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Monday, February 28, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday

 My siblings and I have been boxing up items at Mom's house, doing research on where to take what (her wishes were that nothing went to Goodwill, and no estate sale type sale at the house).

I located a place like Goodwill that helps area businesses.  Most nursing homes take flower vases, but not right now.  Due to covid they are not taking any donations.

We, in the midst of it all, got the brakes replaced on the Buick (used a friend's garage and hired someone), had to split more wood, and Daughter E came out to have dinner with us.

Today, I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

The weather . . .
Over the next few days we are to get up into the 50's.

How I am feeling . . .
Mentally exhausted.  Last night my husband and I were talking about how strong Mom was over the years.  We talked about Mom's surgery for breast cancer and how I sat in the waiting room with her friend from the bank.  We were there at the crack of dawn, and I was in her room after surgery until after 11pm at night.  We talked about Mom's first heart surgery and how my younger brother and I sat in the waiting room all day long.  We watched movies on a device he brought, and waited until we could see Mom.  My younger brother stayed the night in the waiting room, until Mom was fully awake to talk to.  

We also talked about the second surgery at Cleveland Clinic.  Those were very long days.  Mom was put in an out patient bed (not a room at first), so we had to drive back and forth for it, along with a long wait during surgery.  Mom wanted to pay for us to stay in a motel.  I remember we lied to her and told her we were (so she didn't worry), but drove back and forth to save the money on the cost of a hotel.  I remember it was me getting a migraine first from lack of sleep, then the next day my younger brother.

On the breakfast plate ...
Have no idea.  First the coffee.

On my reading pile. . .
Same book, but not reading it.

On my TV . . .
Whatever we find that we like.

The menu this week. . .
Have no idea.  My brain is not on full capacity.

From the camera . . . 

I knew this was at Mom's house, and I was the recipient.  It's an unfinished double sided crocheted blanket.  I have no idea how to finish it, but will do some research.

Looking around the house . . .
Considering all current events, and a kiddo moving's a hot mess.

To-do list . . .
-bake a breakfast
-work on messes in our bedroom
-water seedlings
-clean up computer area
-I have been on dog/cat duty since last Friday
-master bath
-plan the menu

Prayers . . .
Our family.  Losing Mom has been very difficult.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Empty Nesters Soon

 Our house has been a mess since Christmas.  Covid kept us from tidy work, and before that a sprained ankle, then Mom's health and total focus on her.  I miss her already, and often reach for my cell phone a certain time of time, and realize I won't be calling her like I used to.  

Back to the messy house part.  I feel like the more I try to clean up, the worse it looks, as Daughter K has started the moving out process. Boxes of stuff everywhere.

We, due to limited vehicles (still), moved her bed last night.  It felt like it was a drive across country for us.  My husband and I slept in past the sunrise (almost never happens).

We are just exhausted with everything that has recently happened, that we just needed the rest.

I can't say, that I personally, have gotten enough rest.

In fact, things have been so out of whack, that I guess I missed paying the January internet bill.  The internet went out the other day, and when I called to report an outage, the automated call reminded me of the bill due. 

Sigh, I needed the internet to pay the bill, and once up that was taken care of.  It made sense though.  During covid, we barely left our bed, nor had energy for anything, and then brain fog.

I still have a mess on my office/computer area to clean up, and need to check emails I haven't checked since Christmas.  I apologize for that.  

The chickens are back to laying a bit more.  We are thankful for that.  More garden seeds are sprouting as well.  Now if we could just put winter behind, so we can get a break from splitting wood, that would be great.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Snail Mail Surprise and other Tidbits


I went to the porch to get the garden cart, to fill with wood, and found 2 boxes delivered.  One contained sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies, which were sent from Daughter K's boyfriend's mother and grandmother.  What a nice surprise (sent due to the passing of Mom/Grandma).

The other bigger box was sent to Daughter K from the business she works.  It was a grant that they had for employees getting covid.  They were a month late, but it was mostly food, but also contained disinfectant wipes, tissues and chapstick.

We woke up to a very cold morning, snow and a lot of ice.  Lovely.  

My green bell pepper seeds are finally sprouting, as well as some of the hot pepper seeds.  I am looking forward to spring.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Thank you . . .


