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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Spirit ~ Extreme Clean in December?

Hubby and I spent the night watching Christmas movie after Christmas movie.  We ended up watching three in a row.  I got a lot of handiwork done too.

Today the weather is to be in the 50's, so have a plan.  Normally, I'll do the all-out house cleaning, barn chores, haul wood thing.  Then I put aside time in the evening for handmade Christmas gifts to be worked on.

Today I'm taking advantage of the weather.

My bedroom closet is a mess.  I attempted to do a complete overhaul in the fall, but got side-tracked moving crafting supplies to the utility room (making part of that room for crafting). 

My closet is not heated and it's a walk-in closet.  It's the only place I could store my crafting supplies (other than the garage).  I can't really keep the door open on very cold days to clean it properly.  Hubby said if I do get it cleaned out, he'll go through his clothes and get rid of what he doesn't wear or can't fit in anymore.  I'm not quite certain he'll want to dive into that project during the week, but I think it's a good change for me today.  

We have plenty of leftovers, so planning dinner won't be a problem either.

Ordinarily, in mid-December I would be baking and shopping.  It's quite nice to be spontaneous for once.  And hopefully by nightfall, I'll be a much happier person with a very organized and cleaned out closet.  

I have plenty of herbal teas to sip on today, to set the mood for a calm and peaceful day. 

If I work quickly and efficient enough, I will have time to whip up another new item to share.  

I'll be honest, I can't remember taking "Five for Me" in a long time.   During my "extreme closet clean" I'll dig out a good book for once.  



Mama Pea said...

So how did the closet cleaning go ouray? We're STILL working on are various storage areas that are crammed full of "stuff." We found only an hour to put our efforts on one area today but every little bit counts. Hubby is the "saver" in this family and I've been so proud of him in finally being willing to get rid of a lot of the stuff that I think actually mentally pulls us down just because it's there. Yay for cleaning and organizing . . . and getting rid of!!

Sam I Am...... said...

I've got the cleaning big too. Since the presents are done and in the mail and I'm not entertaining for Christmas I feel "free as a bird" and although I will make a ham dinner for Christmas day and also put up some more decorations....I feel relaxed and free to truly enjoy the "reason for the season". Good for you! Enjoy!

Liz said...

Your house sounds like my old farmhouse! I trip to the closet left your freezing! Even the mice would stay out. Really like your ornament from the last entry! Such a busy lady!

Carolyn said...

Get that book out and snuggle down with a good cup'a tea :)

RB said...

In truth, my bedroom closet door hasn't been opened since we moved in. I stored all the stuff from the two closets I'd had before in it, and I've been living mostly on folded clothes in dresser drawers since then. I DO need to get in that closet and get it cleaned out; I believe it's sinful to keep extras and things we don't need with so many needy people in the world, so I do need to get to it. Wish I had a helper for that, but such is life.
God bless.