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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Just the Bits . . .

 I did more research on the door knockers the other day.  No one we know (in the area) knows anything about them.  One family member said two guys stopped at their house trying to sell them meat.  Their dogs scared them off after their persistence to sell.

Update on the washing machine boot seal - It's on and washer is running.  A few parts need to go back on though.  I think he just wanted to make sure it worked again before putting all major parts back on (like the top of the washer, ha ha!).

We got another very cute Christmas card.  Love it!  I wish I had been able to send more out myself.  

Today, if it's the only thing I do, I will be taking down the outside Christmas lights.  I have meant to turn them off the last 2-3 days and have failed.  I normally leave them up until after the 1st of the year, but weather is always an issue.

My younger brother gave me a huge stack of dark chocolate bars (which have been suggested as one of the best on America's Test Kitchen).  I had plans to use them for a project prior to Christmas.   I may just go ahead to do it, and deliver as a "winter" gift.  I won't be able to eat the entire stack, so sharing in a different way will be the idea.  I'll post an update if that happens.

I was updating the bills the other day, and realized my planner ends May of next year.  I guess I better get on that and get one soon.  I use it daily.

The yarn for Daughter E's top should arrive tomorrow.  I plan to get that done before garden season arrives.

My wonderful husband brought home some ligament salve for my ankle. Daughter K gave me a brace that I can use that won't weigh a ton, so today I plan to get the kitchen in order.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Washing Machine Fail and Making Comfrey Poultices (again) and other ramblings

My husband and Daughter K worked on replacing the new washing machine seal.  You would not believe everything that had to be taken off of it to get the new one on.  I should have filmed them working on it.  Bickering back and forth, while I was leaning on the half door (with King up with one paw on the door and one on my back and a toy in his mouth, while Zuri was sneaking chicken feed out of a container on the floor waiting to go outside).  It was somewhat comical.

However, once they put the door on, the spring snapped off the seal. Expletives were dispersed, heads lowered, and heavy sighs exhaled.

The washing machine will be torn apart again tonight, so no the laundry isn't being done today.  Thankfully, Daughter K is off work today and can help my husband.

We've been offered a barn cat.  We declined for now.  We are too close to a busy highway.  Speaking of that, we had a stray show up yesterday too.  We can also hear activity of either a fox or coyote nearby.

I'm back at making some comfrey poultices for not just my ankle, but my knee today.  I will try and find an old t-shirt to cut up for my knee.  I had one small poultice in the freezer and put that on my ankle yesterday.  It is better looking today, but the heal on my foot aches.  My knee is a whole other story.  

I had two men knock on my door yesterday.  I thought it was a bit strange.  I had to laugh, because the dogs scared the ba-jeebies out of them.  I sort of hung out, letting the dogs do their job for a few minutes (ha ha!).  

They were asking about old barn siding in our ruble pile (not the first time for this to happen).  He gave me his business card, but my husband feels we were "cased" to see if anyone was home.  I looked his stuff up online and found nothing.  I checked social media, did a reverse phone search and one other search and came up with zero.  If you were a handyman, you'd definitely advertise on social media.  I have a feeling my husband was right, but I was careful when I answered the door as well (my husband taught me well), and this isn't the first time.

Anyway, I did inquire more research, and found nothing, so.....

We had a winter advisory last night, which involved slush and snow.  There were zero plows out.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Tuesday Tidbits

The younger two girls really out did themselves for Christmas.  We said no gifts, and they didn't listen.  They gave us fun stuff, useful stuff and I got books from one of them.

I love books, but try to contain the collection with the space I have allowed.  Daughter E got me all of these.

I spent an hour on the computer, and finally located a pattern for a top for Daughter E.  Yarn has been ordered, but the kind I need was not available from JoAnn's nor Michaels (they were curbside only for some reason). The cost of shipping was horrible.

I did 2 loads of laundry and came to an abrupt stop.  Daughter K said, "um Mom?  Why is there water all over the floor and in the laundry basket?"  The seal needs replaced, has been ordered from a local business, and should be in today (thankfully).  Whirlpool direct, wanted $100 more than our local resource.

Daughter E locked her keys in her car.  The boys rescued her.

The wood stove continues to provide.  The temperature is starting to drop again, and now may make an appearance today.

