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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Shopping Day!


It's been a helluva week.  Dreary, rain, plans going ba-zonkers, now expecting more car repairs (when the car comes back it needs new brakes - guy is just putting in a new engine)......sigh.

However, one daughter was off work, so I was able to get to town for some last minute stock up items.  I also wanted to get to the dollar store for some waxed paper, tissues etc. 

I couldn't resist picking up a few more towels to rotate (in the bathroom) and some small ornaments to decorate the shower curtain and the small tree in the bathroom.  All at the Dollar Tree.

A breakfast I made a few days ago - tossed it together with sweet potatoes, bell pepper, onion, fire powder, eggs and dandelion greens.

Snow is predicted for us this weekend.  We are going to just go with the flow.  What gets done, gets done.  I'm working on a new crocheted Christmas ornament.  More news on that later.

Update on the home good store.  I went in to inquire on rental cost to sell my handiwork, as they requested.  First, the guy took forever to come to the counter, second, he was not nice from the get-go, and third he made a comment "everyone here gets along, so if you are not that type...."  Then he tells me $45 for one table (2 is not allowed).  Yeah, I won't be selling my items there.  Rude, too expensive and my instincts told me from the get-go he was not someone to rent space from.  I'm okay with that. 

Friday, October 30, 2020

This and That

My new Christmas bed quilt.  I have never done this for the holidays, so when my husband sees it, he's going to shake his head, ha ha!  Not a great day for drying outside, but better than hiking up the electric bill.  It's not handmade sadly.  Quilting is not something I have yet to teach myself.  

Things have just gone a bit wonky this week.  One day I put my shirt on backwards, one daughter went to work and forgot her purse, every time we try to make plans to cut wood Mother Nature stops us, one daughter's package is delayed in the mail, ....can't wait until next week.  I think we are all a bit stressed with the virus, lockdown, car repair expenses, election etc. going on this year.

We had another entire day of rain.  Like boat loads.  I need to wash several rugs, but the weather is just crazy for October.  I'm thrilled it's filling up the well though.

I emailed the home goods store (sells handmade items).  No answer back.  I was talking to my husband, and he feels I should just advertise on my blog/social media and hold off shows for next year.  I plan on going in to talk to them to ask about their booth rental rate though.   Just to know if it's even an option.

If you didn't see it (or follow it), MRH blog has a post for how to make your own homemade pectin.  I just wish they'd have a print friendly form of the article, but anyway for those looking for more self-sufficient ways to do things.  I've never tried it, but I may if pectin is in a shortage.  The last pectin (liquid) I bought, I brought home to find out that it expired last month.  A grocery store that is notorious for not fronting the shelves and selling expired foods this year.  Check your dates before buying anymore.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

...from the handiwork journal


. . .crocheted 4 dishcloths and they all sold.

. . .crocheted some soup bowl cozies.  I had a special request.

. . .have gotten this far with one daughter's cardigan for Christmas. The SM are marking the spots for the pockets.

. . .got 2 more jar openers made.

(sorry no photo for some odd reason)

. . .got a few more dish scrubbies made

. . .started back on the "f" bombs

. . .got infusible web onto scrap fabric and traced.  Just have to cut them out and put them on the cards.  I used old greeting cards to make my templates.

My Aunt always wrote to me.  One thing she always reminded me, was "always take 5 minutes for yourself."  I did that yesterday.  The day still went too fast, but I got some handiwork done (not all of this was done in one day, ha ha!  I've been wanting to post for a while, but had zero free time).

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Possibility ~ New recipe and other randomness

I have a possible place to set up and sell my handicrafts before the year ends.  Although I didn't think it would happen, I'm considering it.  However, I have to go in and speak with them directly about a one day special event cost.  I have a feeling that it will be more than I can really spend to do this.  I'm gathering photos to email them prior to visiting their store, so I guess we'll see how it goes.  The store is a filled with handmade vendors, and I'm told the building is large, so if they charge what the flea markets charge it's still a possibility.  It's a new permanent business, open daily with workshops almost every month (like learning to make a blanket with large blanket yarn etc).

I have also realized in taking photos, that I have only 2 dish scrubbies made.  Yikes.  Where does the time go?

I had to switch up dinner last night.  Sweet potato chili.  I needed a one pot complete meal.  Wood splitting was planned.  That plan went out the door when rain arrived about 3:30pm and never stopped.

