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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Garden ~ Daffodils ~ New Recipe Tried


While out fetching firewood I walked out to check on the garlic.  All of the grow bags but one is doing great.

I brought in some daffodils to enjoy indoors.  It will drop to the 20's tonight.

Tried a new recipe.  Baked  buffalo chicken nuggets (The Stay at Home Chef).   I have to say I didn't follow it completely.  It said to use Frank's Buffalo wing sauce, and I made my own  wing sauce and bread crumbs.  It was not as crunchy as they said it would be, but had great flavor.  I think if I had an air fryer these would be very good.  Now....where would I store an air fryer in this place?  Hm.  Not sure I want to add more appliances, but....

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

This and That


I finally found a solar light for Dad's grave.  They only had 2 left, and later wished I had bought the last one for my Uncle's too.  I may go back and see if they restocked.  My grandparents are in the same cemetery too.

I went out to feed the barn cat this morning and saw the moon.  I decided to grab my camera and take a few photos.
The weather is to be so nice today and of course we can't take a motorcycle ride tonight.  He went to work last night to work midnight shift and this morning's first shift.  He'll be tired for sure.

Me on the other hand, would love to clean out flower beds, but the weather will dip to the low 20's Wed. and Thurs. in the evening.  We are in what I call "flip-flop" weather, where it flips one way or the other.  I'll be out cleaning off the porches today.  That sun will feel so good today.

We haven't been lacking in eggs all winter.  I used all of these the other day for breakfast.

I haven't forgotten about my mystery box giveaway.  I'm still filling it up.

I finally found another grow tray, so I have planted thyme and romaine for the garden.

I put a set up for sale on my Rooster's Crow Farm blogspot.  I will try and post something more often.  I'm currently restocking the jar openers.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Bathroom Remodel Thoughts and other rambling


The bathroom remodel may just be remodeling it as it is (replacing shower and toilet) vs. moving it to the back of the utility room (so I won't be making the old bathroom into a pantry as planned).  It's just too much work and money to install it in the area as planned (concrete slab).  Due to small space, I am looking into buying a wall mounted towel rack for it.  I found this one on Amazon.  I could not believe the prices of them at Home Depot.  Anyway, it's a start, but there is much to do before I can start painting.

I made homemade bread crumbs to use to try two new recipes.  I have since printed out more recipes to try (gulp) and more crochet patterns.  That's what happens when your husband, and two daughter's who still live at home are all at work.  Being got me off the computer so she could file her taxes ha ha!

Random photos.  I'm having trouble getting my camera to load photos to my computer.  I'm working on working out the bugs.  I tried a different USB port.  Nothing.  I have to plug my card in to get photos for now.  It's not the cord either.  I think it has to do with computer updates.  Anyway, I'll figure it out.

At the end of Sunday, my husband worked 76 hours.  There are a lot of people out sick (they are sick sick, most likely due to weather changes).  I saw very little of him.  Plans to drop a lot of stuff at Goodwill is halted until his schedule is free.  The hallway project remains halted as well.  Gotta love all those unfinished projects, as they are something to look forward to.

On a good note, we got the Harley out (even though short ride) one evening for a sanity saver ride.  Boy we both needed it.  We feel everyone has been in a bad mood lately.  Not sure if it's the weather, being cooped in, what's going on in the world or what....spent time looking up cabins so we can retreat soon possibly.

I've probably said this before, but I miss the "normalcy" of using our library.  It was also fun to go there.  I haven't been there for over a year, and finally ordered a few books.  However, because I've gotten into the routine of never going there, I forgot to pick them up.  Sigh.

A bird, for the second time this spring, has gotten into the wood stove.  Oh boy.  It's no fun getting it out either.  The first time the bird went upstairs, but Daughter K finally got it out of the house. 

Sunday, March 28, 2021

From Pile to File Recipe


I tried Chocolate Peanut Butter Hearts.  The only thing I did not do is add the additional salt or top with salt.  I may try it that way too, but this way was delicious!  I was amazed.  It's replacing traditional buckeye candy this year.  I used all organic/non-gmo ingredients.   It's a keeper.  Recipe is online at Detoxinista.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Random Tidbits

We have been getting rain here, and high winds.  We are now in the time of year where it's anything can go weather - high, low, rain, you name it.  I'm glad for the rain, as my garlic is getting watered and spring bulbs.

I did some quick research on growing figs in our state.  It's difficult because of our winters.  I could look for a small variety, which would be easier to cover over winter.  I'm still contemplating re-planting the elderberry trees the deer ruined.  Possibly some other trees.  It all depends on what the nursery carries near me.  

