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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Breakfast for the work crew and ramblings on the kitchen


My husband requested I make all of this.  Not my favorite for a breakfast (not the pie), but the crew at his work loves it - chorizo and egg burritos.  I also sent refried beans for anyone not wanting the meat.  I made the pineapple pie per his request, as his new boss (his new position) has never had a pineapple pie.  Yes, I cheated and bought the crust, but I'm limited to time.

I pulled 3 drawers from the desk area in the kitchen.  They are now painted, but I still have to paint the other cabinet.  I hope to get you updated photos soon.  The hutch is in my way in getting the other cabinet painted, so it may be a Sunday job, when I have help to move it. My husband didn't know I was going to do that (paint was purchased for the inside of the front door). He was very happy with it when he saw it.  The darker wood just felt so drably in the kitchen.  I also plan to paint the small wooden stand that holds my onions and garlic.

Daughter K left a futon behind.  A family member is taking it tomorrow.  One more thing purged.  I still need to create a free space upstairs for the treadmill.  It folds up and we can take the handles off to get it upstairs.  I'm anxious to get the living room started.  Garden season is coming very quickly.

I have only had time to clean the cubbies in one kitchen cabinet.  I'm trying to concentrate on the desk area, so I can get the computer back where it needs to be.  Once the living room project starts, I won't be able to get into, what I call, my writing room.

Most days are like this.  Literally, and that is not even putting clothes on the line, because today will be the first day to be able to do that.

Friday, April 29, 2022

The purge is the word. . .

The purge continues.  I took an entire truck load to a place that is a thrift store, where their sales help area businesses.  However, my kitchen has another full (maybe more) load to go.  I'm not sure they'll take another load.

I also have a futon that Daughter K left that is going on social media today for free.

I picked up paint swatches and got the okay from my husband.  Living room painting is on hold for now, but getting ideas.  

Three pieces of furniture were put on facebook marketplace, and what a pain it is to deal with.  There are so many scams right now it's not even funny.  

After 4 days of my husband attempting to set the brew time on the coffee pot, I figured it out yesterday.  It now brews for him at 4:20am.  We are both still not liking the new schedule.

If the pie safe does not sell, we have plans to rip the screen out and put in something else to keep the dust out.  I am getting the most interest with that piece however.

I joined an online area garage sale page on social media.  The furniture has been shared there as well, but nothing so far.  No one has the money to buy right now, and we can't afford to just give it away either.  It's all just frustrating, but I do not lack work to do in the house, and I'm getting worried about the time I'll need for the garden this year.

On top of that, my husband is asking me to cook up 2 dozen eggs and meat for him to take to work tomorrow for his crew.  Ugh.  He says he's doing it himself, but I'm pretty sure he knows that I know he does not have time for that.  I guess we'll see if it happens.

Thursday, April 28, 2022


I am still cleaning and purging.  I got all the painting done on one side of the kitchen, and trim is next.  I cleaned the window wood work and put the curtains back up.

I felt like once I was done, I wasn't done.  I always seem to find more that has to be done.  We are so pleased with the progress however.

My daughter K left an entire set of baking dishes of my Mom's.  She said she had zero room in her apartment.  So....I've inherited those and have a place to put them, but that also means purging my old ones.  Mom's are prettier anyway.

My new salt and pepper shakers. 

We decided that if the three pieces of furniture do not sell, we have other plans for them.  We'll see.  The used furniture store is unable to buy them right now (her partner in the business passed away).  My husband used to work with her, and we knew she would be fair, but that didn't happen.  Selling on marketplace is so frustrating.  So many scams to deal with, and people wanting to pay with phone apps.  If anything, I located a consignment shop, but they want 50% of what it sells for.  I can't believe that amount!  Times have changed for sure.

Speaking of "times" our favorite local place to get a good burger stopped selling all food at their bar.  Due to lack of employees they had to go that route.  It's so sad, and yet that same town is trying to build a Culvers there.  I can't see that happening right now.

