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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Congestion relief ~ Tidbits

You would think the jalapeno's in the chili would have opened my sinuses but they did not.  I ended up brewing up hot ginger tea and that seemed to do the trick.

Sadie enjoyed her homemade dog food.  She devoured it.  I give thanks to the blog "With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart" for posting the references and information regarding making homemade dog food. 

I am glad I made it too.  Now I feel better in the way of preparedness as well, so if needed I could provide the right foods for them in an emergency.  For now, Sadie will get all homemade dog food.

Today is day two with homemade dog food, and she is back to loving on us, tail waging and so forth.  

The chickens continue to produce us a good supply of eggs.  This is not all of the morning collection either.  It's all I could fit in my jacket pockets (ha ha!).  While carrying water out to the barn, I forgot the egg basket.  Note to self: check eggs for poo before putting them in my pockets. 

I was pleased with my progress yesterday, and thanks to the crock pot again, it saved me time - beef stew.  There are still remaining chores on the to-do list - take items to recycling, returns to the library, house chores, clean the coop, etc.

I think, now that things are a bit back to normal around here, I'll actually put Christmas lights on the famous bathroom Christmas tree.  That tree is the "talk" with the girls and school friends (ha ha!).  

I'm told my daughter has posted on her facebook that she is "Goin Home" so this was happy news.  The bad part is that she's keeping it all a secret from us.  We have no idea when to expect her or if she needs a ride from the airport.  She will be the best "medicine" for Sadie, so we are tickled to hear this, yet frustrated in the not knowing part.  Kids!


Mama Pea said...

We're talking about getting another dog again (not this week!) and have decided to feed him/her all homemade dog food. We're fortunate to have ample venison (always lots of highway deer kills we can get) which we've, in the past, fed as raw meat and will supplement it with what we produce here rather than 1) the awful stuff they sell as dog food, or 2) dog food that seems to be as good as you can find but is so, so expensive. No wonder Sadie's mending as fast as she is with the wonderful care she gets.

I'm sure your daughter is as excited as can be about being home for Christmas. What a great present to you . . . and the rest of the family.

Kim said...

I am sure she figures it will be the best christmas present ever.

Liz said...

So glad that your dog continues to do so well. I bet your daughter will be thrilled to cuddle with her. Really happy to read she gets to come home for Christmas. That chili looks so good! We have been making a batch every other weekend. Glad a canned juice just for chili!

Anonymous said...

I'm so, so glad to see Sadie munching on her new homemade doggie food! How wonderful your daughter will be home for the holidays! Great to see your chickens being so productive... yes, definitely remember to check for pooh before resting them in your coat pocket, lol! I am just rediscovering my crockpot... what great little helpers they are!!! If you know of any really great crockpot cookbooks I would love to know...
Hugs for now my sweet blogging sister,
Beth P

RB said...

Speaking of crock pots, anyone get a new one lately. The new one I got last spring cooks hotter than a firecracker even on low so it's not REALLY a "slow cooker" at all. (Anyone else notice that with a new crock pot?) Anyway, I researched it online and found that the FDA made them change the lowest temp to 212F, they said for food safety, but that's just a bit below boiling which cooks things way too fast for those who use to put things in the crock pot and go to work, thinking it would take the 8 hours to cook while you were away, and now it's done in 2-3 hours instead. So if you have an old one, hang onto it.

So blessed to hear your daughter is coming home for CHRISTmas. How about the son? You never know when one or the other might be able to "swoop" home for a little bit.

God bless.