(Mom and Aunt J at her favorite place - the beach)

Thank you all for your condolences, kind words and prayers during this difficult time.  I really do appreciate you all.

I know there will be things/places that will come across in my future that will bring back memories of Mom.  Her favorite travel spots, foods, books, flowers, popcorn from Amish country trips, wine, color....all good memories.

If any of us missed a family get together she would be mad for a few days, but I can guarantee you'd make the next one (ha ha!).

I know there will be things/places that will come across in my future that will bring back memories of Mom.  Her favorite travel spots, foods, books, flowers, popcorn from Amish country trips, wine, color....all good memories.


If any of us missed a family get together she would be mad for a few days, but I can guarantee you'd make the next one (ha ha!).


It's been a huge whirlwind of grief and emotions.


She absolutely loved the crocheted lap afghans I made her and always told me she got so many compliments.


I will be donating them to the home where my husband's (recently passed) sister used to live.  Many of the residents are in wheelchairs there.


She also bought (because she refused to take anything without) anything I crocheted in heart.  She encouraged me to crochet new things like the XL hotpads, thick dish scrubbies, the newest was the jar openers....just loved anything I made.  


One of her friends told me that Mom's purchases filled a drawer, where her friends could come if they needed something to gift (did not know this, ha ha!).



Monday, February 21, 2022

Heaven Gained an Angel

 My mother passed away on Saturday, February 19th.  It's been a whirlwind of emotions.  I'll be back when I am able to.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Ice Storm ~ New Recipe Tried

Here are a few photos from the ice storm.  The sun was shining and everything looked so beautiful.  These photos do't show the true beauty that it created.

I finally made dinner for us three.  I tried a new recipe too, and it was delicious  - Creamy Garlic Mashed Cauliflower (Ahead of Thyme).  I used home grown garlic and it was so good.  I can't wait to make it with summer bounty and add fresh herbs to it as well.

It's only going to be a high of 20 degrees today.  Our low around 9 degrees.  I can hear the nasty wind whistling outside already.  I tried to sleep in, but yeah 7am was it.  My husband however, is snoring.


Friday, February 18, 2022

Ice/Snow Storm ~ Hanging On

Our rain turned to ice, sleet and snow.  It's an ice rink out there today.  Windows are frozen over and we can't even see out them.  There is a level 1 road emergency in place today, and roads are slick, some schools closed, and many, many power outages around our area.  Thank goodness ours is on.

Daughter K has secured an apartment with her boyfriend (until they buy a house of their own).  I hope I'm not repeating myself, but my brain is over loaded with emotions right now.  She's been filling up her car with items to donate before the big move.

We are literally hanging on emotion-wise.  Hospice is taking good care of Mom.  I have been up to sit with her almost daily, and all of us are overwhelmed with a roller coaster of emotions.

Most nights we don't even eat dinner.  I still haven't made dinner, but tonight I will use every last energy zap I have to make something.  I was reminded to take care of ourselves, and eat properly, take breaks, take vitamins, drink kefir (or eat yogurt), and hang on to our health right now.

I was once told that giving can keep your mind at peace, so I have printed a few patterns and wrote a few notes on what I can be giving as a random act of kindness.

On a side note, I discovered one of the employees that works in the nursing home salon, is a friend from high school.  Yesterday I met someone that has worked there for 29 years, and will be there 30 years this coming April.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

This and That

The weather is typical for us right now.  It's 55°F and 100% rain. Tomorrow high is 26°F.  We still have snow.  In fact, I had a horrible time trying to muck the coop yesterday.  The huge snow drifts turned into icebergs.  It was halfway done until the snow melts.

I'm gifting my niece and nephew (my younger brother's kids) a crocheted tic-tac-toe game.  It will keep them occupied, and is great for traveling.  The board is a bag that holds the pieces for the game.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

It's Finished! Next Project?

The "has been in the closet for years" project is now finished!  I love the border.  You chose yellow for the last round.  It has been washed and is drying to pack up for the next grand child.  It was a fun pattern to do, but a long project.  I am just glad it's done and off the "unfinished" list.

Daughter K picked this yarn out for a house warming gift (full size blanket).  I'm not sure her boyfriend will like it, but ha!  I will need to go back to the store for more, but first need to calculate how much will be needed.