The weather is warming up again, so I am hoping for new shoots of asparagus, and beautiful, fragrant lilac blooms.  It won't be long now, for my clothesline to be in full swing.  I have a bed quilt I want to wash and dry outside.

Daughter E reminded me to take time out of the day for myself.  I realized I haven't made time to crochet/read/write or anything for "me" time.  Sticky notes are very much needed right now in all this craziness.

On a good note, we have wood cut and ready to split, to get ahead on next year.  It is too dangerous to clean our own chimney, so that's on the list, and I've already received a discount from our current resource.  I'm just nervous to find out yet what the price is this year.  Everything, and mean everything has gone way up.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Cold weather moves in (again)...

The weather Gods have once again turned us to colder temperatures, making it questionable on how much asparagus we will get.  I picked what I could yesterday.

Lilacs starting to bloom.

The daffodils, and hyacinths are in full bloom, but again the weather may change that.  

The herb garden started springing to life, and the green onion is fully ready to harvest from, but cold weather could affect that too.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Extreme Clean Continues

 I finally got the dishes (all but 2) out of the boxes and back into the kitchen.  New shelf paper is down, and filled 8 boxes for donation. 

I don't have to cook for an army anymore.  I had 4 pizza pans.  Insane!  I'm passing on what the kids want for their apartments, but the rest will be donated.

I washed up rugs from the half-bath, and packed up another box of teacup/saucer sets.  I'm still waiting to hear from store who may take them.

I forgot to take a photo of my breakfast yesterday.  I cooked up some onion, asparagus, bell pepper, zucchini, and bacon, and added oregano, garlic and eggs.  I wanted mushrooms in it, but didn't have any.  I wanted to sprinkle green onion on top, but it was pouring outside.

My goal tomorrow is to go upstairs (gulp!) and start cleaning a space for the treadmill.  I'm dreading going up there, but it has to be done, so I can start ripping out the carpet while my husband is at work.  We won't know what we are dealing with until the subfloor is cut out in one area.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday


We had beautiful weather over the weekend.  It was in the lower 80's, but Sunday the wind was pretty nasty.  We took off on the motorcycle to a friend's house, but retreated home after our experience with the wind.  Back at the homestead we got some work done.

I ordered a single rolling pin holder for hanging on the wall, and the Etsy dealer specifically said it was for only Pioneer Woman's rolling pin.  

Well, my husband spent some time sanding it down so it would fit.  I was in no mood to return it, so that has been done and up, to make more space in a cupboard.  I love it on the wall anyway.

I spent time putting shelf paper in the cupboards and re-organized my drawers, so all of my utensils are in drawers and no in a utensil spinner on the counter top.  I am super happy, because I always felt like it was looking sort of chaotic with it on the counter top.

I'm no longer feeling like a "hot mess" and now sort of like a semi-hot mess.  The kitchen is slowly coming together, and the purge continues.  It feels weird, but good to downsize some baking dishes.  The boxes are filling up for the donation station.  I still need to purge tablecloths, but have a few washed, folded and in a box as well.

Our asparagus is starting to come in.  I'm thrilled, but it also puts me in panic mode about all the work we still need to do indoors.

I'm joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

The weather . . .
Rain all day today.  I was hoping to use my clothesline today, but that's not happening.

As I look out the window . . .
It's dreary, cloudy and rainy.  The last hired help we fired, left our front porch a mess. It's on the clean up to-do list.

Right now I am . . .
Making a list, getting ready to pull food from the freezer to make the breakfast, and making a pot of coffee.

Thinking and pondering . . .
The half-bath project is on hold.  I thought about it, and told my husband, that it would be better to start that project after the living room floor was done.  I figure if we have to hire someone, they will use that bathroom, and I do not want it messed up after all that work.

How I am feeling . . .
Tired, but ready to get some order in my kitchen.  

On the breakfast plate . . . 
I'll be back with a photo possibly.

On my reading pile . . .
I'm almost finished with this book.  I've had limited time to read.

On my TV . . .
We are doing an eenie-minee-mo sort of pick.

