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Monday, January 31, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday


The last time I journaled (long time passion of mine), was Feb. of 2020.  I'm not kidding.  I guess I am not sure if that is good or bad, but I would have just repeated over and over about the pandemic, and doing that is depressing as it is.  Seeing our government ban a treatment for covid patients (one that my husband should have had), is unbelievable.  We have had friends receive the treatment and were better the next day.  

Anyway, the journal is back out, and the pen is going again.  It's my "main" journal.  I have many, many other ones, including a journaling Bible that I plan to get out this week.  I have lots of questions right now.

The weather continues to be cold, my tabs are still up on the computer awaiting to place a yarn order (waiting for a good deal on shipping, because it's needed but not an emergency for any personal order either).

While out and about yesterday, we made a quick stop at a large grocery store.  Sheesh.  People have panic bought for sure.  Although the bread aisle was full (wasn't worried because I can bake my own bread), other aisles were almost empty.  Our favorite coffee was sold out, and the other "organic" brand was almost $12 for the same size.  Nope.  I'll have to check at another store.  The news is flashing updates constantly about the winter storm, so yeah, people will panic buy.  We just had a few items on our list, so I could make the breakfast casserole today (hopefully will last for the next 3-4 days for us).

Today, I am once again joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  

I'll link up when she posts this morning.

The weather . . .
12°F out.  A storm is said to be headed into our area starting this Wednesday.  Friday, roads are said to be treacherous.  They are saying 10-16 inches of snow in our area, my hometown where Mom and my younger brother live....Daughter K and my husband may not make it out of the driveway if this really happens.  We own one hand shovel right now. 

How I am feeling this morning . . .

Tired.  We went and bought a load of split wood yesterday (gave up on our splitter) and I'm exhausted.  We also visited Mom, who at the time had a full house.  My younger brother was there with his 2 kids, we showed up, then Daughter K, and meanwhile the internet guy was busy upgrading Mom's network.  She was happy for the full house.  

I still have laryngitis.  Do any of you have any suggestions?  Herbal?  Over the counter?  Anything?  I've been sipping hot sage tea, but being out and about yesterday, I did not sip tea, and today feel rotten.

On the breakfast plate . . .

Cheddar and Chili  Egg Casserole (I'll be back with a photo), organic coffee

On the reading pile . . .

First, I have been reading letters we collected at my Dad's apartment, after he passed back in 2020.  There are many letters he saved.  Some have a Navy post mark and some have a $.03 stamp.  I would love to find a way to copy them all, print a booklet etc. for myself at least.  I know once I pass these on to the next sibling, I will probably never see them again.  I would have to copy the envelope to match each letter.  Not sure the easiest/cheapest way to do this yet, or if I really want to do it, but for now reading the letters.

What would you do?  Read them and pass them on? 

Second, I have been reading a series by one of my favorite authors.  Some libraries are removing it from their shelves and into book sales.  I've been reading the first of the series (dust cover missing)....

On my TV . . .
Football!!  The Bengals are going to the Super Bowl!!  My husband is elated about this.   I'm also watching CSI and other shows like that.  I will be checking Amazon later today for a show called Reaper.  I don't know yet if it's free on Prime or if they charge for this show.

On the menu this week . . .
-Homemade vegetable soup, bread of some kind
-Meatloaf, mashed tades, corn

From the camera . . .
I'm on the last row of pink, and then a small section of blue, then ends need sewn in and edging done.  I think I started this as a gift over 5 years (or more) ago, and realized it was more work than I expected.  Either way, it's getting finished this winter.  Each row of color is 7 rows, and it's the width of a crib blanket.

Looking around the house . . .
We as parents, are secretly hoping Daughter K's move is soon, and goes swiftly.  We have so many home repairs that would be much easier with no animals and less "stuff" around the house.  No word yet on that move.  We love her, but we are ready to have the house to ourselves.

To-do list . . .
-make breakfast
-make crock pot vegetable soup (or dutch oven)
-decided on a bread side or not (depends on energy level)
-get mail, put trash out and water/feed the hens
-unload dishwasher, load dishwasher
-wash any dishes if needed
-empty ash pail
-bake cookies 
(this is the list for the week for me, lol!)

Prayers . . .
For those dealing with covid and for quick recovery (when we all 3 got covid, only two people in our lives checked in on us - family friend and our Daughter E.  I am trying to make sure we check in on anyone that may need help.

