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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, September 30, 2022

This and That


I had overly ripe bananas, so banana bread was baked with some mini chocolate chips in it.  Good thing I did too, as Daughter E stopped out and was hungry.

I created a watermelon ornament for a future craft show, and decided to make lemon and orange slices too.  I am also wondering how many to make?

I created this key hair clip per a special request.  She is a real estate agent, and I think it turned out super cute.

We are starting to get very cool nights now.  I'm so far behind in putting the garden to bed for the winter.  I feel like we are being slammed with all sorts of things that need fixed, repaired, lack of supplies in stores, expensive parts.....stress at my husband's work....sigh....

On another note, I am still filling boxes to move the living room items to other rooms.  In the process I am filling boxes for donations as well.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Green Onion/Parsley Pesto ~ Bell Peppers


I made 2 batches of green onion pesto, and froze it for winter.  I took advantage of the herb garden before winter weather takes over it.

I also froze, what may be the last, of the bell peppers in the vegetable garden.  I most likely will be pulling those plants soon.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

This and That

 I'm still freezing jalapenos.  I got one tray done yesterday, but got very side tracked.  I had our handy man here working on the camper water heater, Daughter K was coming over to pick up some things, and I spent most of the day emptying out our breakfast bar (in the living room). 

I was thankful Daughter K came over with her boyfriend.  They took a few things off my hands that we did not need/use.  

The Florida weather situation, has our weather wacky.  Yesterday we had a sudden rain storm, that came with hail.  Praying for all in Florida right now, as we have family in FL, and in GA.

I think I am the only one I've talked to, that has refrained from turning on the heat.  It's definitely been chilly at night.

I feel like this is the time of year where so much needs to be done, but I think it's because we have to do the repairs as well.  I still have a still of "stock it up" to check off in all the midst of everything else.

In clearing the living room (where everything from the kitchen ended up for that project), I found two boxes that had stuff from my computer area. in the world did I have that much "stuff" in that area? It's on the to-do list.

I am not sure if I will freeze pie crust crumbles this year.  We don't eat a pie ourselves, and have way less get togethers.  Not sure I will need them.  I may cut the recipe in half and do a portion.  I'm just not sure yet.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

New Cookbook and chit chat


A new to me (used) cookbook, because I clearly only know how to cook for an army.  Hope it helps teach me to small batch cook.  I am so used to cooking largely, that we get way too many leftovers.

Tomato plants and stakes are all out and stored.  I have more to yank in other areas, but wanted to get some more work done in the living room.

I emptied and moved a bookshelf out of the living room, to another room for now.  That job took some time. 

I had to make a breakfast as well, which ended up being French toast, sausage patties and scrambled eggs.  We should be good for a few days.  I had to pre-set the coffee, and pack my husband's meals and fruit.  He's still getting up very early.

I found out our local school is taking donations for a fundraiser.  I have boxes of stuff that can go (rummage donations), and I have someone coming to pick up 3 serving trays I no longer use.  So happy to get more out, but more furniture needs moved.  

Remember the pickled carrots I grated and pickled?  We added them to tacos last week and they were very good on them.  We also grilled burgers last night and put the carrots on that (husband's idea).

Monday, September 26, 2022

This and That

 It's been a bit rough at our homestead.  My husband has not been sleeping well.  The plant is shut down, and calls keep coming in.  Thank you for all your prayers for these two young men.  If I remember correctly, one brother was 32 and the other 34.  Both had children, both married, and the wife to the younger brother is pregnant and due in May of next year.  Now I am not sleeping well either, as my husband will be working there until retirement.

It's been raining, and more rain, wind and cold weather today.  We joked about me going out to work in the garden, but both retracted quickly when I reminded him of my boots getting stuck in the mud.  Putting the garden to bed has once again been halted.

Not enough jalapenos for cowboy candy and not enough of a mix of the other hot peppers for jelly.  Hm.  I know I will freeze some and some will be included in the menu this week.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Stocking Up and updates

 I got some more dandelion greens blanched and froze for winter.

Blanched and froze more asparagus.

Yesterday was a bit rough all around.  First, there hasn't been a death at the refinery in 100 years until yesterday.  Two, the two men that died were brothers.  Fundraisers are being set up.  I only know that one was young with a wife and new born baby.  Thank you for all of  your prayers.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Prayer request and other ramblings

The refinery my husband works at had an explosion last night and two (last I was updated) were badly burned.  Please send prayers, although I do not have names.

Update:  The two people died from their injuries.

I have been distraught since we heard about this.  My husband has been working a supervisor position with lots of over time lately.  If you haven't watched the movie Deepwater Horizon, you really should.  Then you would understand why I stay busy when he is at work, to keep the worry bugs away.  