I'm so thankful I made comfrey salve.  I'm applying it to my knee now.  The boot they gave me goes all the way up to my knee and weighs a ton.  It caused my knee to ache.  The boot is off, soaks continue today, and I hope that my knee feels better soon.  It literally hurts worse than my ankle.


Monday, December 27, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday

Normally I leave Christmas lights up until January 1st, but this year they are coming down early. We woke up to a lot of rain and cold weather today.  More rain tomorrow.

Yes, my ankle is still a bit swollen. I'm still doing foot soaks but today I need to get some things done around the house.  

I'm joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

I'll link up when she posts.

The weather . . .
55°F/33°F and lots of rain, possibly snow tomorrow.

How I am feeling this morning . . .
Started the day in a bad mood.  Hopefully that will change.

On my mind . . .
Trying to just focus on what needs done today.

What I am wearing . . . 
Cozy clothes.

On my reading pile . . .
(I'll share later when I get a photo of them)

Daughter E gifted me books on Christmas day.

On today's to-do list . . .
-put dishes away
-master bath
-vacuum carpets
-water plants
-soak foot
-pay bills

On my TV . . .
Anything good on Netflix or Amazon prime.

What I am listening to . . .
Rock music on the radio

Something fun to share . . .
I finally found, ordered and received my handmade (USA made) pepper scoop.  It took some digging, lots of emails, and I finally got one that was NOT made in China.  I was told it is their top seller too.

On the menu this week . . .
Lots of leftovers

Looking around the house . . .
There is a lot to clean up yet.

Prayer list . . .

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Clean Up

 We made a lot of dirty dishes Christmas day, but the meal will provide for us for a few days.  Today is our wedding anniversary, but because it falls the day after such a big day, it often gets no attention (in any special way).

My husband filled my foot tub soak with hot water yesterday, but later realized he forgot to add the epsom salts.  My ankle is still a bit swollen.

The girls (who were here for Christmas) seemed to really like their homemade gifts. It was a rainy sort of day, and we just cooked and ate when we felt like it, while watching movies and relaxing. 

My kitchen looks like a tornado went thru it, so I'm not looking forward to spending the morning cleaning up.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Thursday, December 23, 2021

It's her birthday!


Yes, that is our youngest in a stocking the hospital gave us.  She was born on the 23rd and we came home on the 24th of Dec.

Gosh, it's hard to believe we didn't have the farm house back then.  I did grow an herb garden and loved it.  In fact, I pulled all of it and moved the herb garden two times before we landed where we are.  Time flies for sure.

Update on my ankle.  I took a chance and left the boot off for a day.  In the evening I however, needed an ice pack.  Boot went back on, but I will do a half day today and see how it goes. 

My husband is going to split wood by himself this morning.  Daughter K is off work, so I hope she gets up in time to help him.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Random Bits


I'm making progress on the baby blanket.  I'm thankful I had a few very old unfinished projects in my closet.  I will need to ask Daughter K to check my yarn stash upstairs.  I will be keeping this one for any future grandkids.  

Updates on Mom are good thankfully.  

Woke up to a brisk 27°F this morning.  My wonderful husband got more wood for me.  I can load the wood stove, but getting the wood inside is a bit tough right now.

The Christmas meal is planned now.  My chickens are still on strike.  Not sure what the mailman did, but Daughter K found half of it all over the ground yesterday.

My wonderful husband, although rushed for time, made us breakfast before he left for work - sausage/egg/cheese breakfast sandwiches.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday


I'm making progress with my ankle.  The top of my foot no longer swells at all.  I still need to do soaks, and now my knee on the same leg hurts from the boot.  I am bio-freezing the heck out of my knee and putting a epsom salt soaked rag on it when I soak my ankle.  My right wrist is getting sore from the constant crocheting (sigh).

Sunday my husband had errands to run, and while he was out, they called and said the wood stove door was done - $150!  With tax!  Ugh.  He however got a good deal on a brand new garden cart at a pawn shop for us (half the price that TSC was selling them at).  We will give the old beat up one to a biker friend to scrap.

Hubby was literally gone the entire day, and Daughter K was at her boyfriend's college graduation.  During that time, Mom fell again, so I asked my husband to buy her some flowers and check on her.  I called, but wanted someone to check on her physically.  By the way, Mom has an smart watch now, and when she fell she could call my younger brother on it and they stayed on the phone until she could get back up.  

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

I'll link up when she posts.