Mom, she is back home, and needs assistance most days.  She also mentioned she wanted someone to stay with her (as in live with her).  She may very well end up living with my sister.  

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Sunday Chit-Chat

I got my plant start trays ordered yesterday, and they should arrive today.   

It's still freezing cold here.  No change in the weather just yet.

Dinner was a 2-crock pot meal last night.  Turkey in one with a paprika rub (homemade), and sweet potatoes in another with garden garlic, thyme, red pepper flakes and salt and pepper.  It was all I could muster up at the time, but well accepted.

The flooded utility room is mopped up, and with heat, pipes thawed and repaired (he's still mad he didn't listen to me and wrap the pipes last summer). 

In between getting around and moving/cleaning/etc. I have been resting by watching Cook's Country.  There is nothing like motivation to get you to think up an easy meal.

Using the sled, I brought my plant stand inside for seed planting.  It's way to heavy to carry in by myself.  I think I may order one more heat/grow light, but we'll see I guess.  

My husband hurt his back trying to start the wood splitter.  He spent the afternoon with a heating pad on his back.  No wood was split.  We only have enough for about an hour.  He's too humble to ask the boys for help either.  He'll try again this morning, but with my help (between coughing spasms).  He thinks the sub zero temperature has to do with the temperament of the splitter.

I keep hearing of a bad storm moving thru our area next Wed./Thursday.  Not sure if we'll get what they are calling for, but for what we are seeing, possible in the rain belt of it.  I still haven't located the other two shovels, so it better not be a foot of snow.

Today is the big day for the football game.  My husband is super excited and hopeful for the Bengals.  They are making history this year for sure either way this turns out.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Weekend Woes

Yesterday I started out strong with cleaning, but fizzled out fast.  I got some kitchen cleaning done, and bedding washed and back on.

Today, we are dealing with the water line from the water softener to the utility sink - busted and flooded floor this morning.

On top of replacing the wood stove grate (fit like a glove) and getting the stove back to heating, we are dealing with not feeling good on top of it all.

It's a battle daily, but we are gaining I think.

It didn't take long for me to get text messages after Mom was back in her home (alone).  First, it was my sister asking if I had an extra blender for Mom to have her wanted chipped ice (that she freely got while in the nursing home).  I told her to order one online and ship it to Mom's or go buy one in town.  I was no help.

I got another text from Mom at 10pm.  Asking for help. We were in bed.  We tire out very quickly, and are in bed early (with 12-13 hours of sleep, that tired).  I texted back today, and asked "exactly" what do  you need help with?

First, we are down one vehicle, two work, and one has dog duty and wood stove duty.  Second, we all three are not feeling 100% yet.  I still have laryngitis.  Third, roads are bad and weather is terrible.  I don't know what my sister expected of us, but we warned her that Daughter K is moving soon as well, and Mom will have little help during winter (I was all for Mom staying in the nursing home).  I think my sister is in denial.  

Anyway, I hope your weekend is going much better than ours, ha ha!  Does anyone know where I can order 36 cell plant start trays (unfilled) online and shipped to my home?  I am not up to shopping yet.  Thanks in advance!

Friday, January 28, 2022

Path in Life and Changes Along the Way . . .

My post today is in reference to Mama Pea's post the other day about "A Different Choice."  Thanks for the inspiration to write this, but you may want a hot beverage to sip. It's sort of long, ha ha!

My first career, and very happy with it at the time, was a Travel Agent.  I went straight to Travel School (right out of high school), which was about an hour drive from home (I was still living with my Mom).  I loved it.

I worked my school hours on the River (up north), where I worked as a sales ticket person, where river boat rides went up and down the river.  I had a fancy uniform too.

I also did internship with other Travel Agencies.  I LOVED it!  I worked my way through a few Travel Agencies, and landed in a bigger agency.  I took additional classes and earned my DS on many destinations (specialist on certain travel locations).  These were serious designations to earn (testing was difficult as well).

I took outside classes and earned my CTC first.  That stands for "Certified Travel Consultant" and you could only use that designation as long as you were working for an agency with a true iata agency number (and worked full time).  Today, this course is over $500.00!  My agency at the time paid us, as long as we passed the courses.  The designation was up and beyond the travel school certificate I earned from the first school.