I've planned the Easter menu.  Recipes are all checked and re-checked, and shopping list written out.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Seedlings ~ Newest Crochet Project


A good friend sent me tomato seeds and I started them this year vs. buying all my plants.  Daughter K did a great job watering them while we were on vacation.  A few didn't come up, but I replanted seeds and they are already up.  I just thought it was much better to try and start as much as I could myself this year.  As more and more people start to grow gardens, plants were hard to find last year (like some hot peppers I only plant a few of).

Conversation with myself:

"Do not print another recipe to try!  Do not do it!  You have a bunch all over the kitchen already!  Stop!.......too late."  Prints two more.

Now that the kitchen is almost completely "reclaimed" after things all over from the craft supply purge (which is not done yet, just halted), I will be back to trying some new recipes.  Hopefully.

(backside of the mop cover)

I crocheted a re-usable mop cover (pattern is on line with crochet crowd).  Down the road, when we have more carpet removed and more laminate, I may invest in an electric floor cleaner, but for now this works.

There are many versions of this mop cover, but I do like this one.  One end is crocheted with a split, so it's easier to put on the mop.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

This and That

I sent an email to Ball canning supplies.  It was pretty much a generic answer.  It listed all the stores they sell them in, which I already checked, and no answer as to when they will have more. They did say they were having a "shortage" so there is that.

I've checked 9 Target store within 50 miles - out of stock.  Same with Kroger, Walmart, and Meijer, Ace Hardware, Menard's, Lehman's Hardware, and other stores.  I'll keep trying.  I see they are selling some regular lids on Amazon, but a box of 12 for almost $14.00.  The mentioned sending supplies to Michael's crafts, but they only sell jars with lids not just lids.

Talked with a friend and she tried to find some in TN while on vacation and an Amish store.  Nada.  Zero.  I also checked while in FL.  Nada.

Extreme clean - magazines are gone.

I sort of went down "memory" lane after coming across a notebook of mine.  My Dad used to ask me if it was "tea time in Tanganyika?" when I was in a frustrated or upset mood.  I took that as my notebook title to jot notes back in the day of freelancing.  Ahhh, what good memory.

My husband is working longer hours, so that means more crochet time before he gets home.  Not sure why, but I started a new project (shaking my head).  I still have a list of on-going projects and things that need restocked.

Dinner the other night.  I started it in the crockpot and boiled the peas and noodles and added last.  Sort of, but not completely, like a chicken alfredo.  The peas are from last year's garden.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Clothesline Weather ~ Adult Easter Egg Hunt and other tidbuts

I'm finally back to putting laundry out on the line.  The weather has been so nice out.  I planted all the bulbs my younger brother gave me last year, and got out for some sunshine.

It was supposed to rain last night, but so far this morning it has not.  I'm sure the bulbs could use it, but I'm okay with that.  I need to get a few rain barrels set up.  I use the rain water to water my plant starts.

My asparagus seeds have finally arrived.  They'll be planted when the ground stays a good 50°F.  We are expanding the area we have some planted.  I have also decided to plant white potatoes, but only 5# this year.  The rest will be sweet potatoes if I find slips this year.  

I decided that we'll have an "adult" Easter Egg Hunt this year with friends/family.  We are hooking up with Daughter E's boyfriend's parents (the one who passed away).  I'm sure it will be a hoot!  We've been locked up too long and need to get with friends/family once again.  The store clerk (tee hee) suggested I put some up in the trees.  Another suggestion was to have them drink them as they find them, ha ha!  Not sure that would be a good idea, but funny to imagine it.

I'm also considering renting the hall and hiring a live band later in the year.  I miss dancing and good music. Speaking of that one band is scheduled in a bar next month, but not sure what restrictions will be for being able to dance.

Found a home for my scraps of stained glass, however the person never came to pick it up.  I have tried to give stuff away free twice now and the person never shows up.  I'm done with trying.  It's in the pile of boxes now to go to the thrift store.  I have never worked with stained glass.  One of our daughter's took a class years ago.  It was a great set up.  The art classes were in a store where the students could then sell their art.  Anyway, one more item out of the house.

I'm reluctant to hook up a garden hose, but when it's the right weather, I'll be washing down our old shoe/boot rack and that too will be donated.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Breakfast ~ A Finish

Breakfast for the next few days - just whipped stuff together.  Eggs, zucchini, yellow squash, onion, jalapenos, garlic, bacon, kale, and oregano.

The chickens are still supplying good.  I'm still using last years garlic (but they are getting green tops), frozen green peppers, jalapenos, and other veggies we froze.