On the menu . . .
-asparagus/bacon breakfast casserole
-Moroccan Stew
-Chicken crock pot dish

Looking around the house . . . 
I still have two more kitchen chairs in my living room.  Those will be wiped down and moved back to the kitchen.  Daughter K left boxes of "trash" in the living room.  Those will be removed Tuesday after trash pick-up.

To do list . . .
-bake a breakfast casserole
-clean master bath
-put dishes back into the kitchen cupboards we took out
-paint areas of kitchen where my hired help didn't paint, and hopefully move my computer and printer back where it was.
-check asparagus
-water plants
-find a new home for a stamp collection (possibly someone in Boy Scouts)
-box up more teacup/saucer sets for donation
-order a decal for my bread box
-start clearing a space upstairs for the treadmill. I feel like we need to order a dumpster, and start tossing stuff out the upper window, she left that much of a mess up there.

From the camera . . .

The ornamental apple trees are in bloom, and the wild violets and dandelions are up now.

Devotional . . .
I can't find my book since I boxed my office area up.  I do not have any special prayers requests at this time.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

On a roll....

I started to clean yet another cupboard out, and realized I needed more shelf liner.  I went to the "big city" to get more at Wal-mart, and I'm glad I did.  There was only two rolls left of the color I already bought.

I also thought I better pick up a smaller paint brush to finish the kitchen, and there was only one of those left too.  Crazy!  

While walking down the kitchen bake/cookware aisles (can't remember if I was just window shopping or looking for something ha ha!), my eye caught something.  I'll get a photo for you soon.  It's my new obsession, and an item that I can display in some of my cubbies (and useable).

Back home I got more drawers and a cupboard newly lined with shelf paper, expired medicinal items tossed (left by Daughter K), and yet again filled another box for donation.  Now that we don't have the round, smaller kitchen table, I have no use for the tablecloths for that table.

I'll have the kids look at them first, but plan to donate the smaller or round tablecloths.  I have many more shelves to line, and then it's time to purge baking items.  I have two pans for mini-muffins that I know I will pass on or donate.  I used to bake candy filled cookies in those pans, and haven't used them in years.

It sure feels good to get things back in order.  Not to mention back to cooking again.  I'm going to get my husband on board to start looking at front room flooring.  However, I think we'll need to start pulling carpet up to see what type of flooring we'll have to be buying.  We may have to go with the glue down type again, or go with carpet.

I called our green house yesterday, because some of my vegetable plants didn't survive my trip away, despite Daughter K watering them.  They won't even be opening for another week, which is odd.  They are typically open in March.

I have a long weekend to-do list.  May your weekend be blessed with goodness.

Friday, April 22, 2022

How to get rid of tiny ants!

 Okay....for the first time ever, we had an ant issue by the dishwasher and sink.  I've never seen this happen, so I did some research. 

First, I sprayed down the areas with vinegar/water solution. It killed the ones on the counter, but more would show up.  I noticed they were coming in by the dishwasher area, so I did more research.

I made a solution of:

1/2 sugar
1 1/2 Tbsp. Borax
1 cup warm water

I then soaked cotton balls in the solution and put them all over the counter tops near the sink/dishwasher.  I left them there for 24 hours.  

The next morning, I did not see one live ant.  The sugar draws them to eat the solution, and the borax kills them.  Problem solved, but you have to be patient and let those cotton balls sit for at least 24 hours.

Toss those cotton balls and sanitize you counter tops.  Of course if you have little kids or pets, be sure than cannot access those cotton balls while they are sitting on the counter.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Rainy Day Baking and Cleaning ~ Homegrown Asparagus

 I told my husband that I am, despite the work, having fun getting the house the way we want it (and stay that way for once).

I was sort of just going around getting side tracked, but things are going forward.  As I opened a cupboard, I just decided to empty them both and re-organize.  It's been sort of like a "sigh" moment along the way.

Our friend who repairs cars, came over and did an oil change on the truck for us.  We are thankful for that.  You never now how long you have to wait in town for one anymore.  We buy the supplies and he charges way less than in the "big city."