I loved it so much, I became a "teacher" for the next few DS (Destination Specialist) courses.  I think I even still have my books from it somewhere.  I loved teaching the course, and toted my briefcase to work every day.  I began to wear suits to work, handed down by my Mother as well (she worked at a bank at the time).  I felt that great about my career.

Well, then they hired a woman as an "agent" who literally turned psycho on my manager, and put her out of a job.  My boss was THE BEST EVER BOSS!  The woman they hired had mental issues and control issues, and didn't want anyone to do the job as agent better than her (I did, and she didn't like it). 

I had a large clientele.  I was the type of person who studied the available travel packages, and only sold the customer what they could afford, but a good quality company as well.  We worked on commission, and the "psycho" lady they hired sold only high commission packages to clients (expensive for costumers).  It meant, I had to work more customers in a day to pay my bills, but I had repeat customers who trusted me.

I got tired of "psycho" woman (who stole my bosses job) to the point I was mentally sick and threw up on the job, and I walked out on the job (while a single mother raising 3 kids).  I was later hired at the plastic injection molding company, where I worked in the office (best income I ever had).  My title was Purchasing Coordinator.  It's were I met my current husband.  Best thing I ever did.

Later, down the road, after a few more kids, I went to college for Journalism.  I ended up leaving that college and caring for the family.  Journalism is not even offered there anymore.  I do not regret staying home to care for the kids and family at all.  I do miss my Travel Agent days, but as of today, those are not even needed as much as they were back in the day.

During my course of a stay-at-home Mom, I built beautiful flower beds around our first new home using natural stones that had been dug up.  I dedicated one section by the back door for my first ever herb garden.  I have since dug up that garden and moved it twice to where we are now, and wa-la now a garden grower, chicken raiser (even raised dairy goats and meat-birds).  I would not change a thing, but have to admit, I miss my Travel Agent days.  Those would be totally different, and more difficult today with the internet and people booking their own travel.

Thanks for the inspiration to write this post.  I hope I didn't make the post too long.

It's still snowing and very cold here this morning.  I have hot water, so I'm a happy gal.  I'll be happier once the wood stove is in full swing.  Coffee is brewing, and breakfast just needs heated up.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thursday Thoughts

It's still very cold here.  Woke up to -9°F.  We are really not likely it either (who would?).  I got everything marked off my to-do list yesterday except for one thing - wash bedding.  If the water is flowing today, I'll get it done.  I'm thankful for leftovers and pre-cooked breakfast.

Hubby is not feeling 100% himself, and found out that some co-workers have been out the entire month of January, and one was out 17 days.  He felt he should have stayed home a few more days to get his body feeling better.  I agreed, but he is back to work anyway.  

Yesterday, I felt off.  Just weird.  Can't explain it, other than I'm not my 100% just yet.  Daughter K can't get rid of a bad cough.  My cough is a bit better.  My cool-mist humidifier arrived and was set up and running before bedtime.  I also sipped some sage tea, and made ginger tea (freshly grated) for my husband.  Thanks for all your support and encouragement and ideas to get us back to "business."

At least I don't have the entire full blown day with dog duty today.  Yesterday, the dogs stopped on the way back in and pulled their paws up.  I had to hurry them inside before having to carry them inside.  I asked Daughter K to bring down any booties they have.  They will need them today as well.

As best as I know, they are springing Mom from the nursing home tomorrow.  I'm not sure if this is a good thing yet or not.  If she has troubles again back at home, the hospitals and the nursing homes are at full capacity, so getting her back in one will be a problem.

Looks like I will need to go fetch firewood for the day.  As soon as I warm up with some coffee, and get my brain fog to ease a bit, I'll work it out so all my outside chores are done in one swoop.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Sunshine! ~ Post Office Nasty Gram

 Although we had a good amount of sunshine, it was still cold yesterday.  I donned my full body winter wear and headed to the coop with treats to beg for eggs, fresh water and headed out to get the mail.

Hubby was in the barn fetching firewood.  It didn't take long to get a "nasty" gram from the post office, with a visual drawing of the 30 foot area (yes, that is right, 15 feet clear to the mailbox and 15 past the mailbox) they demand be shoveled/cleared of snow.

The post delivery person drives a jeep.  Sigh.  We have lost 2 of the 3 shovels.  Daughter K shoveled some of it, and my husband some of it.  I hope we can find the shovel, but darn it all.  I'm not going to cough up a lung, only for the plow to bury the mailbox again.  I am praying the snow is done for a while.  We are all not up to shoveling snow, and too far out to have some of the boys come plow it out for us.