I think I will also buy them a wine rack and some wine.  I have some time to think about it, but the blanket must get started now, as we are heading into the garden season next.

I have a lot to knock off the to-do list, but first outside stuff.  Rain is on the way, and in a bad way.  We  need to cut more wood and get it split, and I promised to cook dinner tonight. 

There is literally so much going on in our minds, we are mentally overloaded.  I wrote down "notepad" on my shopping list, so keep in my purse.  I went to the store and did not mark it off the list, went home without it, and wrote it down again.

I need paper and pen in my purse when visiting Mom.  That way I can write down what she wants to eat if the nursing home doesn't have it.  She has been very nauseated lately. Yes, I know I can put a reminder note or whatnot on my phone, but I forget that it's on the phone.  I'm old school I guess, when it comes to note taking.


Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Small Crocheted Hearts

Valentine's Day did not go by without making something special.  I whipped up some crocheted hanging hearts, in two different colors.  I put them on the bulletin board in Mom's nursing home room.  She loves hearts.  The quick pattern is on this blogspot:

Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday

There's nothing funnier, than my husband walking down the hallway and saying, "Babe?  Where are you?" and me popping my head inside the door at 6am.  I was outside in my PJ's trying to get a photo of the moon, but my camera was acting up.  Maybe it was the operator.  The pole light was on and my camera was just not getting the usual detail close up photo.

Bummed I could not get the very close up typical photo, I was back inside sipping hot coffee and stoking the fire.   My husband just shook his head side to side and mumbled something, ha ha!

I finally got a good shipping offer, and my yarn order has been placed.  I got 14% off and $.14 shipping.  Good deal, and yarn is on the way for the finishing of my current blanket, and other unfinished projects.  I want to get them done before garden season.

Today I am joining Sandra with Happy Homemaker at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  

I'll link up when she posts.  

The weather . . .

9°F and possible dusting of snow.

How I am feeling this morning . . .

I slept better last night anyway.  My husband is home, because he had booked the B & B for us, he has today off (we had to cancel the stay for now).

On the breakfast plate . . .

French toast, blueberry sausages and scrambled eggs.  Oh, and lots of coffee.

On my reading pile . . .

On my TV . . .

Movies - St. Vincent, I Want you Back, and The Kindness of Strangers

On the menu this week  . . .

-Burgers, macaroni salad
-spaghetti, veggie
-chicken with mushroom sauce, veggie

From the camera . . .

Nothing special on the camera, but this.  Daughter K and I made a quick trip into the Dollar Tree during our last visit to town.  Everything is now $1.25.  I found crafting clamps.  I have really tiny clamps, but these are perfect size.

Looking around the house . . .

It's a hot mess.  We come home from the nursing home, and there is so much to do, that the dishes get left.  We have to let the dogs out, stoke the fire, tend the hens, get the mail.....we can't leave the dogs out of their kennels with the wood stove going.  There is dog toy fluff all over my house, that Daughter K needs to clean up.

The to-do list . . .

-master bath
-muck chicken coop
-split wood

Prayers . . .


Saturday, February 12, 2022

Slush to Ice. . .


Yesterday's rain turned everything to slush, which froze over last night.  It's a sheet of ice out there now.  I warned our daughter before taking the dogs out this morning.  

We had a visit with Mom, and will be visiting again today.  My younger brother took one of her cats into her room for her to see.

Daughter E surprised us with a visit last night, and just in time for dinner.  Daughter K made us chicken alfredo last night for dinner and it was delicious.  I was thrilled she offered to cook, and she said she needs to do it more to prepare moving out with her boyfriend.

Daughter E tried on her halter top I crocheted and it fits.  She was tickled pink to take leftovers home with her. I was happy to see her and the fact I didn't have to cook dinner.

I will need to cook this weekend though.  Not sure what yet, but first I need to wake up with some coffee.  We all slept in this morning.

Oh, while shopping at Wal-mart the other day, I checked the yarn aisle for a hook I needed and lost.  Daughter K picked up some yarn. in what I call, hippie colors.  She wants a baby blanket made with it.  I told her we'd talk later about my next project, when the current project is finished.  I told her by the time she has kids she may change her mind on those colors.  She is insisting that she'll love the colors, so we'll see if it happens. 