The weather . . .
Woke up to 28°F, high of 42°F/27°F

How I am feeling this morning . . .
Frustrated.  My ankle is still swollen, so today it's not just soaks in epsom salts, I'll apply a comfrey poultice.

On my mind . . .
The Christmas day menu.  The day is about quality time and food together this year.  

Something Christmas related I've done in the past few days ..

I embroidered two tea towels for Daughter K and I am finishing up a magnetic fridge notepad and pen for Daughter E (Christmas presents).

Christmas Movie I watched . . .
Unaccompanied Minors
California Christmas City Lights
Christmas in the Heartland
Holiday in the Wild
The App that Stole Christmas
Father Christmas is Back
Three days of Christmas

What I am wearing . . .

On my reading pile . . .
I won this on Leigh's blog at 5 Acres & a Dream.

On today's to-do list . . .
-put away dishes
-write up grocery list
-sheet pan dinner for tonight

On my TV . . .
Travel shows and cooking on Create TV

What I am listening to . . .
Christmas music on the radio

On the menu this week . . .
-sheet pan dinner 
-have no idea, depends on how my ankle feels

Looking around the house . . .
It's not looking like Christmas at all.

In preparation for the Holidays . . .
I sent my husband to the store for cream cheese.  If we want cheesy potatoes (I only make 1-2 times a year), we needed it, and the radio said there was a cream cheese shortage right now.

On my prayer list . . .
Greg (with covid) has passed away.  Praying for Mom, and my ankle to heal completely.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Frivolity from the Farm House


I think I started this baby blanket over 5 or more years ago.  I'm just happy I left the hook in the project basket, along with the pattern book.  I however, have no idea why I started it.  It will take many days to finish it.  I have decided, that once it's done, I will keep it for future grandkids.  There will be a lot of work on this one.  It's a crib size blanket and 125 rows and a small hook.  I guess the advantage of staying off my feet, is getting some old, long time projects done.

I am very much enjoying my foot soaks.  Hubby came home from work, filled my tub and I soaked while he made walleye for dinner.  Tonight it's all leftovers.

Our weather was absolutely miserable yesterday.  Rain, clouds, wind and more rain.  I spent a good portion of the day watching Christmas movies on netflix.  The last one I watched was California Christmas City Lights (2nd movie to the first California Christmas).  It was very good.

I may or may not have put a scoop of homemade hot cocoa and a splash of  peppermint schnapps in my mid-afternoon coffee.  Hey, everyone needs a pick-me-up once in a while.

I seriously think my chickens miss me.  They have not laid eggs since this boot has been put on my foot, and I haven't been able to go to the coop.

I considered cleaning the walk-in shower, and quickly decided that was not happening until the boot comes off.  All I need is to slip on water and boom.  It can wait.

Nothing exciting to share ha ha!  I have 90% of my garden seeds ordered (other than from what I saved).  I still need to order some for the herb garden, but otherwise set for that.  I ordered a picture frame for our upcoming anniversary.  I found a few older 4 x6 photos that I want to put in a farm house style frame.  I hated to order online, but hey things happen.  I just hope it gets here by then.  Oh, I ordered my pepper scoop.  It's not only USA made, but handmade by an artisan.  It was sort of expensive, but I'm told their best seller.  I will share it when it arrives.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 16, 2021

High Wind Warnings again and other chit-chat

I heard we were to get up to 50 mph wind last night.  We got it and I can still hear it from inside the house.  Last night I had to ask my husband to go latch a lock on a barn door.  I didn't want to, but the wind would have whipped that door upwards.  He did go out and latch it.

I am thankful for the easy meal ideas I put in the freezer.  I thought we had bought a cauliflower, but after looking around I don't think I ended up getting one.  If I remember right, the organic were sold out.

Anyway, I put meatballs in the crockpot yesterday, with home canned BBQ sauce, and then later roasted asparagus and made easy quinoa. 

We have enough of two meals to do all leftovers tonight.  Yay for that.

I called Mom.  We shared our high's and low's from her recliner and from my bed.  We got a few chuckles.  She has been looking for her favorite nail polish.  The stores are sold out.   I helped her find it online, and it's shipped and headed to her house.  Guess what the name of it is?

Aphrodite's Pink Nightie (OPI).  Ha ha ha!  She is happy now.  She is also toying with the idea of hiring a cleaning person once a week.  Her friend stopped in and said she would gladly do it for Mom.  I am concerned about her memory.  She told me she hasn't driven for 2 months.  I didn't correct her.  She hasn't driven since last July.