New breakfast casserole we tried.  I used organic ingredients (yes our store sells non-gmo tater tots, but pricy).  The family loved it. (Buns in my Oven, Tater Tot Casserole recipe found online)  I'm just trying new breakfast dishes for Christmas morning.  The recipe however is not an overnight recipe.  You use frozen tater tots.  You could however cook the meats ahead of time and toss it together in the morning.

Purged some books from the garage.  I would have loved to set them out for free, but with Covid and stuff, they all went to Goodwill.  Luckily, my daughter's hair salon is almost next door to Goodwill.

Strained my sage tincture.  

I finally got more orders done online.  I even bought some books and picked out a free one I earned.  Now to find jumper cables for the girls for Christmas, which will be the gifts they "need" this year.  I may get into town this weekend if someone is home.  Got a call about the car.  He had to put it off, due to someone from FL up here who had an emergency (needed a new engine).  My car doesn't even have the new engine in it yet.  So frustrating.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Teabag Tidbits


Not a teabag, but works like a teabag.  Another new tea infuser I bought.  It fits into any regular size canning jar.  However, when I went to infuse a quart jar, I realized that the tool is not large enough to hold the amount of herbs I use for a quart.  It's great for a pint though.  Easier to do that straining with a fine mesh strainer and coffee filter.  

So that's the "bits" for today.  Short and sweet.  Yesterday went way too fast and dinner time snuck up on me like a fish flying out of the water and slapping me.  There are many things on the to-do list that didn't get done, so I'm up early to hopefully earn a day off this week.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday

Woke up to 40 degrees Sunday morning.  Just a hair warmer than Saturday.  

Whelp, one hen flew out of the fence yesterday.  Guess it's time to re-clip wings.  I have never had this problem, so when we get it moved, a permanent fencing with a top fenced cover will be built.

Last nights dinner.  Perfect for a pretty cold day.  We never got up to the 50's.  Soup beans, fried cabbage with bacon and cornbread.  I had a ham bone in the freezer from my numerous attempts at a grad party this year, and put it to use.

Red onions left the dehydrator and shallots made their way in.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

The weather . . .

Rain.  I woke up to rain.  Again.  No work outside, and as we planned to split wood tonight.  Making plans has been exhausting.  48/37 degrees (now I cannot use symbols on this blog for some reason, tried to use the degree symbol the last few days and it goes directly to google page)

How I am feeling this morning . . .

Frustrated.  My husband was still working on the car, so I turned the TV on and the news was on.  I stopped watching the news and what a mistake that was.  

On my mind . . .

Yesterday is on my mind.  Oh man. If anything could go wrong it did.  So, my husband started on repairing the brake line early morning.  It was plum dark out when he finally finished.  From parts sold to him in metric and numerous trips back to the parts store, and problems with the repair, to not having another vehicle (at first) to even go get the parts...the day was overly a headache.  I'm praying today is not that sort of day.  Her car is fixed by the way. word on my car. Oh, and some tools he needed were in my car.  He sent text messages out for tools and no one responded.  We never got any wood split either due to the car repair.

I recently read about how Mercury is in retrograde, and I'm not really into Astrology.  If you get a chance read the article at the Almanac site.  Sure fits the bill why nothing is going as "planned."

On the breakfast plate . . .

Leftover blueberry pancakes, sausage and coffee

Right now I am . . .

Getting this post typed up to publish. I'm also cooking breakfast sausage and bacon for our "go to" breakfast for the next few days.

On my reading pile . . .

Nothing.  I am looking at buying some right now online.  With my car (still) at the repair guy, I have not been able to utilize our library.  Using it is frustrating this year anyway.

On today's to-do list . . .

-drain new bottle of homemade vanilla extract

-place a few online orders

-clean master bath and vacuum master bedroom

-try a new snack recipe

-make more Kamut bars (the girls loved them and asked for more).

And if all plans go wonky, I will simply turn on the cooking channel and crochet.  And put pj's on no matter the time.

On my TV . . .

Back to watching Good Witch

From my camera . . .

Nothing sadly.

Looking around the house . . .

The dogs can really turn up a rug around here.  Sigh.  I think I will light a few candles today.  It's dreary out and it will perk me up.