Friday, February 11, 2022

Just the Bits. . .

My husband, the sweet man that he is, secretly booked a B & B for the night prior to Valentine's Day.  Yesterday morning he canceled it in lieu of the updates regarding Mom's health.  They were very kind, and did not charge a fee to cancel.  We will re-book in the future.

Daughter K and I went to visit Mom (Gram) at the nursing home.  My heart breaks for Mom right now.  It took every millimeter in my body not to cry in front of her. 

We had to get nurses to help her with something, and I have to say that they are so nice.  They came in the room ASAP and helped Mom with getting her comfortable.  Just a really good staff to have for her right now.

We were so emotionally exhausted arriving home, that I sent a text to my husband begging him to bring home dinner.  I was in no condition to cook dinner.  I was literally in PJ's by 3:30pm, fired stoked, chickens tended, mail brought in, and by 4:00pm, had an adult drinky drink in my hands.

After updating my husband, we retired early, and not one of us remembered to stoke the fire. 

We woke up to a stone cold (gulp) wood stove this morning.  I can hear the blustery winds outside, but last I heard, we are expecting rain.  Not sure yet.  It's still pitch dark, and I haven't checked weather.

While in town I stopped at Wal-mart to buy small "S" hooks.  They had zero.  I need 8 of them to hang new grow lights for my seed starts. I plan to stop at Home Depot today, when I got back to town to visit Mom.  A new doctor is going to visit Mom today.  There is no way to sugar-coat this, but the doctor is evaluating Mom in regards to hospice care.  

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Tidbit Thursday

Yesterday's challenge?  Walk to where we dump the ash pail without having to walk miles around more drifts left from the storm.

(Old Photo)

I know Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, but the football game will be on for sure.  I think this is the first year I have not been motivated to create nor start a Valentine's Day crochet project.  Mom's favorite items are heart shaped and made with mostly pink yarns.  I'm just emotionally spent this season. Are you creating anything for the holiday?

Our friends continue to ask us to join them again for a trip to Daytona Bike Week.  We have told them no.  One, Mom's health is not good, and two I personally didn't want to go (two times was enough for me).  I guess a few people have backed out on the trip, leaving rooms available to fill, so hopefully they will find someone else to go.  They are all flying this year, and one person is trailering the bikes. 

Speaking of Mom, she was given an antibiotic for pneumonia, but I haven't heard if it was confirmed she had it.  I talked to her on the phone, but she was so out of breath during the short conversation.  

All seeds (that need started indoors) for the garden have been planted in starter trays.  I have two extra trays, so if I think of anything I can add to it.  We are expanding the asparagus bed this year, so I have 72 plant starts.  Those were fun to plant.  The seed is black.  I just thought putting in plant starts would be much easier weeding-wise, than to start from seed.  It'll be a few years before we will be able to harvest, but I'm glad I'm expanding this year (looking forward to freezing a lot more of it in the years to come).

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

A Day of Sunshine

 Making things easier, I decided on a steel cut oats breakfast (crock pot) recipe.  I had apples and raisins and all the other ingredients needed.   I also made a pan of kamut flake bars for snacking (recipe is online with the Kamut brand).  Once that was checked off the list, housework resumed.

We had a full day of beautiful sunshine.  It felt great to be out in it.  I however, forgot to take my camera.  I did snap a photo of the early sunrise.

I lied about the baby blanket border.  After finishing round 1, I looked at the pattern and saw that it has 4 rounds.  It's been the longest baby blanket project, but will be able to soon say I finished it.  I'm on round 3 right now.  

I'm trying to decide what color of baby blanket to gift our grand-niece.  I have a baby green one done, and a light purple one.  I'll check on what color booties I already have, but I think I depleted the supply (lots of babies this year).

We ran out of leftovers, so it's back to the kitchen in regards to a dinner.   We are also needing to split wood tonight.  I better get my husband's breakfast, lunch and coffee packed.  He needs to leave for work soon.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

One Day at a Time. . .

I made good strides yesterday, but once again fizzled out about noon-ish.  Oh my gosh, I have to get a photo of the drift in front of the coop.  Maybe today I'll take the camera out.  Thankfully, it stopped short of about a foot from the coop, so I can just narrowly squeeze between the drift the coop to get into it.