The chickens are laying great right now, so I baked us an angel food cake.  I haven't baked one of these in many years.  We just eat it plain for a snack, and sometimes add a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

It's raining again today, but warmer than yesterday.  I checked on the asparagus and I have a few shoots up about halfway. It won't be long now, after this rain, to harvest some.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Doing odd jobs while in stuck mode


While we wait on a day when the bathroom can be gutted and drywall repaired (cheap shower they installed leaked and ruined the drywall), I'm doing odd cleaning/purging jobs around the house.  My upper cupboards have these cubbies.  Only 3 baskets remain.  I have 30 cubbies in the just the upper cabinets.  I do not like them.  They are a waste of space.  With all the other repairs needed this year, we cannot replace all of the cabinets, so I came up with an idea.

I'm cleaning them out, dusting them and putting these cuties in every other one on one side of the kitchen.  They however, are wrapped up and put away for now.  I don't want to display them until the bathroom and living room repairs are done. They are the mini hen in a nest glass dishes.

The waiting part is the most difficult now.  I have the pie safe, armoire and hutch up for sale, and need to leave the house to start ripping out living room carpet.  

In the meantime, I have much I can do in the way of purging, re-organizing and cleaning.  I have yet to get paint swatches for the living room, but I am also playing the waiting game on the guy we hired to come out and do an oil change on the truck.

Daughter K left the upstairs a complete mess, so I also have that to deal with while I wait for the big projects. It's been pretty cold here, but we are warming up this weekend.  I should wander out and check on the asparagus in the garden.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Spring Blooms ~ The Great Purge


The daffodils are in bloom right now.  I decided not to can wild violet jelly this year, and concentrate on low sugar jams.  Our biker friend we hire now to mow, has already mowed anyway (and then there was snow).  I brought the daffodils in just before the snow arrived.

I decided, as I was cleaning out my hutch, that it was time to pass on the Wilton cake decorating books and cake pans.  An old neighbor, who used to babysit for us way back in the day (another town) is now considering buying them.  All the kids are moved out and the pans are for kids birthday cakes.  Oh, and this person actually decorates cakes and sells them from her home, so it will go to a good home and to good use.

Funny story, while in High School, I used one of the pans to bake a cake for Biology class.  It was a bacteria cell!  Ha ha!  My husband got a laugh out of that.  I'm sure I have a picture of it in one of my photo albums (somewhere).

I also used the same cake pan to make and decorate it for one of my sister's birthdays.  It was decorated like a pack of gum.  Yeah, I did a lot of cake decorating over the years.  I taught the kids the talent as well, but they have zero room to store it all.

I didn't finish cleaning out the pie safe, so today is the day.  I also need to clean two more kitchen chairs and put them back in the kitchen.

Daughter K visited and packed up her car.  I gave her one of my 3 crock pots.  Yes, that is right, I had 3 of them.  We used to entertain for my husband's side of the family, but now that his family is growing and buying houses, they started offering gatherings at their places.  It was time to let go of one.  

It will be a while before we have people over.  We still have a lot to do at the homestead.

It's another chilly day here today, but I'll be staying warm with all this work to do, ha ha!

Monday, April 18, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday

 I hope your Easter was a nice day with friends and family, or just a nice weekend.   I was whisked away last minute, by my husband.  We went to our favorite Amish area almost 3 hours away.  I wasn't really looking for anything while we perused the antique stores, but I found a chicken cookie jar for $8.00!  What a find.  I have that wrapped up safe until the half bath and living room work is done.  I will share a photo when it's out of it's packaging.

I'm glad we did.  We were recharged, and arriving home on Easter Sunday, we got right back to work and hooked the kitchen heater back up, cleaned more floor glue (urgh) off the floor, moved the hutch, kitchen table and most of the chairs back into the kitchen.

My husband pre-ordered a take out meal (smart thinking), and we went to pick that up.  Daughter E was the only kiddo that could come over and we met her new boyfriend (very nice kid, has a nice truck and works and went to the same school with her).