To relax this week I will . . .

Crochet.  I have a new item.  I'll be posting a handiwork post soon.

On the menu . . .

-Fried chicken, crockpot glazed carrots, mashed potatoes

-Crockpot meatballs/sauce, quinoa, smashed sweet potatoes

-Crockpot pork chops/mushroom sauce, veggie rice, roasted asparagus

-Salmon patties, BBQ crockpot green beans,  sheet pan sweet potato hash

In no particular order, and I may change it depending on supplies and time.

 Something I want to share . . .

On my prayer list . . .

Our state right now.  The country as election is arriving.  There is so much fake news from the media and certain sources to try and disrupt the election.  Us.  Lots of stuff on the "plate" right now.  Dad's upcoming surgery (he has no cancer though, which is good).

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Scrap Fabric Cards ~ Red Onions and other Tidbits


Here are the scrap fabric cards I am making.  I made heart ones to gift my Mom.  I'm considering making other ones for a few other people, but gifts won't be exchanged with either side of the family this year.  I may work on them for next Christmas though.  A great way to use up scrap fabric, and I am so blessed for the people who send me their scraps too.  I don't sew a lot, so what I get is a blessing for crafting/gifting.  I have a how-to on my S.C.R.A.P. blogspot too.  Gosh, I just realized I haven't posted anything on there for a good long time.  I just may get something posted soon.

Pinto beans were soaked for soup beans and fried cabbage today.  It was suitable for our current weather.  Brr.

Red onions made their way to the dehydrator.  I sometimes get into a situation during winter when I need red onions and have no vehicle or the weather is too bad to travel to the store.  Who wants to go out for one red onion in winter anyway?  It'll come in handy.

I went out to see what I could pull from the garden on Saturday and ended up bringing in (oh my heart sings) a bit of chard and collards.  I got those blanched and in the freezer.

I pulled the last of the green pepper plants and found this out there.

We sent our  21 year old to the store for a few items.  Not long after she called.  The brake line went out in her car.  My husband drove there, they switched vehicles and he drove it home.  She was too frazzled to shop, so she returned home too. No word on my car being done either.  First thing to do today is fix her car, then we start on outdoor work.

Later, she took the truck to the store and brought me this home.  It is so cute.  It lights up and blinks.  It was $2 at the Dollar General.  It's a small decoration and adorable.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Random Tidbits ~ New Christmas Tree Ornaments (Kitchen) ~ Scrap Fabric Cards

Has anyone else had problems with the font on their blog changing to a different size after you post it?  I sometimes catch it prior to posting, but I noticed it is happening again. I don't think they have all the "bugs" worked out of this new format.

I bought these new ornaments for our kitchen Christmas tree!  Aren't they adorable?  I love them!  And no, I have not put up anything else for Christmas.  I've been too busy ha ha!

Youngest had a day off work, so we carpooled to the "Big City" and I picked up some more items I needed.  I stocked up on dried fruits too, just in case our state gets shut down again.  I needed them for winter prep anyway.

Cold weather is here to stay I think.  Yesterday high of 77 degrees and today woke up to 42 with a high of 47 and now we dip to the 30's at night his coming week. Time to put porch furniture in storage and get back to splitting wood.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Tiger ~ Broccoli ~ New Cookbook

 Little story about Tiger the cat....

He sleeps all day, alone, in the utility room.  He's not been happy with the 2 dogs, rabbit and cat that moved back in last March.  He always looks sad and lonely. 

Lately, I've been taking him into our bedroom and he soaks up the love, massages my arm to thank me, and is in pure joy.  Of course I have to let him out before I retire for the night, but he has really been getting some one on one touchy lovey time.

Yesterday, I opened it to head to the kitchen and start working in there.  That little stinker flew in the bedroom like he owned the place.  He went right under the bed of all places.  Later one daughter, and myself, tried to find him.  No cat to be seen and not anywhere in the house.  I was stumped.

Then later....

I noticed a lump under the bed quilt.  Ha ha ha!  He crawled under there and got his little cozy spot, so I left him there, and just kept checking the bedroom.  Poor guy just needed some attention and love.

I finally found organic broccoli, so that was blanched and put in the freezer.  I cannot find organic cauliflower, so I may be changing my tune in how big the garden is next year.  Something else I cannot find on shelves (or online where I typically get other items), is organic pumpkin puree.  I will most likely plant pumpkins next year too.