There is no melting going on either, and we could use it.  

I managed to make a meatloaf, mashed potatoes and dug a bag of frozen corn off the cob for dinner last night.  I however, now have a sink full of dishes to do (again).  It's never ending.  The dishwasher is full of clean dishes, so it's a rinse and repeat of yesterday.  I didn't even get the vacuum out, so that is still on the to-do list.

I am up early, so fire is stoked, and coffee is brewed.  I am thankful to have breakfast leftovers for my husband's to-go meal, but will have to bake something for the rest of the week.

Daughter K is back home, but working full days, so I'm still doing dog duty as well as trying to catch up on the housework.  I think I finally got laundry caught up, but I will take another look-see.

I've been wanting to bake some cookies, but like I said, I fizzle out way too early.  I cannot wait to have my full energy back.

My "bill paying station" office area is in dire need of a clean up.  I guess the to-do list continues.  The first thing, after I down enough coffee to wake up, is to put my spikes on my muck boots.  Those dogs just about took me for a slide yesterday.

Monday, February 7, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday


The snow has not melted one iota.  In fact, there is a 6 foot pile of snow where we need to get into the garage to work on the brakes.  It's not happening any day soon, so I'll be focusing on what needs done inside this week.

In fact, I haven't made a plan to tonight's dinner.  My husband and I were so tired, we were in bed early last night.  I'll need to work on that early this morning.  He may be stuck at work tonight.  Turn around is approaching and that means lots of overtime and many hours of work.  He'll need a breakfast and lunch and extra food for late hours.  I best get on the meal plan.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

I'll link up later.

The weather . . .

Mostly in the 20's, possibly more snow this week. 

How I am feeling this morning . . .


On the breakfast plate . . .

Leftover french toast, blueberry sausages and scrambled eggs.  Oh and coffee.

On my reading pile . . .

On my TV . . .

Reaper.  Amazon Prime. Season 1.

On the menu this week . . .
-spaghetti, garlic bread, veggie
-meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn
-breakfast for dinner (sausage/biscuits, eggs, fried potatoes, fried apples)

From the camera . . .

Sorry for the bad photo, but you can see how cute the first round of the border is on the baby blanket.  I have 2 more rounds to go.

Looking around the house . . .

What a hot mess.  We spent all weekend going back and forth to the hospital, and back home to take care of animals.  We didn't get the chance to clean anything up, or even do any house chores.  

To-do list . . .
-Clean out fridge, take trash out
-do dishes
-pay any bills
-figure out dinner

Prayers . . .

Mom.  She is still in the hospital.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

This and That

It's still cold here, and we got more snow.  My husband I spent most of the day at the hospital visiting Mom.  They allow two people in the building, but one at a time at her bedside.  They will do more testing with her today.  Her memory is still hit and miss, and she's feeling exhausted.

When I first went into Mom's room, she asked where she was and why.  She said she didn't know how to use her TV, so I helped her with that, showed her the button to turn it off and on, and so forth.  She said she loves to watch the cooking channels, so I found one for her.  I think it got her hungry, because she ordered herself a good lunch before we left.  She hasn't been eating much lately.

We couldn't stay at the hospital the entire full day, as we had animal duty back home.  Daughter K is still out of town, so we had dogs to take out, a cat and rabbit to feed etc.  We fed and watered the chickens before we left the house.

I have collected a few recipes I would like to try, but just haven't had the time to pick up ingredients.  I would love to try them this coming week, but I still have to rely on shopping on the weekends, or ask the other two to pick it up for me  (still down one vehicle).

Today's post comes with zero photos again.  Hopefully, I can snap a few for you.  I know photos make the posts more fun.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Saturday Chit-Chat

The boys came out and plowed out the 3-4 foot drifts that buried a few cars.  They sped off before I could pay them though.  Little turds that they are.  We'll catch up with them soon.  Thankfully, they plowed out the mailbox area for us as well.

Woke up to a wind chill of 1°F this morning.

I have a 5 foot drift blocking my chicken coop, so after I slowly wake up with some coffee, and get a warm shower, I'll be outside shoveling a path for that.

Daughter K is out of town visiting with her boyfriend.  They are looking at more apartments.  That means I have dog, cat and rabbit duty.  Jasper (cat) is already meowing at me from the stairs.