While chatting out in the driveway, I mentioned the truck bed cover that has been sitting there for 2 years.  I talked my husband into giving it to daughter's boyfriend.  Wha-la!  One more thing out of the house we are not using.

They left, and we went into the "big city" to pick up supplies to change the oil in the truck, see if the feed store was open (was closed), and to pick up supplies at Home Depot.

It will be a real treat to cook in my own kitchen again, but we are considering sanding down and staining our table, and painting parts of it, and the chairs white.  We actually got information for a guy in the Amish area that does it, but I'm sure the cost will be high going that route.  We were very impressed with his work however.

Today I am back to joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  I guess now you could call me a Homemaker.

The Weather . . .
Snow!  Can you believe that?  1 inch or less, and then they are predicting 82°F next Sunday.  Crazy!

As I look out my window . . .
Spring flowers are blooming, birds are singing despite snow in the forecast.

Right now I am . . .
Getting ready to make a breakfast casserole.

Thinking and pondering . . .
I have a few boxes to donate yet, but thankful that Daughter E took those two orange/brown afghans.  I have much to do, but it's a bit too chilly yet to do any painting, so I haven't gotten a plan for the day/week yet.  We will start tearing out living room carpet this week (after I figure a way to get the treadmill moved upstairs).

-I need to get to town to get paint swatches for the living room 
-considering painting the kitchen hutch as well as the table
-considering adding valances to living room windows after the floor issues are repaired and re-floored
-emptying the pie safe to downsize/purge and selling the pie safe

How I am feeling . . .
Rejuvenated from a weekend away from our "hot mess."  I'm also happy that Daughter K will be here again to load up more of her stuff.  She still has boxes in my living room.  We are happy to also have someone willing to help gut the bathroom, but he will be having a hernia surgery later this week, so it may be me doing it, or delayed (or finding other help).

On the breakfast plate . . .
I need to make a casserole.

On my reading pile . . .
I actually got some of this read on the drive to our weekend getaway.

On my TV this week . . .

On the menu . . .
-roast, and veggies
-lasagna stuffed chicken (new recipe to try)

On the to do list . . .
-purge cookbooks
-purge cake decorating books/supplies
-clean out pie safe
-clean TV armoire and put it up for sale
-purge tablecloths

Looking around the house . . .
It's still a hot mess, but the kitchen is looking much better, as we put it back together.

From the camera . . .
Had to take a photo of this and chuckle!  My husband said we need to do this at our house ha ha!  Feed the chickens via a vending machine for a quarter!.  Cute set up for the chickens at a handmade leather goods store.

After so many trips to Amish country, we finally toured the Victorian home in one town.

Prayers . . .
Us - to find someone reasonable to do the most difficult joist/sub floor/under layment work for the living room.  It's still in the works.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Old Crocheted Blankets


Here are the two blankets that my sister sent home with our Daughter K.  Of course she tells me to take care of them.  Urgh.  I'm sure that my Grandma on my Dad's side crocheted them.  I have no use for them, so I guess they will be donated.  The colors!!

I cleaned out the walkway from garage door to garage.  Daughter K left a box of flavored waters in there from 2 years ago.  Sheesh.  Now I have room to store flooring for the living room.

I also went upstairs to fetch packing tape, and found dishes in her old room.  She has a lot to clean out yet.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Snail Mail ~ Kitchen Updates and Jibber Jabber


I kept flowers from Mom's funeral (casket flowers), and dried them.  I sent the petals to an Etsy seller and had these made.  I also got a necklace for the two younger girls.  I am so pleased on how they turned out.  I'm so glad I did it too.  

I ordered myself a bracelet from another store, that I absolutely fell in love with, and wanted to wear it in memory of Mom.  It popped up on social media one day, and it's from a store in FL, where they hold bike week, so I figured the sale would be legit.

This is what they shipped me.  Ugly to me.  Not what I ordered.  I sent emails back and forth, and they told me it was one of a kind, and already sold, but yet it was on their site and he description clearly stated what I ordered.  