Speaking of busy, I had a special request for a hair clip, so I'm working on that between everything else.  

Daughter K showed up late, but showed up.  Her stuff is out of the living room, and she also helped me out by taking a small table. She always has stories to share and gives us the giggles and shares interesting stories.

Her latest one was saving baby birds.  She literally had to hide them at her work place.  I guess some company came and knocked down all the bird nests, baby birds and all. She scooped them up and called a place to save them.  Knocking the nests down with eggs or birds in them is illegal.  Apparently the company that did this is in being looked into.

She once saved a baby duck at her last employment.  It was randomly running around the parking lot.  I remember her bringing it home in a box.

We got updates on how the dogs are doing.  King is still having seizures.  She said the giant long wiener dog toy I bought a long time ago was finally destroyed.  I guess it's time for us to buy more toys for the grandpups, ha ha!

Well, we got rain all night and will again today, so I won't get to work on pulling the garden stakes today.  Sheesh.  I'm okay with inside work, as it needs done ASAP.  If the rain gives for a while, I will check the bell pepper plants. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Tuesday Tidbits

The weekend went way too fast, and Monday snuck up on us fast.  Rain moved in, so I have been inside working on the to-do list.  

Sunday we purposely got porch therapy.  I was thrilled to get crochet time to work in this scarf.  I love this new stitch.

We have had hot weather, and foggy mornings.  We are back to the 90's again today.  Crazy, but good for the loofah plant, and the peppers I left in the garden.

We are hoping our smaller AC unit lasts until this heat ends.  It's on the fritz.  It sounds like it will just fizzle out any day.  The lawn mower is also on the fritz.  We already bought a new battery for it, but now it needs two more new parts to get it running.  We are also hoping it lasts until mowing season ends, and without more expenses.

Boxes for donations are piling up, so I must get them delivered soon.  It's crazy how much stuff you own, until you have to box it all up and move it for a while.  At least I can work on that while I wait for the rain to end and get back to clearing the garden.

While a lot is getting out of the house, this little cutie snuck in.  Daughter E gave it to me.  I collect keychains, but have deterred from doing it for a long time, as I have no idea what to do with the collection just yet.  There is a museum in our state that has a large pencil sharpener collection.  I would love to donate them all if I could find a place to display them like that.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Loofah Update and other chit chat


I took this updated photo on 9-15-2022.  It's definitely not very big yet, but with the heat this next week, I hope to see it grow more.

I'm now working on rotating out food in the freezer, and putting more back in.  The threat of a railroad strike prompted me to pay more attention.  I know I need to stock up on homemade cream soups, so that is currently on the list.

Daughter E came over and I of course fed her.  Both my husband and I could tell she was hurting for cash (she will never admit it to us, and has never ever asked for a dime from us).  She has to buy all her supplies to become a hair stylist who rents her own booth now.  She picked up several boxes and I gave her some clothes she might like for her job (that I needed to purge as well).  We also slipped some cash in her bag (he he).  We really want to see her succeed, with her being her own boss.

She inspired me to create a new business card for my crafts, and I did. My old ones were from the Farmer's market days, and we no longer sell jam/jelly, or goat's milk soap, so I really needed to get new ones.  Plus, I have very few left anyway.

On a good note, my crocheted hair clips will be sold at her station in the salon next month.  I'm busy, busy, busy.....trying to squeeze in whatever time I can get to get more made. 

It's the end of garden season, but I'm leaving in the bell and hot peppers to get more out of them.  Our bell peppers provided enough for daily needs, but not enough to freeze sadly.  Not sure, other than the location I planted them in the garden.  I made note, and will plant with better light (we have a tree that blocks part of it).

Unlike many other people, we are starting the living room repairs in the midst of life's to-do's.  It's crazy busy, and expensive, so I'm doing my best to eliminate trips to town. Supplies are high in cost, and it's a need to do before winter job.  We also have zero family to help with the work, and of course my husband has to work.

When I do go to town, I make a plan and take lists, checking them twice.  I'm still able to put laundry on the line to keep the electric bill down, and I clip coupons, and download digital coupons.  I regret on planting large onions or potatoes.  Every time we buy them, we find a rotten one in one or two days after buying them. 

I do need to get other homemade items made, so there is a special list for that on days I am able to.  One being garlic powder.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Living room repairs officially start.....

The sunrise is slowly moving in the direction of winter.

I decided to freeze more tomatoes.  I can make a fresh spaghetti sauce or can pizza sauce over winter.  It will save me some time to work on the living room.  I sent messages to the younger two, that i need there boxes of stuff out of the living room, and for one to clear her Christmas stuff out of the garage.  I'm hoping they arrive within the week.

