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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jingle Bells ~ Tidbits

I'm glad I did all of our laundry last Sunday.  It's been raining here for a few days now.  I'm starting to wonder if we'll even have snow on Christmas this year.

I, once again, had a busy day in the kitchen.  I did not make it back into the closet as planned.

Now that Alias has a new tag to wear (his rabies shot tag), it sounds like jingle bells when he walks around the house.  He's now gotten the nickname of "Jingles."


We really like the homemade hand lotion, so I whipped up two batches of it.  Just to update you all, the recipe makes enough to fill 4 - 4 oz. canning jars.  I used these jars, only because I had them on hand.  In the future, I'll buy those flat 8 oz. jars and one batch of lotion should fill two of them.

So far, we've been able to escape an illness that is going around.  Other than Daughter's bronchial cough (which now is much better), we've had the healthiest winter so far.  I can't remember getting through an October without one of us spreading a virus or two.  Our 15 year-old did get sick then, but that was it.

Yesterday I brewed a big pot of hot ginger tea for myself.  It really helps with the pain in my joints and hands.  

It's now that time - time to plan what to take to Christmas gatherings.  I'm not even sure when our gathering is with Hubby's side of the family yet.  And then there is our Christmas meal at home with the kids.  

We are looking forward to Son's arrival now, although his recent email stated he is very sick again.  He needs a few homemade remedies to boost his immune system.

Although it's not extremely cold out today, I think I might make a black bean and sweet potato chili today.  Normally I add beef broth, but this time I'll use some vegetable broth that needs used up.  

Speaking of vegetables, I made greens again last night.  This time I chopped up baby kale, wilted it down with organic butter, shallots, garlic, hot red pepper flakes (next time I may add some jalapenos I froze) and salt and pepper.  They were very spicy, but much more tastier than "basic" greens too.  The kids gobbled it up (all but one,who said she ate "enough greens" down south). In all honesty, I think they would be good at breakfast, maybe in a breakfast burrito.

Hubby made a comment the other night, while enjoying sweet potatoes I baked in the oven with olive oil, brown sugar and cinnamon.  He said he could eat sweet potatoes all winter.  It was my chance to mention a root cellar again (he he!).  I think he's really warming up to the idea now.

I haven't been keeping a written "to-do" list these past few days, so I've been slacking on some of my chores.  I hope to gain on chores today.

I'm gaining on a few handmade gifts, but I'll admit, some may be pushed into the next year's gifts. 


Susan said...

Sweet potato and black bean chili sounds so good! That reminds me that I have sweet potatoes in my 'root cellar' - aka the guest room closet. I have to update my list - I did get to check off alot, but then didn't add the tens of things left to do before next week. I am always so in awe of how well you take care of your family. You are a wealth of information!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

My Honey isn't big on sweet potatoes...but tonight for dinner, I backed a huge one and we split it...we had sausage balls made from Venison sausage and homemade baking mix, cream cheese and cheddar... and we had corn, he wanted corn, because I made gravy for the sausage balls. Lots of carbs for me... but, I told myself it was his birthday! ;)
Anyway... He never mentioned the sweet tater, though I noticed he ate the whole portion. Maybe? just maybe he'll turn the corner on this root veggie and we can eat more of them.
I love them...
Hope our son gets well, and your family stays well.
We've had rain twice so far this week and I got laundry done in between times. I had a few things that I dried on the retractable line in the laundry room.
have a great wrap up to your week.

Sam I Am...... said...

That chili sounds so good! I pinned the recipe. As I've gotten older (66) spicy tomato based chili doesn't sit too well with me and I get heartburn which I've never had before. Thank you for the recipe.
Yes, enjoy your holidays and push it to next year...that's what I did and I am so enjoying this season leading up to Christmas now. I did have to buy a few things to supplement but I didn't spend much at all.