-ray or ultrasound.  I wanted definite answers, so I pinched my forehead between the eyes, and told him I wanted the three times more expensive ultrasound done.  I called Hubby at that point, and texted my oldest daughter.  She needed to be prepared, and I hated to do it, but I needed to.  

I sat and waited.

The results were pretty much what they predicted - internal bleeding, most likely from the spleen, and once they had surgery, they would know more details (cancer, no cancer, or even if it was from rat poisoning).

We got the call at 2:30am.  They were able to stop her bleeding for the surgery, and she did not need a blood transfusion.  By the way, I found out the cost for those - $928.00.  Sadie weighs almost 90 pounds, so I am not sure if that is based on her size or not.

She's able to come home most likely tomorrow, and the biopsy results will be back Friday or next Monday.

I won't post the estimated cost for the entire surgery, because I don't have the energy to deal with anyone that may post judgmental comments, and it's done. 

Sadie is my daughter's life-long best friend and her protector.  That dog sleeps with her, and won't let one person touch her while she sleeps.  Literally.  They are bonded.  My daughter is still dealing with the loss of her horse, and now her cat, so bringing Sadie home was our decision (Hubby said he had to work away from some co-workers yesterday because they were urging him to put her down due to the cost).  Daughter has, as she's put it, "been through hell" already by going through boot camp and serving her country for all of us, and through it all most of her closest friends abandoned her.

I am told I can go visit Sadie any time until she is able to come home.  The vet also told us she's never seen such a good dog.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please pray for Hubby today.  He's very sleep deprived, and is working today.  I can nap, but he can't, and has a pretty long drive home.  This has been a very stressful (and emotional) time for our family. 

Update:  Had I not taken Sadie to the vet that morning, she would have indeed died overnight.  She was internally bleeding from a ruptured mass on her spleen.  The biopsy has been sent out to a lab.  That morning, I knew something was terribly wrong, but was hoping to be told it was a bad bladder infection.  We all thought it was an infection, considering she pee'd in the house, and she never has done that.  My Son put up a donation site, and I am waiting for the widget for it, to share.  Again, we thank everyone for their support and prayers.


Mama Pea said...

Please just quickly delete any negative comments you may get here. No one has a right to tell anyone else what to do. (If only your dear hubby could "delete" any fellow workers who look down upon him for the decisions you two make.) You and your family are dealing with Sadie's medical issues in the best way you can.

I'll keep saying prayers for Sadie and all of you.

Kim said...

May Sadie do well and hubs be safe at work and traveling to and from. I completely understand and would have made the same decision.

Susan said...

You will get no grief from me. I would have made the same decision, especially given the circumstances. I was very sorry to hear that your daughter's 'closest' friends had abandoned her. Obviously, not friends at all. I am happy for her, and for Sadie, that she has such supportive, understanding and loving parents.

Cris said...

Oh, I am so sorry that poor Sadie turned out to be so sick! I've spent many, many hundreds of dollars on various wonderful animal family members over the years, and while the financial pinch hurt, I wouldn't have done anything differently. Sadie is one lucky pup to be in your family. Hang in there, try to rest, and I'll pray for positive news.

Anonymous said...

oh Kristina! i am terribly saddened to hear all of this! I am typing one handed because i am holding my 15 year old diabetic and now almost completely blind kitty in my arms. I would never ever dream of admonishing someone for loving an animal! Personally i get along with animals much better than I do with most humans. I hope things turn out well with this and of course pray that your DH gets home safe and sound and gets some sleep. Please tell your daughter thank you for serving and keeping to keep our values protected and keeping us safe at homew! She deserves to have gold bars dropped at her feet for the potential sacrifice she has chosen to make for our safety!!!
Hugs my sweet blogging sister,
Beth P

Liz said...

How heart-breaking! Prayers that things turn out good! Please keep us updated!

Mary said...

Sadie & all your family, including your dear daughter (thank you to her, for her service) will be in my thoughts & prayers.

Unknown said...

Many prayers to Sadie, your daughter, husband and you....we do what we need to for our own shelves, you, me or anyone else do not need to explain our reasons or actions for what we need to do yo stay happy and healthy... Sadie is your family, no matter what the cost or time, she is important to all of you...too many judgmental people in this world, I agree....please thank your daughter for her services, my son serves in the Air force, 13 years now!!!!
Blessings and a great big hug...

EMMA said...

So glad to hear that Sadie is going to be OK, must be such a relief to all the family. Hope you all manage to get a good nights sleep tonight.

Sandra said...

Oh why can't people mind their own business?
I hope your doggie pulls through!
Hugs to your daughter!!

Unknown said...

Love is love, no matter the package it comes wrapped in. I'm praying for your whole family for a wonderful outcome. A Christmas miracle! More people should learn from your act of love to save your precious family member.

Jen said...

I would be doing the same thing if it were my furbaby! I cannot and would not put a price on my Charlie.

No one has any right to say anything otherwise. I really hope and pray your pup is ok.

Sandra said...

I would have done the exact same thing for either of my pugs, so you will get no judgment from me. They are like our babies, they are a part of the family and will be treated as such :)

Really hope Sadie is doing better.

RB said...

Awww, I'm sorry someone would leave negative comments at a time like this. We once paid $2300.00 for a cat that got ran over by a car, so I understand even if others don't, that sometimes these furbabies turn out to be the best friends we will ever have. I've often said, "One can get a little glimpse of heaven in the eyes of a loving dog." And I believe that, wholeheartedly.
Let me know where to donate. I don't have much, but I'll be blessed to share, knowing God is my sufficiency, and He will see to my needs, especially as I reach out and help others.
God bless.