My sinus medications have not kicked in just yet.  Hopefully today will be the day.  I'm getting tired of being tired (and sick).

We are having trouble getting someone affordable to replace the brakes on the car.  Normally, my mechanic husband does the repairs, but we have the Chevelle in the garage right now.  It's not a car you can leave outside in 1°F weather to pull the other car in for repairs.  What a battle it is this time of year. 

My seed/grow light stand is up and ready for action.  The plan is to get the seeds in the trays today and get the lights going.  To be honest, although it's always so much work, I'm looking forward to growing the garden this spring.

I spent most of yesterday loading the wood stove, taking dogs out and crocheting.  It was nice to have a somewhat rest day despite taking dogs out in freezing weather.  I'm now on the edging on the baby blanket.

Speaking of baby.  Our grand-niece (my husband was a late baby) gave birth to a baby boy yesterday.  So stinkin' cute.  I'll need to put together a gift for her soon.  

Another pizza place in the town closer to us, closed permanently.  I was told there was an issue with the owners health and lack of employees to keep it open.

Friday, February 4, 2022

Storm Update ~ Tidbits

I did the usual "storm prep" Wednesday- washed, dried and put away all the dishes, ran dishwasher, emptied dishwasher, finished any laundry etc.  We just got rain all day, but snow moved in the last two days.  In fact, Daughter K's car is buried in a snow drift this morning.  Smart husband parked out at the end of the drive and got out this morning.  I'm waiting to make sure he made it to work though.  Some roads he takes to work are impassable if not cleared.

Daughter K made an attempt to get to work yesterday.  She called and was stuck in a drift between two main roads to get there.  She ended up coming home and calling off work.  Our county Sheriff only called a road emergency level 1 at the time, later changing it to a 2, but said "he'd never call a level 3" and this is why we all tried to vote him out of his position.  He just can't do his job. There were too many accidents yesterday just during the level 1 warning.  Some businesses will never close, and people could be hurt, stranded, etc.  Anyway.....

Yesterday, we made an attempt to visit Mom in the hospital, but ended up at the Urgent care for me, then back home.  I have a sinus infection.  Roads were so bad I was the only patient, and they only person at the pharmacy.  I haven't had a sinus infection in years. I feel like I haven't  had a break of being sick since the onset of covid.  I'm wondering if the sinus infection is from covid.

Anyway, I am thankful for a tub of yogurt, kefir and other helpful foods in my fridge right now.

Wood stove is stoked, but I hear very little traffic outside.  It will take the boys and a plow to clear all the drifts in our drive.  Next year we will be putting up the snow fence.

As far as an update on Mom, she was moved to a larger hospital.  She's getting a lot of tests done.

Well, I'm going to go make a pot of coffee, and check the weather.  I do believe we are getting a break today from snow.  The wind was terrible last night.

I'm still feeling sick this morning, so it's a low and slow day today.  I may do some dishes, but there is not a chance for major housework for sure.  No wonder I've been feeling tired.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Snow Storm!

We are expected to get up to 16 inches of snow in our area.  Over the next two days, the weather is said to be bad, but no snow is falling as of this morning.

I attempted to clean the coop, but could not get the barn doors open to get the cleaning tools, nor the straw.  By the time my husband got home, it was too late (after unloading more firewood from the truck).

I am pretty sure I have a sinus infection.  I've battled laryngitis for almost 2 weeks now.  Just one more thing to deal with.  I'll call my doctor first, but most likely will have to deal with the bad weather/roads and an urgent care visit. Until then, it's loading up on vitamins, lots of water, sipping teas, gargling, and salt water nasal spray.

As of right now, we don't even see rain in the area (forecasted first).  It will be interesting what actually happens in our area.

In the meantime, if you are a praying sort, please pray for my Mom.  She is now back in the hospital in ICU.  Please send prayers, good mojo, etc.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Weather and what-not.....

We continue to have crazy weather.  Snow fog so bad you can't see the driveway or the highway.  Crazy (yesterday morning).

I'm already making a to-do list in regards to homesteading/food stock-age etc.  I've depleted some homemade freezer items.


Beautiful sky this morning.  There is an advantage of having to go out early for wood for the wood stove.