Our current morning weather is -1°F with a wind chill of -14°F.  I'm pretty sure I may not have a hot shower today.  Thankfully, there is little wind.

I'm "flying" solo today.  My husband is back to work (praying it goes well), and Daughter K stayed the night with friends.  Her timing is not great, but I understand her wanting to spend time with friends before she moves.  She'll be back home this afternoon though.

I swear I heard a cat outside this morning.  When daylight hits, I'll look for tracks.  I'd hate to see a stray cat freeze in these temps.

I have written out a list for my to-do list today, but "flying" solo, I have dog duty, chicken duty, mail fetching, wood fetching, manning the wood stove, and possible laundry.  The dogs are already crying to go out and it's not day light.  Our pole light does not come on in this chilly weather, and darkness is not my friend with coyotes.  

Speaking of Daughter K, her workplace is forcing their employees to present a vaccine card, or be tested weekly (I honestly don't see how they can, considering test kits are out everywhere right now).  I'm glad she is moving and can find a better job elsewhere.  I never thought my kids would have to live through this.  Or us, for that matter.

Thankfully, we have a big pot of chili, and a pan of homemade buttermilk cornbread for the next few days.  I just have to do some dishes (if we have hot water, ha ha!).

I have slept great the last two nights, but wake up to a coughing fit.  I'll be happy to get my cool-mist humidifier today. I still have laryngitis, so I plan on sipping some hot sage tea.

More co-workers are out with covid at my husband's work.  It's still spreading.  

The chicken coop is a disaster.  I cannot wait for a warmer day, so I can clean it.  The ding dongs are poo'ing in their roosts.  What a mess.  

One of these days, I'll actually have some photos in my blogpost.  Sorry if they have been boring.  

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

More Snow but some Sunshine (despite freezing temps)

My husband has not had the energy to return to work, so today I will be brewing up some medicinal teas, and making sure we get outside for fresh air (even if it's to get the mail and tend the hens).  We are wanting this crud to be gone, gone, gone.  My husband works outside, climbs towers, and has a one hour drive to work.  We are greatly saddened he cannot go get the antibody therapy, but will continue to do what we can from home to get over this.

I, however, have not gotten over the cough.  I just got online and ordered a cool-mist humidifier.  I dug our ancient one out of the garage, and nope (dinosaur of a humidifier, we haven't used it in that many years).  I am sure, with the increase in cases, we would not find a humidifier in stores right now.  It is due to arrive tomorrow (not quick enough).  It was my last resort.  We don't have to energy for the 55 minute round trip, let alone the walking in and out and searching.  Thank you Amazon.

Question:  What's the best way to freeze buttermilk?  I'm hankering homemade cornbread to go with our big pot of chili, and have zero on hand (and there is no way I'm going out for it).  So, to prepare for the future, any suggestions on freezing it would be appreciated.

Trash finally picked up today.  We missed it last week due to all of us sick.  They warned us that they may be delayed due to their hydraulics not working in 0 degree weather.

Daughter K has a cough she can't get rid of now too.  Sigh.

Other than those updates, we are heading out to the barn to fetch firewood, and maintaining minimal housework.

Stay safe my friends!

Monday, January 24, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday

I just realized that today is the first time I have been able to participate in this.  Covid stinks!  It spread (and continues to spread) too quickly in our area right now.  Four more staff at Mom's nursing home have tested positive, and the they are going to test the entire nursing home again today.

We recently had to replace the glass in the wood stove door.  On Sunday, we realized the grate needs replaced.  Always something.....

I'm joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.
I'll link up later, and sorry for the shortness in this post.  Hey, at least I made an appearance, ha ha!

The Weather . . .
14°F, ground is snow covered, in fact we had a road emergency yesterday due to the snow/wind.

How I am feeling this morning . . .
Miserable.  We are going to look for our cool mist humidifier.  The hospital has not called my husband either.  He is high risk, but the doctor's office told us our local hospital is dealing with shortages of antibodies.  Speaking of that, my home county went from 533 new cases in a week to 2,700 more cases last week.  Sorry if that up date is a repeat.  My friend in town said shelves are almost empty of medicinal supplies as well.

On the breakfast plate . . .
Have no idea other than hot organic coffee, which I can't really taste that well.

