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Adopted Motto

"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Burning the Mignight Oil

I'm using that title as a figure of speech.  I spend countless hours taking care of everyone else, that it's frustrating sometimes just to find one hour to write.  Then when I get my hot little hands on the key board or a pen in my hand, I simply freeze up.

I had to laugh at my son yesterday.  I told him that he reminds me of myself.  For Christmas he received a large drawing pad, and a table top easel.  For two days his drawing pad has sat on the easel, and has been moved from place to place.  However, he has not thought of what he wants to draw or paint.  I laughed because I completely understand the feeling.  My computer or paper and I can sit for days with nothing concrete.  When I saw his easel moving from place to place, I was inspired to not cave into procrastination.  To simply pick up and write, even if I have to put headphones on and blast out the kids chatter.

Well see if my son picks up his art pencils today.  I know I will be writing, even if it means turning off my phone for a few hours.  

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunny Tueday Happenings

I cannot admit to using time wisely today, but I can say I took time for myself.  It is not a New Year's Resolution, just a matter of getting back my routine.  There's nothing more satisfying than me and my speed bag.  It releases all of my tensions and suddenly whoever or whatever that has been hanging over me like a black cloud is whisked away.

Just ask my kids.  They see my composure after a good workout.  Even though the heavy bag and speed bag are in the cold garage, I can still work up a sweat.  It is so worth it.  The kids laugh at me, but they see how I benefit from it and they encourage me to keep at it.

With all of the tension released, and spending time for myself, I can think more clearly and use my writing time more seriously.  Even if it's writing on this blog, a specific journal or writing out the day's to-do list.  Once I have a clear mind, and start writing something, anything, it all starts to come together.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Wrist Warmers ~ Otherwise known as Fingerless Mittens

Before the winter school break started, I caved and gave the girls their crocheted wrist warmers.  It was pretty (and still is) cold in this old country house.  The younger two wore theirs to school almost everyday.  After a few days, of the girls wearing them to school, my 10 year-old daughter came home to tell me she had an order.  Her friend wanted, not just one pair, but two!!  Then she precedes to tell me she is selling them for $5.00 a pair.  Ha ha ha ha ha! 

"And just who is making these for you?" I asked.

"You are Mom."

You could have heard my long drawn out sigh when this was going on.  However, last night I had time to sit and relax, and watch a movie with the older kids.  During that time I did crochet her friend a pair, but I'm charging for the second pair (ha ha ha ha).  Kids!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Two of my children are lucky to be alive ....

I have not had the time to blog because two of my children were in an accident.  There was not another vehicle.  I was an icy, curvy, country road and a telephone pole.  My son was okay, but his sister went to a second hospital for surgery.  Her jaw was broken in 3 places.  Here is the van.  My daughter's seat belt failed, and both air bags did not deploy.   My daughter's jaw hit the dash and her forehead his the windshield, cracking it.  Thankfully, she does not have spinal injury nor a head injury.  She is recovering pretty well considering.

The second photo is taken from the inside of the van.  It's where my daughter's chin cracked the dash and where her head cracked the windshield.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dinner Time Talk ~ or Should I Say Dance?

Right after dinner the kids turned on the radio for some light talk.  Soon we were all doing the wave at the table, with our bellies full no less.  Of course my husband was not home yet.  He he he!  That's when my 15 year-old daughter announced that her friend wanted to come live with us for a week because we were so much fun.  She proceeded to tell me that she showed her friend a video of them chasing me around the backyard with a frog or toad!  I cannot stand those ugly boogers.  I couldn't believe she showed her friend that video!  Oh, and for the record, there was no frog! 

With my mouth open wide and my eyeballs about to pop, another daughter (10 years old) spoke up.

"Yeah, my friend says that our family is better than cable!" she exclaims.

I suddenly wondered if I should be happy to hear all of this.   Everyone thinks we are boat loads of fun.  And all of their friends want to meet their Uncle.  Oh the stories I could blog!  So much fun!  Hearing this sure made all the bad stuff seem not so bad anymore.

I love my kids and my crazy brother who still wants to have a wheelchair race in the Cleveland Clinic's tunnel!  We may just have to do it yet!  As long as frogs are not involved.

Christmas Classroom Parties ~ It's a Tradition to Make a Treat and Ornament

I volunteered to bring the candy treat for my 2nd grader's class.  It took a while to figure out what I would make.  I have made a lot over the years and did not really want to do the same things I have done in the past.  So far, I have about 17 snowman treat containers started.  Enlisting the help from the other kids has helped.  However, we do have to have them done by next week.  Eeeeek! 

Every child has been blessed with a hand crafted ornament for each of their classmates.  I've done this for all of the kids, and many times for each one.  Each Christmas I make, and hand wrap, a handmade ornament and make a creative treat container filled with goodies.  It's been a tradition of mine and now I only have one child in elementary.   I sure hope they like it.

I've been busy with a family member's health situation, and have been gone a lot.  I'm running out of time to get ready for Christmas.   The pets have even missed me.  I came home to find that one dog had stolen one of my slippers, and we still cannot find it.  He usually gives it back the same day.  He must be really mad at me.  I guess I have some schmoozing to do. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Paper for English Class

I'm a currently putting the final touches on the last writing assignment for my college English class.  In doing so, I realized it's been 21 years since I took my the prerequisite for this class. I am striving for an even higher grade than the one I received on the previous assignment.

I have also found a very inspirational book at the library, in regards to writing fiction.  It was printed back in the 90's, but it was just what I needed to focus on daily writing.  If you get a chance to visit your library, look for the book titled,  The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, written by Jack M. Bickham (© 1992).  My library does not have this book, however I was able to inter loan it from one (and only one) area library.