I finished the rag rug for the shower.  I'm not happy with the edges this time around.  I think it's not exactly square due to the thinner material I used in the very center, but it'll work.  The one I made for the bathtub was much more square on the edges.

(the one I made for the bathtub)


Monday, March 22, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday


The weather is warming up, so outside work comes first this week.  Rain is arriving mid-week, so I'll save inside work for those days.  

I have a long to-do list, but I have much time to do it.  My husband is working 10 hour days this week....sigh...

Two stores and still no canning lids.  I found an empty box where they, at one time, had wide lids but sold out (I need regular lids).  If I can't can and can't freeze, there isn't a reason to grow a garden this year.  I could dehydrate as much as possible, but it's starting to become depressing.  I have seeds started for some, but I sure home things turn around on supplies we need.

My husband, for the first time ever, actually suggested we don't plant a garden at all this year.  Well, like I said, some seeds have been started, but we'll see if stores get more canning lids.  Much of my canning is tomato based foods.  

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

The weather outside is . . .

70°/45 F, Sunny

How I am feeling this morning . . .

Almost feeling like I could use another vacation, ha  ha!  My husband said the same thing this morning.

On the breakfast plate . . .

Have no idea yet.

On my reading pile . . .


On my TV . . .

America's Test Kitchen

On the menu . . .

-salmon patties, steamed broccoli

-chicken/black bean and chili/cheese quesadillas

-smoked chicken sausages/mustard dip, roasted asparagus

-Baked chicken, peas, sweet potatoes

- Breakfast, crock pot steel cut oats

-Snacks, Kamut flake bars

Looking around the house . . .

It's a hot mess again.  We took off on a motorcycle ride Sunday, so the dishes need done, laundry done....yikes!

Something I want to share . . .

I have nothing today.

Devotional, Inspirational, prayer list or Bible verse . . .

No prayers requests at this time.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Chickens ~ Mailbox is up ~ Hobby Lobby Stops Offer ~ Porch Sign

Sadly, my oldest Araucana has passed away.  I think she was about 6-8 years old (more so leaning towards 8 maybe). I also had to be careful letting the others out.  There was either a hawk or eagle in the area, looking for a meal.  

We went to one of the bigger cities to pick up chicken feed, and I found this!  USA product.  Did you know most meal worms are a product of China?  My chickens love the chicken crack.

I made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby, but did you know they did away with their 40% coupon?  I asked about it and was told they have to stop offering it until business picks up again.  However, she said when items are on sale now, they are 50% vs. the regular 40%.  Anyway, I'll go back when the item I need to restock is on "sale" in order to get a better price.  The whole idea to get more business by taking away a coupon (good on one item) makes no sense to me.

The weather was finally good enough to install our new mailbox.  The wind had died down and the sun was out.  Still on the chilly side, but sunny.

We also put up my new porch sign I found last year.

We ended up playing cards on the porch until dinner time.  Porch time was so worth it, as the weather was pretty nice.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Question ~ From Pile to File Recipe

 Has anyone  purchased this book?

“The Medicinal Herb Grower” book–volume 1, by Richo Cech

I am unable to borrow it from our library (or interloan).  I am wondering if it's worth purchasing, considering I have purged a log of my books recently.

Tried a new dessert recipe.  I had some orange gelatin on hand, so it was a go for me.
(Trying this brand for the first time too)

I had all the other ingredients oddly.  Results?  Very good!  Although my husband says "more pecans" ha ha!  He does love pecans.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Day Out ~ Purge Continues and other ramblings

Daughter K had a day off so we decided to go shopping.  Local store shopping in a quaint little town. I picked up some interesting items for the girls for "Easter baskets."  I found locally made honey lollipops, and some old fashioned candies made in the USA (sold at locally owned businesses).  

The weather was miserable outside - rain, high winds, gloomy.  It was a perfect reason to get out and enjoy ourselves for once. Some would do the opposite, but out of the house it was.

My purge/extreme clean is back in action.  I've filled 3 boxes of books, two more of misc. items, and now donating a travel case.  We had one for camping and one for traveling anywhere else (when we drive).  The bike is different for overnight stuff.  Anyway, I decided the one we use more often holds more in the top tray, and I have one less case to store in my closet.

Oh, and because we both started purging clothing, I was much better at shopping on vacation.  I literally came home with one Harley Davidson top and love it (from St. Augustine, FL).  I have to say, I felt much better about my self control on buying clothing there.   

Much has been on my mind lately, including getting raised beds built.  We hope to be back to finishing the hallway this weekend and other jobs too.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Fog ~ Rosemary's Famous Face Cream ~ Signs of Spring


Yesterday started out with a lot of fog.  The weather warmed up to the 60's and felt so great.  Today it's dropping down again with wind and rain.  We are now in the mixed up time of year where we can get snow, rain, fog, nice days, ugly days....just typical for us.