The egg supply is low right now.  The chickens are getting their winter break.  No word yet on wood stove door.  I'm okay with that.  I need more healing before hauling wood inside.

I guess it's going to be windy the entire day today.  I guess my goal today is a few soaks with epsom salts, and today I'll search netflix for some crochet time.  The cooking channel gets me into trouble.

I've come up with a small, new item to add to my craft show stash.  Once a get a few more made I will share.

If I can stammer up enough energy, I will work on an easy breakfast casserole.  I hate seeing my husband leave with a clementine for breakfast.  Maybe pre-bake eggs on a sheet pan?  I don't know.  I guess we'll see if it even happens, ha ha!

When it's the right time to ask, I will ask my husband to re-prioritize our spring work.  I know we have home repairs to do first, but we do need a dog fence up.  I could really use one right now with this bum ankle.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Making Adjustments . . .

I'm getting used to a different routine, but not by choice.  The boot definitely helps my foot, but at night when it's off my ankle swells in the night.

I'm up getting an ice pack (or my husband hears me and gets it), and taking pain meds to get back to sleep.  I wish this on no one.

I also realized that my yarn totes were moved upstairs.  Sigh.

I however, had not finished the bedroom closet, so I found a few unfinished projects to keep me busy.

I found a knitted dishcloth to finish, another set of hot pads, I can restock blue baby booties (I had that yarn downstairs), I have a scrap lap afghan to finish, and I found a baby blanket that I started probably over 5 years ago.  I must have buried it unseen.  

I also, ordered me some books on  I am still waiting on them.

I got my Christmas binder out and added patterns for homemade gift ideas for next year.

I also want to get back to doing some journaling, but on the computer vs. hand write this time.  I need a new flash drive, and can't figure out the best one to buy on Amazon.  Or anywhere for that matter.  

No way am I asking my husband or Daughter K to buy one in town for me.  They are both already mad for having to do some of my chores (tend the hens, get the mail, dishes, cook, and stuff like that).

I'm already getting retorts from my husband, because Daughter K has been zero help.  Literally.  

I got 3 Christmas cards addressed, but I had to ask them 3 times to put them in the mailbox, so I'm not sure I'll get anymore done.  I don't want to ask them again for help.

It's pouring outside this morning.  I'll just get on with this day, and if it stops attempt to use my husband's muck boots to tend the hens.  

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

I went where no one wants to go . . .

The comfrey poultices were working great on my ankle, so as I said we went to town and visited Mom.  However, I could barely get my fuzzy, comfy boots on (thought they had the most room).  

We also went to the grocery store, picked up chicken food, visited Daughter E, and went out to lunch with Daughter E and K.  I was exhausted and couldn't wait to get my foot up and iced.

I think I aggravated my ankle.  I woke up yesterday and it was so swollen.  I iced it and decided it was best to call my doctor to be sure what was going on.

I couldn't get into the doctor until Thursday, so I went to the urgent care where they have the ability to take x-rays (they are literally downstairs from where my doctor is).  I didn't want to go that route, but it was better than the ER.

I was so nervous, because I could hear people checking in asking for a covid test.  I made sure I stayed far away from anyone I could.  The nurse laughed when she took my blood pressure.  Yeah, it was high.  I told her I did not want to be there, and was avoiding cooties as much as possible.

(sorry for the bad photo, but it's hard to balance crutches and take a photo, ha ha ha ha!)

I'm now the proud owner of a boot and crutches.  Sigh.  My husband is not happy I cannot do my normal chores.  He however, got up at 4am and got me a bag of peas for my ankle (couldn't find the ice pack), helped me put my boot back on and made me a cheese omelet before he went to work.  

I normally, pack his breakfast, lunch and coffee.  It feels so wrong not being able to do the normal stuff.  I am not one to sit around all day either, so I will most likely be a cranky ol' pain in the rump today.  At least my ankle should heal faster now that I am under different circumstances.  Maybe I will actually read a book today.  I know I won't be drinking a lot of coffee, because that means more trips to the kitchen and that means steps to deal with and yeah....ugh...

At least Daughter K has kept her shoes picked up in the hallway after all of this.

