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Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Lost ~ Door Knockers ~ Tidbits

My 15 year-old lost her scarf I made her.  She can't find it anywhere.  Hm.  Of course as the maker of it, I'm not totally happy about this.  I asked her if she left it at school.  Nope.  I told her she might need to clean her room up, and maybe she'll find it.  Nope, not there either.  She got a lot of compliments on it too.  I'm not even sure I have the same yarn colors in my stash.  Either way, I can't make her another one until after Christmas.  

Yesterday was a day for running to the "big city" and getting errands done.  We typically recycle an old-print newspaper into wrapping paper, but his year I bought some at the local dollar store.  Just to make the kids laugh, I bought one with Buzz Lightyear on it, ha ha!  My biggest "find" was a package of 60 round labels for $1.00.  I needed some this year, and that will come in handy.

It's that time of year again.  The time where certain religious groups start knocking on the door (even way out in the boonies, they try that hard).  They stopped when I was out running errands and Daughter was home doing her workout.  The dogs pretty much scared the woman off, Daughter said.  

My two youngest girls got their hair cut recently.  Today's to-do list involves printing out "Locks of Love's" form, and mailing one daughter's hair in for a donation.  We've done this (at least one of us) every year now.  

Last night I made the family's favorite dish - stove top tuna and noodle.  It's a family favorite recipe my Mom passed down, but I make it with gmo-free canned milk, organic butter and flour, pole-caught tuna (soy free), and homemade condensed mushroom soup.  It's fantastic!  Our side was simply peas.  

When we sat down for dinner, my 18 year-old was eating peas.  That was all she ate.  Peas.  I was stumped.  Tuna and noodle was her favorite and she wasn't eating it.  She told me, due to her views now, she is going to be vegetarian.

I told her she needs to find a source of protein, because I won't be making my meals special for her (not being mean, simply being a person who grows and raises food for our health and for a reason to keep us healthy, all hard work).  

Even explaining that the tuna was "pole-caught" tuna and did not contain any gmo ingredients, she refused to eat the fish.  I honestly feel social media is the reason for this sudden change.  I feel sorry for our kids growing up with so much influence that may or may not be good for them.  They have a lot of pressure on them, and way too much influence.

What happened to roller skating, biking, reading a real book, visiting a library, going to the movies, having friends hang out, and bowling?  Now they all sit on electronics.  In fact, I have to share something relating to that (now that I'm on my soap box).  

The last breakfast I went to for the honor society induction, while each member was speaking at the podium, I looked around at the tables of parents.  I saw about 9 out of 10 looking down at their smart phones.  Sad.

I do believe there needs to be a balance and most kids can't do it themselves.  Okay, I'm off the soap box. 

I'm working on finishing an ornament to share.  Hopefully I can glue the final piece on today.  


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Well, she is young. Maybe her views will change-- after she gets hungry enough! lol.
I know you didn't share that for the jokes you'd get... but, like you said, what happened to roller skating, reading a real book, movies, bowling and friends. Youth today are subjected to so many view points in one day-- they can't possibly, decide what they want to do at such a young age. While she may be 18-- she is still so young.
As a parent-- I applaud her. Today, she stood by her conviction not to eat the meat. I think that says something about your daughter-- She has courage. I hope she never loses that. I know she makes you proud. :)
Hope the scarf shows up... or you're able to whip up another in a jiff!

RB said...

Hard to tell what makes someone go Vegetarian, probably as many reasons as there are Vegetarians. I know one friend who was Vegan said she was sitting in a restaurant eating chicken, saw herself gnawing on an animal's leg in a mirror across the room, and stopped. She said the sight of it made her sick to her stomach, and she never ate meat again.
Now I LOVE vegetables, always have, and since growing up have said many times, "If it weren't for pigs, I could easily be a Vegetarian, but - bacon, and pork chops, and ham, OH MY!!!" (Like in the Wizard of Oz, Lions, and Tigers, and Bears...;o)
So anyway, someone suddenly going Vegetarian may not be media or web-based at all; but the responsibility for studying to make sure they get their full dose of nutrients every day and stay healthy is up to them for sure too.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, we found out that she made her decision after writing a paper for a class that involved factory farms.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Pat, she loves ham and other things I make with meat. It will be interesting to see if this is a life long change.

RB said...

The videos of factory farming are frightening. It's hard to believe some supposed "human beings" could treat other living beings so horribly, but sadly, all are not at the same level of being civilized as others.
Prayers for animals suffering at the hands of human beings. One day what they are put through will come back to haunt those who hurt them, I believe.
God bless.