On my reading pile . . .
Mail-Order Murder, by Leslie Meier

On my TV . . .
CSI Miami, Football

On the menu this week . . .
Have no energy to even think about it.  Daughter K is off today, and is willing to do what we do not feel up to doing.  She is feeling back to herself thankfully.

From the camera . . .
Unless you missed my post about my newest crochet project - baby pacifier leash.

Looking around the house . . .
Nothing I can do about much until we feel better.  We ordered the new wood stove grate, and it should arrive today (if not, tomorrow).  My medical bills are just now rolling in (when I sprained my ankle).  I need to get those paid this week sometime.  I see that our daughter missed one small Christmas tree when she put everything away.  

Today's to-do list . . .
Nothing, unless I do some dishes.  I started to scrub the master shower yesterday (removing water rust stain), and that didn't last very long.  

Prayers . . .
Our grand-nephew was in a bad snowmobile accident yesterday afternoon.  He had a helmet, but the impact broke up the helmet.   He suffered lacerations to the face, broken nose, broken cheekbone, bruised lung and a few other issues, but thankfully recovering.

Mom.  She continues to lose memory, and is having more issues with dizziness.

Us (husband and I), we just want to feel normal again (covid).  I'm up blogging, to try and attempt a regular wake up time.

Daughter K, she's applying for a new job, in a new town, and moving in the near future.  She'll need a much better paying job to pay for their apartment.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday Tidbits

My husband and I have been moving around a bit more each day.  I'm not completely back to my normal routine, but managed to tag team with him and put dinner in the crock pot yesterday morning.

Four Beans and Sausage.  I used home canned ketchup, home grown green bell pepper, and home grown garlic in it. I'm hoping for enough leftovers for tonight.  I'll deal with the next meal when I need too.

The highlight of Sunday was watching the Bengals win!  My husband was elated.

The snow has finally arrived in our parts.  However, my husband was to change brakes on the car today and return to work tomorrow.  Not sure the brakes will happen.  I guess we'll see. 

Calls to Mom are hit or miss, as they keep her busy, and assist her with walking.  I do not have plans to visit her until after another full week, and I know we are feeling in out tip-top shape.  

Friday, January 21, 2022

New Project ~ Peppermint Tea


My newest project - baby pacifier leash.  I have a grand-niece about to give birth, and will hopefully get a few more made in different colors.  Sadly, I do not have a finished baby blanket/booties to gift her right now.

I am working on the un-finished baby blanket that I found in my closet.  It's hit or miss, depending on how I feel.  We sipped hot peppermint leaf tea yesterday, and it opened up our nasal passages better than nasal spray.

On a good note, the nursing home has not called again with any more cases, but more friends of ours have it now.

If anything gets done today, it'll be hitting the "sanitize" button on the washing machine and the "self-clean" button on the oven.  It's a good (wind chill 4°F) cold day to do it.

My ankle feels normal again. Finally.  Not sure if the immune boost pills we are taking helped heal it up, but it is nice to have my regular walk/movement back.

Daughter K goes back to work today.  I know she is still feeling blah, so I hope her day goes well.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Cold but no snow . . .

The southern area of our state is being slammed with snow, however, we woke up to no snow here.  It continues to remain cold.

My husband is home today (holiday), and has wood split for the week (took great energy to do).

Talked to my Mom yesterday, and she is doing okay.  I plan to find some brain game books for her today online.  

There is another staff member at the nursing home that tested positive with covid.

Daughter K remains down and out.  She literally has been on the sofa for days now.  My husband is taking the dogs out, but he is now feeling fatigue.  We'll find out today if he has covid or not.  I myself, have not been sick for 5 years.  I feel horrible.  The fatigue is keeping me down as well.  We are pulling out all my tricks of the herbal trades, and taking immune boost pills.

I am thankful for crochet quarantine projects, but have no energy to read a book right now.  I am back to working on the baby blanket and watching movies and cooking shows. 

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Finsished Halter Top and Not so good news. . .

I finished Daughter E's halter top.  I hope it fits.  If not, there is one size larger available to crochet.  It was the first time for me to create a "twisted cord" for a crochet project.  Very interesting.

Daughter K tested positive for covid, and she is very sick.  I am up early to make homemade ginger-ale, and start a diffuser in my own bedroom.  Unfortunately, I am congested and feel off.  We only have one home test left, and holding onto it for my husband if needed (he goes to work Monday, and if no symptoms has to work).  We need the last kit for if he gets symptoms.  We are having a terrible time find more home test kits (so they can test negative to return to work if needed).  Every place is completely out of home covid test kits, including the libraries.