I am however very glad I put an all-in-one meal in the crock pot yesterday morning.  As soon as my husband got home, he picked me up to take me in to town for all of this.  He dropped me off, and then went to Daughter E's apartment to fix her flat tire, and pick her up from work.  It all worked out, but so glad we had a meal when we arrived home after 7pm.

There is nothing "homesteading" about this post, but more so stuff I just can't make up.  Oh, yeah, I can't tend the hens either, so there are two people in the house that have to.

All in all, maybe they will appreciate me more after realizing how much I do around here.  I know my husband does, but maybe my daughter that lives here will realize it.

I can say, on a day stuck in bed with my feet up, I do miss Tiger's kitty snuggles.  I am glad he is with his Mom though.  She really needs it right now.

Hopefully, I will have something interesting to post tomorrow.  It's kind of hard to post anything when you've spent the day off your feet I suppose.

One last ditty wonderful husband got up and made me a cheese omelet for breakfast before he went to work.  He is the best!! He was up at 4am re-wrapping my ankle and icing it with a frozen bag of peas, which helped me sleep like a baby.  He finally found the ice pack this morning for me.  I love him to bits!!

Monday, December 13, 2021

Making a Poultice Using Dried Comfrey


I didn't get any comments on if a poultice can be made using dried comfrey.  I did some research myself.  I found that if you are making one for the healing of a broken bone you can make a "tea" with the comfrey and apply the compress 3 times a day.

I decided to make a poultice for my sprained ankle.  I poured enough boiling water over dried comfrey, and blended into a "mash" using my blender.  

I then used a thin layer of cheesecloth and created a poultice.  day one I used the two poultices and iced and wrapped.  Day two it was much better but still a bit swollen (way less pain).

I am still applying a poultice daily, and yesterday was unable to get my ankle in my much boots to go to the coop.  Doctor Daughter K sternly told me that if it's not better "in 3 days" I need to get x-rays done on it.  However, the swelling has gone down each day so far.  The count down is on....

I was able to get on a pair of soft dress boots to head to town.  We needed chicken food, and made a trip to visit Mom.  She looks good, but hasn't had a doctor visit lately.  I do believe she has one today, but I'm not for certain.  We are keeping up on that via group email, and I haven't gotten an email lately, and Mom gets very confused.

We also made a stop at Daughter E's apartment.  It was our first time seeing the inside.  It's very cute to be honest, but small.  No wonder she said she won't buy a Christmas tree.  There is no room in her very small living room.  Tiger made his appearance and loved on me.  It was so good to see him, and to have to give me some kitty love.  I bet he is so happy there, having the entire place to himself.

By the time we returned home, I was so happy to get the boots off.  My foot was so sore from all that walking.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

High Wind Warning

Yesterday we literally hunkered in and did nothing but watch movies, and sip hot coffee.  My husband baked some no-bake cookies.

The wind gusts were anywhere up to 60mph.  Although the temperature was in the low 60's, it was not conducive to outdoor anything.

My ankle is a bit better, but still sore.  No one answered my question about dried comfrey, so I went online and dug into my herbal books and made several poultices (update on that later).

I located a person who makes handmade kitchen tools.  I emailed him, but have not gotten a response.  Hopefully I will hear from him soon.  I hope my email didn't go into his "junk" mail.

The glass cutter called me.  He wanted to make sure the cost was okay before he special ordered the glass for the wood stove door.  The prices have gone up 4 times he said over the last year alone.  What cost us under $50 will now cost us $138.78, and it will take much longer to get the glass.  I get so frustrated with this. 

My crafting sales are at the bottom lowest.  I put 17 sets of pot holders up on a social media page.  I got zero sales.  It's my go-do (travel) project, and apparently I have made a lot of sets.  They went back into a storage container, and I will be changing my "go-to" crochet project to another item.

As many people get new, higher paying jobs and sign on bonuses, my husband's salary remains the same, and no bonus for working thru the pandemic.  It's absolutely depressing and frustrating (and why we are not buying gifts not putting up a tree in the living room this year).  I'm usually really excited about Christmas, doing baking, candy making, wrapping gifts, decorating the house and what not.  Not this year.  

I'm still working on the handmade gifts for the two younger daughters (with what I have on hand).  The other kids don't even come around or stay in touch any more.

I sort of feel like that scene in Little House on the Prairie, where they are all hiding in places to make handmade gifts for Christmas.