Beautiful wild flowers bloomed in the water trough this year.

Tomatoes kept me in slow motion on getting the living room cleared, but in order to do that, I have to clear off a table in our (yes) bedroom.  It was for my sewing machine.  When Mom passed her recipes landed on that table.  I am clearing it off to move upstairs for my crafting table.  I started to look at some of the recipes and noticed some are definitely different.

Hm.  Not sure I'd try this one, but different.  I am missing Mom a lot right now going thru the recipes.


Thursday, September 15, 2022

Rainy Days

We have had foggy, cool mornings for several days now.  However, we will heat up again next week.  Literally into the 90's for a few days.  We were not expecting that.

I had good intentions of going to the garden first thing yesterday (after two days of rain), but the weather was not good.  It was foggy, cloudy and misting.  Finally when the fog lifted and the sun came out, I was able to check the garden.

I brought in some hot peppers that went to work with my husband (not enough to can anything with), and another 40 some pounds of tomatoes.  

By evening I got, what felt like 2 minutes of crochet time.  I am learning a new crochet stitch that I came across the other day (winter scarf).  I'm using up stash I already have to keep costs down and prices lower for a craft show.  I'm sure my husband will be happy it's "stash" yarn, ha ha!

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

This and That

 We love to support local businesses, and we purchased a handmade bird house.  We will set it on a post in hopes for birds to move it, and I am setting out some grape jelly in hopes to encourage a few Boston orioles to visit.  I think my husband wants to paint the birdhouse first, before we put it out for the birds.  In fact, now that it's fall, we may not put it out until spring.

My new spoon rest, ha ha!

Fall blooms.

My minimal fall decor, ha ha!  I, for one, have no time nor the space for storing fall decor.  I did swap out the placements and put the potpourri in the one bathroom.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday

Today I will be pretending I do not have a garden. Well, at least until dinner time (or even tomorrow) anyway. There is a need to tidy up, and other to-do's that I need to catch up on.

I'm really missing Mom.  There were so many moments I just wanted to pick up my phone and call her.  Today I will be super busy.  Hopefully it will keep my mind focused.

GrannyJ if you could give my your email again.  I will send you my address.  It keeps saying I have the wrong email.  I apologize.

Blogger has done away with email notifications.  I'm on the hunt for a widget or some sort to put on my blog right now.  If I find something that works, I will update you all.  

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. I will link up when she posts.

The weather  . . .

72°/52°F and cloudy

As I look outside my window. . . 

It's early, so it's a bit dark outside.

Right now I am . . .

Making another pot of coffee.

Thinking and pondering . . .

I'm keeping a look out for a holiday craft show to participate in.  There are many going on this month and October, but I just don't have the time until the garden is completely done, and then top that with the living room repair job.

How I am feeling . . .

Tired.  I'm not used to the work schedule my husband has right now.

On the breakfast plate . . .

Have no idea yet.  First priority is down some coffee to fire up this tired soul, and  get the fridge cleaned out.

What I am reading . . .

On my TV . . .

Annie's Pointe (movie we picked up at an antique store)

On the menu. . .

-Cabbage sausage soup
-have no idea yet, I have several new recipes to try, including a new pesto recipe (that I hope will freeze well).  Has anyone every made green onion-basil pesto?

To-do list for the week. . .
-clean entire fridge (freezer on another day)
-label all my canning jars and get stored properly
-clean both bathrooms
-catch up on any laundry
-clean window blinds
-tidy up computer area
-take more trash downstairs from upstairs
-help my husband put the last of the kitchen trim back in
-start clearing out the front room (big job but has to be done)
-call chimney sweep
-dehydrate oregano and thyme
-freeze more green onions and chives
-water plants
-sweep and mop kitchen when I'm done cleaning fridge out
-take a few photos for tomorrow's post (ha ha! it's on the list)
-adding as I remember today....

From the camera . . .

Oddly, I do not have any photo on my camera right now, other than the photo of my current book.  I guess I will need to work on that this week, ha ha!

Prayers . . .

For Daughter E to find affordable health insurance (she is also moving to another salon), and for Daughter K too.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Canning Continues and other ramblings

I got 5 more pints of tomato soup canned.  It takes most of my day, but that is 5 more meals for two, and so good.


In between watching and stirring the pot, I have been catching up with laundry, restocking camper ornaments (making the pieces, just have to put them together later), and creating more hair clips.  I'm also creating more embellished paper clips.  I have not booked a fall craft show just yet.  I keep seeing them for October, but I cannot commit with the canning still going on.  I do better in Nov. and Dec.

