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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Ta-Da's

First, I have to share, as this is week 3 of my changes in meals, teas and exercise routine.  I weighed in this morning!!  I lost 2.6 lbs. this past week.  I know it won't always be that high, but am ecstatic, because I didn't even walk my 2 mile hike yesterday, and still lost the winter weight. 

Here is why I didn't have time to walk, although I could have if I had gotten my coffee down faster...

Thursday, March 29, 2018

I have a tea for that. . .

My family makes jokes about how often they hear me say, "I have a tea for that."  I say it often, because I truly do have a tea for what ails them at the time.  If I don't, I go searching for what I can give them.

Hubby is a true believer after I gave him a hot cup of freshly grated ginger tea (fresh is the best vs. a teabag from the store) for an upset stomach.  One daughter drinks raspberry leaf tea for her cramps (PMS).  

My Dad used to ask me "Is it Tea Time in Tanganyika?"  In my earlier years, when the kids were toddlers, days were often pretty busy and chaotic.  He was typically a babysitter when I needed to go shopping or run an errand.  He was often over for dinner too.  When he noticed I was chopping potatoes or onions a bit too roughly, he'd jokingly (smiling and laughing a bit) ask me if it was "tea time in Tanganyika." 

I've been a tea drinker (and coffee) all of my life.  When I started to grow my herb garden in the city, I became more interested in herbal teas and cures (and nutritional benefits).

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Roasting Nuts

I decided to mix up my nuts this week.  I used about a cup of each - almonds, cashews and walnuts.  All of course are organic, non-gmo, and chemical free.  Like I said before, if you've ever tasted a raw, unsalted, truly organic cashew, it's not tasty at all.  I read my labels before buying any.  There are so many bad oils added to nuts, even just a single one.  

I decided to use my spiced nut recipe for this mix.  Although we love the rosemary roasted recipe for cashews too.  

Hubby and I love to snack on these.  Yum.  

Walnuts are packed with omega-3 fats, and good for the heart.  Almonds are high in vitamin E, contain fiber, good fats, riboflavin, iron and more.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tuesday Tidbits

I've been writing lists like crazy the past few days.  Crossing them off as I go.  It's a good thing I keep a blog, or I'd easily lose track of dates of tinctures, and other things like sauerkraut.  I had to go back (ha ha!) and read my own blog to see when I started fermenting.  Someone here is anxious to have a Reuben.  

My north barn door, to go out and open the chicken run door,  is stuck.  I instead, let the ladies and gent out to free range vs. play in the run.  It was either that or hiking over the fencing to let them in and out for the day. 

Praying of course the fox and hawk were busy elsewhere.  The sun was shining wonderfully, but the wind kept the chill in the air.  I got about 3 minutes of porch time, with Hubby, but it was a cold 3 minutes.  It was nice to get my time outside though.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday

Today I am joining Sandra at blogspot, Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  I apologize in advance, if this is too long to read today.

I took a bit of a blog break, and re-grouped.  I felt like I was losing touch with my inner "pioneer."   I had a lot going on and a lot of other stuff not going on.  I am starting a new routine, climbing out of my "rut" and getting back on track with a positive mojo.  

Since I was here last, I finished:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


I'm stuck in a "rut."  When I discover a way out, I'll be back. Thanks for understanding.

Random Tidbits

Monday was truly a bad day for me mentally.  Dealing with young adults in today's world is not only a challenge, but one big fat headache (when it shouldn't be).  I raced through my work to keep my mind from exploding into teeny tiny bits.

The wind here has been truly terrible.  However, it's been very helpful in drying all my laundry, rugs (yes rugs in March), and bedding.  I was praying it didn't land out in the pasture by afternoon.

In fact the wind was so bad, raking the pine cones didn't happen.  I managed to get my rake out though.

Instead, I finished up box #1 of our ears of black dakota popcorn.  It was a good day for winnowing.  It literally only took a few minutes this time.

Tuesday the wind sounded like winter.  It was a brisk 29°F out, and very unexpected.  The wind was worse.  We will need to buy two new large tarps now.  Ours are torn to bits. 

It was freezing in the house, and we were out of cut wood, so the resourceful me went on a treasure hunt.  Good thing I had spinach twice in one day.  I needed it to haul the sled of heavy barn wood to the house.  Whew.  

Eggs were pickled. The house was smelling divine again.

Today it's 31°F out, and the wind should die down to 16mph.  We were lucky last night.  No snow.  It fell just south of us.

update:  we are getting snow right now.  Sigh.......

