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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Good ending for a day

Yesterday afternoon, I waited for the girls to get home.  I told them we were all going to the animal clinic to visit Sadie.  Hubby had called them early in the morning, and they said it would be good for Sadie.  

We were also told that she could not come home until Thursday (today).  

When we arrived, the girls and I waited in the waiting room, and they brought Sadie out.  She was up, walking, and we could hear her tags jingling.  As soon as she saw us she started whining.  She looked so good.  She had been eating for them, was up walking around, and her blood count went up go a good level.  They kept telling us what a good dog she is, and how pleased they were with her recovery.

I was hugging and loving on her and told her I wished I could take her home, and the vet on staff said, "is there a reason she can't?"

I explained I was told she could not, and they agreed to let her come home yesterday.  It was the best ride home ever.  We called Hubby and called Daughter.  Communication in the military is so difficult at times, and we were thrilled that she called back.  We had her on speaker phone so Sadie could hear her too.  What a good ending to yesterday.

Alias isn't so happy though.  We are borrowing his therapeutic bed for her right now, and he's pacing and pacing, not knowing where to lay down, ha ha!  So, I'm on the hunt to find a similar one, so the both have one now.

I've been keeping my mind off things by working on handiwork, but I'm still cutting the Christmas day cut off closely.  I've had many plans and ideas, and even the items to complete such tasks, but time is always a major factor.

I told Hubby I better get my chores done, now that I can rest emotionally.   I've slacked in the floor cleaning department, and the sink is full of dishes.  But that's okay.  When ever I get my routine discombobulated, it takes me a few days to get it back on track.  

I had to laugh at Hubby and the kids last night.  They are all funny in their own "mothering" way to check on Sadie.  Hubby was on the floor loving on her several times.  Later in the evening they moved the dog bed to the end of our bed.  We were talking and I looked down to see our 15 year-old with the water bowl, trying to get Sadie to drink water, and saying "num num, let's drink it together" in a sing-song way.  I just cracked up laughing.  Sadie has many nurses here right now.

I woke up to a bit of congestion.  It's most likely from running my system down, so elderberry elixir went down the hatch this morning.

Speaking of elixir, my 18 year-old daughter is using a spray I have for keeping germs at bay.  She said all the girls at school are getting sick and she keeps using the spray on her hands (it can be sprayed on door knobs, etc.).  She said if she doesn't get sick this entire winter, she'll be a "firm believer" of it.  I had to buy it, but I'm on the hunt for a recipe to make it myself.  

Thank you all for your prayers, kind words and support during our past few, most difficult days, with Sadie.  


Willow said...

So glad to hear Sadie is doing well.

Mama Pea said...

Oh, happy dance, happy dance, happy dance! Did the vet's office give you a definitive answer as to just what happened to Sadie? It would be interesting to know.

About the only time I end up "sick" is right after an emotional crisis happens so I'm not surprised you're not in tip-top form this morning. Whew, what a stressful couple of days!

You're all taking wonderful care of Sadie, now you need to take care of each other!

P.S. Maybe Alias needs to sleep on a big, ol', soft, comfy people bed while his bed is in use . . . hee-hee!

Susan said...

Hooray! Sadie will mend much faster, now that she's home with all that love!!! Such good news. I am with Mama Pea - anytime I go through a high-stress event, my health has a hiccup, so to speak. You've GOT to take care of yourself, too!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Willow, she is doing very well today.

Mama pea, the vet found ruptured tumors on the spleen that caused internal bleeding. They removed all of that and the spleen. The spleen is at my family vet today and biopsy results will be back middle of next week. Today I did find Alias on my bed. I didn't have the heart to make him get down, ha ha!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I am writing up a to-do list for the kids today. By noon, I was pretty tired already. I already brought in wood, so they won't have to do that chore. I know they hate it too.

EMMA said...

Great news - glad Sadie is home and being pampered!

RB said...

Awww, sorry to hear about your little doggie. Blessed to hear she's doing better.
I work retail part-time, so I've been offline for a couple of days.
"'Tis the Season" - sure you understand. LOL
Continuing in prayer for your furbaby.
God bless.