Rosemary made it out of the dehydrator.  I need to check my pantry to see what else I need dried.

I'm now writing out a winter prep to-do list, but I have to get cracking on the living room.  I have boxes now, so I am ready as soon as the tomatoes are all put up.

What's on the list?  Splitting wood, ordering propane (this time I will make sure it's delivered before the cut off date), pulling the garden,  drying herbs before the weather gets too cold, and a few other to-do's.

It's another foggy morning here, and the last few days we are hearing fox and coyote.  We also saw an eagle fly over the house.  

Disturbing news in our state - the death of 3 million chickens at another egg producing farm died due to bird flu.  I guess I better get that new coop built, so we can focus on a meat bird coop as well.  

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Crazy Busy Puttin' Up Time

 It was finally time to start freezing tomatoes.  I cleared off the kitchen table.

I also put rosemary in the dehydrator and snipped green onion for freezing. Our green onions have superb flavor this year. It's  a race against the clock this time of the season.  I'm trying to get the tomatoes in before it's too late.  I baked a breakfast for us, for the next few days too.

I heard some restaurants are not offering green onions on their menu due to shortage of supplies.

We woke up to a very foggy morning.  The air is very cool, but they say we'll heat up again.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Labor Day Events ~ Rain

 We had a very busy Labor Day weekend.  We had invitations for 3 birthday parties and a cook out.  Golly, all we wanted to do on Monday was get our kitchen and front porch in order.  I have to admit, it was nice getting up this morning to a tidy kitchen.  Although I still have tomatoes on the table.

I had to start bringing in the tomatoes to ripen on the table.  They were splitting outside on the vines.  Crazy weather this year.

I'm not the only one cleaning house.  Daughter E dropped off two boxes of yarn.  Her best friend's mother was also cleaning house, and had 5 people move back in, so she sent her yarn my way.  I will need to sort it, but it's out of the kitchen now.

However, there are tomatoes in my living room too. No kidding.  Like I said, the rain/soil situation this year was causing them to split if we left them ripen on the vine.

Before the rain arrived, I was able to fall plant 80 cloves of music garlic.  It's been raining here ever since, and woke up to more rain.

I'm frantically working on the tomatoes, pulling the garden for the year, and now clearing the living room to at least get that floor fixed before winter.  The only problem is that money doesn't stretch very far anymore.  Supplies are an issue, but I will be packing up the living room to prepare.  It is a must-do repair.

Granny J, I think I wrote your email down wrong.  Well first, I got confused and emailed another person (crazy busy weekend), and then my computer said I had the email incorrect.  If you are reading this ....I apologize, I wrote it down wrong.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Rain moving in.....


Well, here we are to the weekend.  The one and only perfect holiday weekend day to take the motorcycle out, and my husband left at 4am.

I have tomatoes to deal with, so that is happening after I down a pot of coffee and figure out a breakfast with minimal cooking.

I put up 22 1/2# of tomatoes yesterday, but here is the situation....I brought 38# back inside (bwahahaha!).  Oh my.

My husband is laughing, but I have no idea how I dealt with our 500# year.  I do need to freeze some tomatoes, can crushed ones, and make another batch of soup and pizza sauce (will gift the kiddos).

He joked "tomato fight" as the plants are literally almost dead, tomatoes falling off and some rotting as I try to keep up.  The summer heat waves were the cause of the late ripening.

I'm hoping to get my fall garlic planted.  Rain is moving in late Saturday and for several days (unless that changes).

Friday, September 2, 2022

Sunrise ~ More Canning with Tomatoes ~ Question

I woke up in time to see this beautiful sky.  I did however, sleep in, and did not get to see my husband before he went to work.  He is taking over a supervisor position for a few months.  Let's just say the coffee pot is pre-set at 4:30am now. 

Unless I try and put up another table in the living room, I am plum out of room for ripe ones.  I'm trying my best to get things canned, but I can only do one sauce/tomato recipe in one day.

We have surpassed 200 pounds of Amish paste this year.  There are more out there, and the plants are dying.  Sheesh, but so thankful for the stock up with all of them.

The recipe I use for the Lemony -Tomato Basil soup is from this magazine.  Looks like a magazine, but thick like the ball regular canning book.  I think I bought it at TSC farm store.  I canned another batch of this soup.

It is also the same magazine that has the BBQ sauce recipe that I can.  To me, it's the best one we've tried so far. I canned a batch of this too.

Question:  I bought a  motion sensor hand soap  dispenser a year ago and paid like 20-some bucks.  The same Simplehuman brand today costs $50!!  I kid you not.  I really want one for both bathrooms, but don't want to paid a fortune.  If you use one, what brand is it and do you like it?