I strained a tincture, and have two more to strain today for winter prep for medicinals.  I need to strain a jar of homemade vanilla extract as well today.

I bought myself a early Christmas present.  I have yet to look all through it, but a looking forward to this cookbook.  I pre-ordered it, and I'm glad I did.  People ordering it now are having to wait 2-3 months to get their order.

Yesterday we warmed up to 77 degrees.  Later today, we are to get rain again.  I have yet to get to the garden to finish getting it ready it for winter.  Our weather will go cold again after this.  There is much to do yet to prep for winter.

I'm contemplating a new Christmas Eve tradition in our home this year.  It's just 4 of us, so it wouldn't be that expensive.  I may do it a bit different than the idea was presented, but still a good idea.  I'll be sharing later if I do.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

New Recipe Updates


The new chicken tetrazzini recipe (from Stay at home chef) was a non - keeper.  Bland, dry and not worth the work.  Healthier, but had zero flavor, and dry.  

The Kamut (flake) granola bars were delicious.  A keeper recipe for us.  I still like my other recipes, but it changes up the grain and we will make these again.  Recipe is online at their own site.

It poured down rain yesterday morning.  I think my friend recorded a whopping 3 inches.  Where was all this rain when we needed it over summer?  I am glad it's filling the well and watering my fall planted garlic.  

Our temperature is to rise back up to the 70's today.  However, more rain as well.

I've been successful at cleaning one shelf a day in the fridge.  Tackling it one day at a time has been much easier than doing the entire thing in one day.  

All of my totes of yarn have been moved back to my bedroom closet.  It's not what I wanted for sure, but nothing I can do about it until another kiddo moves out.  Oh, and moving it prompted me to whip up a fall item.  I hope to share it soon.  Not like I need a "new" project or anything.

I don't see that happening for a while with this dang plan-demic going on.  One daughter is trying to find a new job.  I told her, maybe she should hold off.  Her job is essential and if they shutdown again, she'd lose her job.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

This and That

I had so much mundane tasks to do Monday, the onions never made their way to the dehydrator.

 Tuesday they finally got into the dehydrator.  

My yarn totes are made their way back to my bedroom closet sadly.  They were headed upstairs until one daughter moved back in last March.  I can't live with my office full of totes, so I'm making room (again) back in the closet. Then I can use my office once again.

I made 3 new recipes.  We loved the rosemary walnuts and the Southern sausage enchiladas with sausage gravy.  We will be cutting the Kamut granola bars and tasting them today.  All recipes are online.  I am thinking of trying a new recipe for dinner tonight.  The breakfast dish I made a few changes - left the seeds in the jalapeno, and I used butter (vs the grease left from the sausage) to make the gravy.  The original photo of the breakfast dish makes it look like you have lots of ooey gravy, but you don't.  It tasted great though.

Rosemary Walnuts  -  Sara Moulton online
Southern Sausage breakfast dish - online with Spicy Southern Kitchen
Kamut granola bars - online at the Kamut direct site.

I'm slowly cleaning the fridge again.  One shelf a day.  It's been crazy lately with trying to keep things stocked up for whatever happens in this crazy year.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

It's beginning to look a like like Christmas!

Monday was a rainy, cloudy cold day, so no coop cleaning was done.  The ladies got little time outside due to an Eagle (top of fencing is not covered due to it being a temporary location).

Now don't go throwing tomatoes on this, but this year has been just awful and now that the kids are older, there are no Halloween teen parties (wouldn't do them this year anyway).  Two totes of Halloween decor and costumes are going to our grand kids.  They will have a blast going through all the homemade costumes my Mom made and the homemade wig I made (and tons of old jewelry, belts, wig etc).

Master bath Christmas tree is up.  Although I do miss my traditional 6 ft white one I used to have.  I plan on buying a new one next year.  The 4 foot one came with lights, so putting it up and down is super easy.  The new tree skirt has silver glitter and matches the silver tree.  I love the new Christmas shower curtain too.

My daughter (older one living here) brought me home new hand towels for the master bath too.  I just love them!

I need to tidy up the kitchen for the next decor.  First, I have to get all the sweet potatoes in the bin for winter.  I typically mash and freeze some, but my freezer is full.  Once those are off, a new tablecloth is going on it, and more fun begins.  I needed to do something other than regular 'ol chores to lift my spirits.