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Healthy Hair and Nail Tips (update)

I'm posting this today to give you an update on everything have tired over the last year and a half, regarding hair and nail growth (and strength).

I have had very good results with all of my hair health recipes.  Over the last year I found the following for hair growth, shine, strength, and overall healthy hair.  First, let me say, a year ago a lot of my hair fell out due to sickness combined with the pharmaceutical drugs and x-rays (and chemicals) used by doctors. I am so happy to say, that more than a year later, my hair is stronger, growing, and I have had more new hair growth.  I have been consistent, and it took a long time, but worth it.  It could be another full year before it's fully restored, but I'm so glad I tried all of the following (most are linked to older blog posts for more details):

Monday, March 19, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday

It's Monday and I'm joining Sandra over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  You know, many years ago, when I attempted to do the cleaning routine from a book author, I revised my own routine.  I can't remember the book, but I signed up for the daily emails and it was very overwhelming.  I got tons and tons of emails on what to clean and organize.  I deleted the program she offered and simply made up my own routine.  

Monday became my "attack it with gusto" day so my week would start out fresh and clean.  So far I've managed most of the my list on Monday.  

Also, here is a cleaning tip:  if I'm taking off for a weekend getaway (which doesn't happen often enough), I clean the bathroom the day before we leave, and finish up laundry.  I I also make sure the kitchen is cleaned up, dishes washed sink empty etc.  When I return, I don't feel like I have jumped back into reality too fast, or add more stress from a chaotic home.

On the breakfast plate . . .

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ta-Da Moment and Weekend Tidbits

I reluctantly weighed myself Saturday morning.  Even after drinking coffee, the scale made my day!  Ta-Da! I lost 2 lbs. in one week of my changes, and I ate pasta and cheese.  I'm going to keep up with these changes and keep an eye on the scale once a week (maybe, as I don't like to weigh myself).  I am feeling more energetic, and get up earlier vs. lay in bed and him-haw on getting up.  I'll update in a month or so.  Age can be cruel (especially for women), but I do believe in getting natural remedies from real foods/herbs/weeds etc.  

We decided to only make a quick trip to town on Saturday - too many people out drinking and consuming tons of toxic green dye.  Staying home, cutting more wood, was a better choice.  However, that didn't happen.  Hubby got called to work.  

The sun is shining brightly today and it will be warming up a bit.  Not sure what Sunday will bring yet, but have an awesome day where every you are.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Big (half way) Finish!

Finally done.  

192 granny squares, and 7 years later.....well half of it, one baby blanket and one more to make, ha ha!  192 is a correct completed count, and I used 6 panels of 16 squares to make this blanket.  I decided the entire blanket was too big, and I am making 2 nice sized baby blankets instead.

It took this many years, because I started it for a gift, but soon realized I didn't have enough time to finish it.  I made a granny square stitch blanket instead.  These granny squares went into the closet, which were often forgotten about.  I'd did them out when I cleaned or remembered them, or simply had time to make them.

My "ta-da" moment this week!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Wacky Winter ~ Indoor seed planting has started

I think anyone living in our neck of the woods, has lost their marbles by this point in the season.  I think most of us, look out the window and just start laughing hysterically.  This tells it exactly as it is....
Image may contain: text
Hubby got a laugh out of this too.  What a "wacky" winter we are having.

So what's going on here lately?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday Nothing-ness

Not to let my readers down, I thought I would share I have nothing to share today, ha ha!  It's the in-between season, where I have simply indoor housework.  The weather has been super chilly, and uncomfortable, so outdoor work is shunned upon.

I'll be back with something more news-worthy I am sure.  It's just been another long night last night.  Youngest didn't get out of rehearsal until 10pm.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Random Tidbits

My weekly menu is going by the "seat of my pants."  Monday I really didn't want to go out, so I made "Garbage" soup.  Basically, it contained whatever veggies I had left in my freezer, and pantry - green beans, dehydrated mushrooms, celery, tomato sauce, the very last pint of onion soup, a small bag of corn, some zucchini....some last bits of leftover zucchini salsa in the get the point.  It was actually very good too, and it helped start the cleaning of the fridge.

Monday was a catch up day on laundry, bedding, and what not.  It literally took all day, and in between fetching the last of the firewood pile and taking dogs out, I wrote out my grocery list for the remaining week.  I did absolutely zero handiwork.  I think I just got to a "burned out" point last week.

Tuesday, there was plenty of leftover soup, and I made a huge bowl of organic romaine/spinach and lots of other raw veggies.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Stinging Nettle ~ Preparing it ~ Teas

Spring is just around the corner here, and nettles will be growing like crazy.  I'm posting today to encourage you to forage your edible weeds.  Ants love my stinging nettle, so I try to harvest it before they discover it.