I had high hopes to hang laundry on the line, but the wind was pretty nasty out.

I needed more wood on the porch, but someone left the garden cart out by the coop (full of dirty straw that needed dumped).  Wasn't me.

I finally got my homemade face lotion made.  I use the recipe in Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs book (A beginner's guide).  I will need to make more oil this summer for the next batch.  I store the extra lotion in the refrigerator until I need it.

Signs of spring are showing up in the flower beds now.  Some areas are a bit over crowded, so I may be digging and splitting them up after they are done blooming.  

Update on the general store and consignment  - no response via email.  Although I had to clear up about 1,000 emails, there was zero back from the store.  If I don't get one today, I'll just call and check back in.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Handiwork from on the road and other ramblings

During the recent road trip, I took along yarn and easy projects.  I got one set of pot holders finished, crocheted two washcloths and two facial scrubbies.

While we were gone, the bananas were not eaten, so I tried a new recipe.  It's more of a breakfast, but looked good and healthy too.

I made Almond Butter Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal (from A kitchen Addiction).  We loved this.  No flour and just a bit of either honey or real maple syrup to sweeten it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Back at the Helm at Home


Woke up to one beautiful sunrise yesterday on our first morning back home.  Just gorgeous.

The day started with firing up the wood stove, much laundry, housework, putting travel stuff away and baking.

Did a quick check on the mailbox, chickens and such.  I'll probably hire someone to chicken sit if I am gone for a week anytime this year.  It was too much for Daughter K, as she worked almost every single day.

Breakfast was thrown together with zucchini and dandelion greens.  I need to go shopping for some sweet potatoes.

I took yarn for the drive for our recent vacation.  I hope to share updates on what I got made soon.

I wrote up a to-do list for when we returned from vacation, but low and behold, I can't remember where I put it.  I'm sure I won't run out of things to do, but found it funny.  

Monday, March 15, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday

My husband and I, along with Daughter E, took a week long vacation.  It was much needed.  We are sick of feeling like prisoners in our own state.

Six states have lifted restrictions now, including mask mandates.  It should be that way across the states.  Anyway, we vacationed mask free!!  Best feeling in the world.  Our first stop in TN to gas trucks up, was the best feeling too - no mask required to enter the gas station.

When we ate out, we ate local and shopped local (other than a visit to a Harley store in St. Augustine, Florida). Even coffee shop stops were local.

While I was gone, I left my seedlings in the hands of Daughter K.  How did it go?

Pretty good I'd say.  I'll be getting the heat lamps on some of them today.  

I can say it wasn't the best overall bike week vacation for us.  

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

(will link when she posts)

The weather outside is . . .

42/36°F, right now feels like 17°F

How I am feeling this morning . . .

Happy to be home, other than not happy the Governor hasn't lifted restrictions here.  I do have a messy house to tidy up, but overall glad to be back in our own home.  I got a good nights sleep despite two days of driving (about 16 hours).

On my breakfast plate . . .

Have no idea

On my reading pile . . .

Nothing right now.

On my TV . . .

To be honest, nothing much.  Hit the hay early last night.  I will have to find something new to watch.

On the menu this week . . .

-Spaghetti, green beans

....have no idea until I check my freezer/pantry stock today

From the camera . . .

I thought it was funny to see a palm tree and barn together.

St. Augustine, Florida.  We ate at local here and the grouper was so good.  We can't get grouper up here and it was worth the stop.

Our lake view at Ponoma Park, FL. Worst location to pick for bikers.  We were not allowed to use the garage so the bikes were unloaded and loaded to the trailer every night, and it had a 1/4 mile sand road access, so the bikes had to be driven thru a hilly yard to a neighbor's long drive that had less sand.

Alligator Farm we visited (like a zoo).

Flagler Beach, Florida.   I think if we return next year, we'd like to be here instead.  We ate at a local restaurant called the Funky Pelican and tried their mahi mahi.  Very good too.  They had no grouper on the menu here, but we had beachside seating and could keep an eye on our daughter.

Looking around the house . . .
Oh boy, oh boy.  I knew that Daughter K works every day and didn't expect much done, so it's housework, laundry, dishes etc this week.  We also need to finish the hallway flooring and trim.

To relax this week I will . . .
Honestly, just chill with my husband.  He was so mentally stressed that just getting home was a mental relief.

Something I want to share . . .
I have nothing today.  First day home from vacation.

Devotional, prayer, quote . . .