On a good note, and I won't believe until I receive it, they are having the person make another one and shipping it directly to me.  It is handmade.  I'm waiting on a shipping label to return this one.

Although I nearly broke my back, I got all the vinyl flooring glue off, but two places.  I'll work on that later today, or pick up a different remover.

We still need to screw in the desk supports, install the kitchen heater back in (painting is done there), and move the hutch and table/chairs back to the kitchen.  

Daughter K finally made a trip home to pack up another load.  However, she left an entire box of things from Mom's house she didn't want (or didn't have room for), and a few very old afghans for me to deal with (photos on another day when I can unbury them from the living room.

I did however save this for me. It's for grating garlic or ginger.  I grate a lot of both.  I will most likely only use it for ginger though.  I have a mincer for my garlic.

In the meantime, I am purging my pie safe.  Due to limited space in my kitchen cabinets, I was using a pie safe to store my mixer, food processer, jam maker, platter plates etc. 

I have two boxes of stuff already boxed up to donate somewhere (nothing that was of my Mom's).  I'm giving a food processer to my best friend (I had two), and some books.

The pie safe will be sold. and if not, we'll look into an antique store and remove it completely from the living room.  

Monday, April 11, 2022

Kitchen Havoc

The Good:  The kitchen flooring is in.

The Bad:  We have to take several pieces back out and replace due them leaving debris under them and flooring with bumps.  They didn't sweep good enough and then put a fan on it.  We have a 2 year warranty with these guys, but my husband wants to do it himself and be done with it.

Oh, after they moved the fridge back, they made a mark in the new flooring all the way across.  They had to replace about 15 pieces due to something under the fridge wheel.  This was before we noticed the debris under several after they replaced those.  

They didn't put any of the trim back in, nor the supports under my counter top that is the desk. We'll be doing that after I paint today and my husband installs the kitchen heater. 

We had to remove the heater prior to all of this, due to the fact the first people we hired for the joist/seal plate/sub floor repair.  They didn't put any sub floor or under layment under the heater.  They left an open gap.  

It's been one big headache.

I allowed them to use my canopy to cut wood outside.  First people we hired cut the wood inside, so all my cupboards have to be cleaned on the inside and out.

They left the canopy bag outside in the rain, then snow, then rain again, and my husband discovered it.  It's covered with sawdust, so guess who is cleaning that today?

We sold one kitchen table to a family member, but she had some sort of excuse, so we decided to give it to another family member who just got an apartment, but it's still on our front porch.

We decided to downside the kitchen furniture, hence selling one of them.  We had 2 tables in there due to our large family.  We plan to put an island in it's place down the road.

I tell ya' locating stuff for the bathroom we are gutting, has been a bit rough.  We have been all over to locate a vanity, which was in stock, but sold out while the flooring was going in.  It's a half bath, so we needed a smaller vanity.  The shower is going in the trash/metal to a scrapper.  They put in the cheapest one they could find prior to us moving here.

I downsized that bathroom too, and will remove the wall cabinet and only have the vanity for extra toilet paper.  No kids, hence no extra storage.  I located the vanity/sink, and a new light fixture however.

We have lots to do.  Today my only goal is to paint where the heater goes, so it's dry prior to my husband getting off work.  He'll install it.  Then we can move my hutch and table back into the kitchen. 

I have all my kitchen curtains down to wash as well.  Thanks to the first people we hired, they are covered in sawdust.  My to-do list is long - clean windows, wash curtains, laundry, sweep and mop kitchen floor, wipe all counters, paint, pay bills now that I can get into my living room to the computer, and so much more.