Stinging Nettle is a wild growing weed.  It's best to harvest first thing in the spring, however larger leaves in summer can still be used for tea making.

Stinging nettle contains fiber, and protein, and is a packed with Vitamin C.  It also provides Vitamin A and other healthy nutrients.  It helps with seasonal allergies, helps removed retained water, reduces joint pain (arthritis), swelling, helps hair growth, may help with urinary issues, and more.  To obtain more information on edible and medicinal weeds, check your local library for resources.  Here is one useful book:

Monday, March 12, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday

It's Monday.  Today I'm joining Sandra over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  Although I am looking at "motherhood" in a different way, I'm joining.  If you read through today's post, you'll see what I mean about "motherhood."

Last week was a long parenting week. Bills were paid, but propane has not been ordered.  I called to get quotes and I was horrified at the price.  They lowered the minimum to order from 300 gallons to 200 and the price is $100 more than what we paid for 300.  Hubby wants to call around before we order.  We may be making changes if we find lower prices.

I've whipped up a "balancing" herbal tea mix for myself, and will simply grate fresh ginger into it (I'm out of dried ginger root and rose petals).  

I've been "MIA" from my blog these last few days.  Due to the overload of a heavy parental week, we took a dearly needed mental-parental break (or so we thought).  Hubby and I at the last minute, stole away for the weekend.  We restocked health items we can't get around our area, and we got a weekend away to "fill our tanks" (or so we thought).  

On the breakfast plate. . .

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thursday Tidbits

It's official.  We have ended out 2017 supply of home grown sweet potatoes, and I am thrilled the held up so nicely.  I made an egg/veggie scramble and thawed some frozen garden  zucchini for this too.  Frozen zucchini is not a real crisp veggies, so it works out well for breakfast meals and for casseroles/soups.

Not much going on in our next of the woods right now.  The snow is back, but it's gone as fast as it comes down. It's a bit cold, but that just gives me more opportunity to tackle deep cleaning projects (washing woodwork, cleaning out junk in the utility room, sorting things that can go to the thrift, organizing things back to their less chaotic stage, cleaning off dressers, nightstands, and what not). I'm going through old magazines, picking books to donate to the thrift, making a list of books I want to buy (ha ha!), and so forth.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A twist to succotash

The kids were wondering if I was trying to speak a new language when I mentioned "succotash" for dinner.  I have never made succotash before, so I was thrilled to try a new recipe of sorts. 

I however, did not put it over fish.  I put fish in it.  I call this dish

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


March snuck in on me.  They say more snow is coming too.  I've been off the cyberspace world for a few days.

Cherry Bell radish pods are all seeded.  I have about half of the french breakfast done now too.

Hubby and I put another dent in the barn debris.  Although it's cold, we got a truck load cut.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Breakfast Quesadillas

I'm thinking of warmer days ahead this morning.

I'm taking these for a camping breakfast this year - Breakfast Quesadillas.

You can make the eggs before you go - scrambled.  You can cook the onions and green bell peppers (with "fire it up" herb/spice mix).  You can cook you bacon ahead and crumble it.  You can make the tortillas ahead and take them.  Just assemble with some shredded cheese and heat in a skillet.  Yum.  Hubby liked his with sour cream and salsa.  

You can make these with just about any ingredient.  I love this idea, and I have no idea why I haven't made them for breakfast.  Easy, quick, and easy to transport for camping too.

Next time, I will make my tortillas larger, so I can fold them over to make our quesadillas.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Staying Healthy ~ Tidbits

The recent changes in weather are making one daughter congested - mullein tea to the rescue.  She refuses to take the vinegar (or mullein tincture) So far, just taking the tea, has helped her get better.

Hubby is continuing to take the (Rosemary Gladstar recipe) Four Thieves Vinegar, and it is helping him ward off whatever is trying to take over his body.  The vinegar lasts up to one year, so another jar is already in the making, and as soon as sage and thyme can be harvested, I'll start a few more jars to have on hand. I'll continue to research more remedies as well.

I have several new recipes to try.  Oh boy.  I didn't think I'd get that many right now, but I'll share if they are worth sharing. 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Random Tidbits

Here is the new change in the household.  "Vet-Tech" daughter and grand-pup Jesse moved back in yesterday.  Financial reasons.  Jesse is happy, but Daughter is living out of boxes in the living room until the girls can squeeze her and her belongings upstairs.  Even though she's 21, we still set rules.  We'll see how it goes.