I am back to working on the baby blanket and have another scrap lap afghan I can finish.  I may have to order some baby yarn today.  Thank goodness for Amazon.  I need supplies for another crochet project.  I have lots of books to keep me busy too.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Almost Impossible Medical Care....

Daughter K is very sick.  She actually got into an urgent care, but the man was so rude, he left the room after her covid test and said to pay her bill up front.  He wouldn't even listen to her symptoms, and now her lungs hurt very bad.  The guy wouldn't even give her time to get a slip for work.  I understand they are overwhelmed, but the sick-sick can sometimes need breathing treatments at home, antibiotics, or other medications.

I'm making a steam (eucalyptus) for her this morning, but if she is not better, she'll have to go to the ER today for help.  I made her a hot tea last night with freshly grated ginger and thyme.  She said it felt so good on her throat.  She has a horrible cough as well.  We are worried she has pneumonia or something else.  

Now the nursing home where my Mom is at, has 3 staff and 2 residents with positive covid.  I get calls when they update due to me being an emergency person for Mom.  They said they are testing all residents next Monday.

Our weather is frigid cold.  A cold 1°F windchill.  No snow yet.  I was the first one up, and got the fire stoked.  Brr!

I wanted to make us collard greens, but the store had zero, and I have zero in the freezer.  I'll do another check in the freezer this morning, just to be sure.

The nursing home continues to do "memory" tests with Mom.  She said the air is so dry in her room, but they keep her busy most days.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Reading and other tidbits . . .


I've actually been doing some reading.  I finished both of these books.  I passed the James Patterson book on to Daughter E, and I'm keeping the other one.  

Daughter K and her boyfriend are going to look at an apartment this month.  We didn't see this happening until a year from now, but that would help us with home repairs/re-model.  She'd have to re-home her rabbit, but we were happy to hear about this.

I haven't been to the nursing home to visit Mom yet.  I have been calling her daily though.  Daughter K is sick, and it took great lengths to find a home covid test to be sure.  Four people at her work are now out with it.  Her test however showed she was negative.  It's spreading like wildfire in our area.  In fact, I got an automated phone call from the nursing home.  It said two more positive cases at the home Mom is in - one staff and one resident (not what I needed to hear).

Mom has started physical therapy, and they also do a memory test with her.

There has been a lot of thefts in our downtown (little town) area lately, and last night a report of men in hoodies around someone's barn in the country.  Great.  Just what we need.

I called my doctor.  He will not order an MRI for my ankle until he sees me.  Sigh.  I can't get in to see him until the end of the month.  I told my husband, if it heals up before then, I will just cancel the appointment (what I am hoping for).

Snow is heading our way in a few days.  Not sure how much just yet.  I don't watch the news, I just check the weather update, but most days I just look out the window.

Daughter E wants me to gather some healthy crock-pot recipes, so that is on the agenda today.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

I'm Back

I'm back.  It's been cold here.  In fact, we need to split wood today.  Brr.  The chickens continue to lack egg production.

My ankle continues to ache, so I'm calling my doctor today.  I'll update on that when I have any results of further tests.

Daughter K said 3 people are out at her work with covid.

Daughter E had to test due to someone at her work with covid.  She was negative and returned to work.

Update on Mom:  The heart clinic nurse had a serious talk with her.  Over the weekend, Mom fell 3 times in 24 hours and two ER visits.  She was kept in the ER until last night (due to no rooms and the hospital wanting her out). 

She was transported to a nursing home last night.  Her heart failure is worse and now she cannot walk.  She was talked to about hospice or continuing meds/doctor visits etc.  She chose meds/doctors etc.  I have yet to find out if (due to the wide spread of covid) visitors are even allowed.  I'm betting the answer is no. It's spreading so badly here, that people are unable to find tests when they are sick.  Daughter E was one of them.  She was off work for 2-3 days due to lack of finding  a test.

Not sure this is happening in your area, but in ours, medical people are told to go to work if they have covid and their symptoms are mild. I'm concerned over this, as Mom could be treated by a nurse with covid.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year Y'all!  I'm starting out the year of 2022 with a blogger hiatus.  I'll be back in a while.  Not sure for how long, but wishing you all a new year of blessings.