On a good note, while the kitchen flooring went in, I have cleaned almost all of the master bath floor grout.  I have to move tile and grout bags to finish one last corner, and rugs go back down.  We have located a person to repair the shower tile floor, but it's on the back burner for now.  Next up is the living room, and half bath.  Both need done badly.  Just say a prayer, the joist issue under the living room is not as bad as the kitchen was.  I'm voting for new carpet, but he's wanting the glue down vinyl we used in the kitchen.  Not sure what we'll do until we know how bad the living room is.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Brewing Coffee in the Bedroom and other "I can't make this stuff up" moments


Cleaned grout

before cleaning grout

While the men's worked on the kitchen flooring, I worked on the master bath tile grout.  In the past I have used homemade grout cleaner and was pleased with it.  A friend hosted a Norwex party and I purchased the paste they sell.  Oh my goodness.  It made the grout bright white (septic safe too). It may be hard to see in the photo, but oh my goodness I am so delighted with the clean grout.  I have much more to clean today (it's a larger bathroom than you think).


I had to climb thru this to get to the computer this morning.  It's the entry way from kitchen to living room, where the "office" is temporality set up.

I got a text at 4:42am.  It was my sister.  I was somewhat in a state of worry, because my husband had already left for work.  He didn't tell me he had to leave that early, and the coffee pot is set up in the bedroom. I always pack his breakfast, lunch and coffee.

Oh, and the kitchen is half painted, because a cabinet unit was sitting there and was moved. Now my husband doesn't like the yellow.....sigh.....

Another old house surprise.  They men's knocked out cement that was used in the kitchen entry from the hallway (this is where the old house back door used to be before the addition).

They found roof shingles under it!  They have now put down self-leveling cement.  Next up is the under layment and then new flooring.  I have to say, the boys working with him remind me of my daughter's deceased boyfriend.  They are hard working, seem to want to be always busy and know what they are doing.  I'm impressed so far.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Moving along. . .

After firing our last hired help, we had another person come to the house last night and gave us an estimate that was a lot better than the last, and hired him and his boys.  He also installs carpet and his prices are much better, in case we decide to go with carpet in the living room.

My husband....sheesh.  He is already talking about doing more work, he's that excited to get things repaired and looking spanking new again. 

I have a lot of work cut out for me today, including some kitchen painting that the last person did not do.  I also have another person who does good painting work and doesn't charge an arm and a leg lined up.  We also have a few family and friends that can come over and help re-install the counter top and cupboards.

My only problem is finding places in the house to move more stuff out of the kitchen.  I have no more room in the living room ha ha!  

Today, thankfully it's an all-in-one crock pot dinner. Once I have that done, it's a get-er-done day for me.  Rain is on the way, so it will be good to be busy indoors today.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday


I've been taking down all wall decor in the kitchen, in order to prep for painting more ceiling and walls.  Sub floor is in for the most part, but not finished enough to put flooring in.  Our hired help (friend's brother and wife team) are getting fired today.  

Long story short - drug users, not reliable, untrustworthy, etc.

I'm already missing an entire painting kit.

Anyway, there is much more to the story, but I'll be doing the painting and another friend as the jobs go on.  Meanwhile my husband is working 12 hour days and Saturday, so the major work still has to be hired out.

Joining Sandra a day late, at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

The weather . . .

62°F/48°F and rain

As I look out my window . . .

Old Kitchen flooring.

Daffodils are coming up.

Right now I am . . .

Figuring out breakfast.  Toast?  

Thinking and pondering . . .

There is a lot on my mind right now.

Homemaking tips . . .

To remove a popcorn ceiling, mix fabric softener and water 50/50 and spray, then scrap off with a tool.

To remove hair dye from a bathroom door, use a paste of 50/50 baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.  It worked too.  Dang kids.

How I am feeling  . . .

Tired, frustrated....

On the breakfast plate . . .

Ha!  Toast or nothing I guess

On my reading pile . . .


On my TV . . .

Mystery channel

On the menu . . .

Take out?

From the camera . . .


Looking around the house . . .

My living room....

To do list . . .

I have no idea.  My husband took the truck, because our hired help used the car and left with the car keys in his pocket (and left the gas on complete empty).  I can barely squeeze into the living room to get to my is still a hot mess.  I need more ceiling paint...can't use the stove....sort of feeling trapped in the house today.

Prayers . . .

Me? Us?  Ugh....I am constantly cleaning up mud.  They have no respect for working in someone else's home.