Oh, and I have this on the wall in the master bath too.  The lights change colors.

The bathroom is the only thing decorated at this point. I have much to do outside yet, but the rain keeps rolling in.  I have some Halloween handiwork to do yet as well.


Monday, October 19, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday

Over the weekend we got in a motorcycle ride.  We had to put all of our leather on, as it was chilly, but may be the last ride we get this year.

I put together this patriotic set and it sold the same day.  The person who purchased it paid well more than asking, including shipping.  I was overwhelmed with her generosity.  I sent a separate thank you card (homemade), with a personal receipt and note and a granny square patriotic keyfob and chain.  I'm now working on another set as well as other stuff to restock. 

I now have a list of restocking to do.  That was my last homemade card of that kind and granny keyfob's which are great to tuck in as an extra.

We went to town to stock up other supplies, like chicken food.  We don't know what is going to happen, and if no shutdowns happen, at least we have more than enough for winter.  Don't forget to stock up on your oil for your oil lamps.  We now have large containers/totes to stock up cat food/dog food/etc.  I have storage bins to hold 6 bags of chicken feed as well.

Outside Christmas lights are up.  I finally got them up early prior to cold nasty weather arriving.  I'm working on the master bath Christmas decor now.  I'm trying to decide if I want to purchase a new taller tree or use the shorter one I already have.  I'm leaning more on keeping the one I have, because we don't know what will happen to the economy in the next few weeks or even months in our State.

I'm joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom today.

The weather . . .

49°/46° Windy, Rain, Cloudy.

How I am feeling this morning. . .

Good.  I actually overslept until 6:30am, but my husband had no breakfast to pack and packed his own lunch.  

On my mind . . .

Oh man.  A lot of stuff right now.  Just trying to plow through one day at a time.  My car is not done yet either.

On the breakfast plate. . .

Sweet potato/egg scramble with dandelion greens, coffee.

Right now I am . . .

Drinking a hot cup of organic coffee, finishing this up and posting.  Looking around the kitchen to decide what will go in the breakfast scramble.

On my reading pile . . .

On today's to-do list . . .

-dehydrate diced onions (stocking up)

-make a breakfast scramble for the week


-clean master bath



-not sure what else since I slept in so late (6:30am is late for me lately)

On my tv . . .

Good Witch

On the menu this week . . .

-sheet pan dinner

-breakfast for dinner, a new recipe to try

-chicken teriyaki over homemade vegetable fried rice or chicken tetrazzini

-soup beans, fried cabbage and buttermilk cornbread

(not in an particular order, and I may even change it as the week goes)

From the camera . . .

Sunrise Sunday morning before the clouds moved in and rain arrived.  

Looking around the house . . .

One kitchen table went from having tomatoes all over it to sweet potatoes.  I'll get them in the bin in a few days.

New recipe I tried last week or want to try . . .

Kamut granola bars.  Remember when I asked if you had recipes using kamut flakes?  Well I found one online.  We also want to try a new recipe for Chicken Tetrazzini.  I think I made something similar to another recipe but used cashews, but I made Rosemary walnuts.  It was on a cooking show, recommending recipes for gifting.  I won't be gifting this year, but want to try it out and put the recipe in my "Christmas" binder.  Be sure to visit my blog to see if we tried them and what we think.

To relax I will . . .

Crochet.  Maybe write (but I get sick of writing about the pandemic already and whatnot).  Maybe read for something different.

Something I want to share . . .

Nothing today.

On my prayer list . . .

My dad (he's scheduled for surgery Nov.11th),  Our state (our Governor is doing everything in is over used power to disrupt the election and to kill our economy).  His mandates and restrictions are out of control and make zero sense.  My family.  If the Governor shuts us down again, I know one that will be out of a job (again), and they are all at risk to get sick with a mask mandate, forcing healthy people to wear them all day at work, then shopping if they need to shop.  The only person I knew recently with the virus wore a mask at work full time. They all look so utterly exhausted, and one moves furniture and another climbs ladders. Our country. 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sweet Potatoes

I went out and dug up the remaining sweet potatoes.  The results?  We got a total of 21.7# this year.  Carrots, beets and turnips are a complete loss however.