I don't hear the wind this morning, so I am hoping for a much better weather day, and praying for all those who suffered devastation over the last few days (tornadoes).

Saturday, December 11, 2021

from the handiwork journal . . .

I started to crochet ornaments for next year, but realized I need one more color of the yarn.  It's now on hold.

I  have however, switched things up a bit and got out my embroidery.  I will attempt to get the rest of a set of tea towels finished for a present for Daughter K.  We are not "gifting" as usual this year, but I thought at least one thing to open for her would be nice.  I told her the cardigan was her present too.  It was supposed to be her present a few years ago (ha ha, it took me that long to make it).

. . . a scrap lap afghan on the crochet hook. 

Friday, December 10, 2021

Sprained Ankle and boring stuff

Our wood stove door got dropped off, but not by me.  I had Daughter K drop it off for me.  I had something that was irritating my eye, and didn't feel up to that long drive.  Door is there, but the glass cutter was not.  Not sure when it'll be done.  My husband brought me home eye drops and my eye feels a bit better today.

On the sprained ankle.  I can't recall anything I was doing that would cause it,  other than I tripped on Daughter K's boots in the hallway this week.  I am guessing because I walked on it, fetching fire wood, tending the hens, etc.  I made it irritated, because I was not icing it, or wrapping it for 2 days.

Go figure, I have zero comfrey poultices in my freezer, but I do have comfrey salve.  The ice pack will be used for now.  Thankfully, I have a cane to get around, but foot will be up most of this day (sigh).  

Does anyone know if I can make a poultice using dried comfrey and comfrey root?  I think I have both, but in dried form.

I do have to take dogs out, tend hens, get mail etc.  I'll just have to grin and bear it, while muttering under my breath.

I had to laugh yesterday evening.  I put turkey in the crockpot and planned on home canned beets for an easy dinner.  I was in bed watching the cooking channel doing some handiwork (with feet up).  He was really enjoying it.  I went to fetch clothes from the washer to put on drying racks, and he said "Look they are making turkey quesadillas.  Let's make those."

He literally went to the kitchen and made them for us.  They were very good.  We used pepper jack cheese.  Delicious.

I think I have my husband hooked on the cooking channel when he gets home from work.  I better be careful though.  Spring will be here in no time, and we'll be back to the garden in the evenings.  Meanwhile, we'll  just enjoy watching it.  We love Farmer and the Foodie.

On a sad note, I received an email that a old classmate of mine, passed away yesterday.  Her daughter found her at her desk with headphones on.  She was experiencing upset stomach, and couldn't eat for the two days prior to this, and did not seek medical help.  Such sad news to all of us.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Pumpkin Bread

I seem to be spending the first half of my day in the kitchen.  I threw together a zucchini breakfast bake and topped it with freshly grated parmesan cheese.  There is spinach in it too.  I didn't use a recipe.  I just tossed some things together.

I had some thawed pumpkin to use up, and got out my old trusty cookbook. Wow!  I haven't made pumpkin bread in years, and it called for 3 cups of sugar.  That is a lot of sugar for one loaf.  

I went online of course and found one that was a low-sugar recipe.  I didn't have white whole wheat flour, but adjusted to what I had on hand.

I totally forgot to take a photo of it, but it was delicious.  I swapped out the coconut oil for canola.  I just didn't see it staying in a liquid form after adding cold milk and cold pumpkin puree.  It turned out good and my pumpkin puree didn't go to waste. Recipe is called Healthy Pumpkin Bread from Cookie and Kate.

Daughter E is now volunteering for the Humane Society and a charity that gives out food to those in need.  So proud of her.

What is your go-to, crowd pleasing stove top made vegetable?  Not crock pot, but stove-top?  My oven will be busy with baked chicken, so I'm trying to come up with something other than green beans, and nothing with potatoes.  I could steam broccoli, but not everyone likes broccoli.  Hm.  I found a recipe for creamy mashed cauliflower that sounds pretty good too.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

This and That.

Our warm and toasty home just went to cold and not very comfortable.  Guess the heat will be back on until the wood stove door glass is replaced.  Yeah, my husband went to shut it and bam!  Glass broke for some reason.  I just had it replaced about 4-5 years ago.  Sigh.

I'm looking for a USA made pepper corer.  Not the ring type, but the metal gadget with handle.  I have found zero.  I wanted one for garden season next year for bell peppers.  Amazon is no help.  They put "USA" in titles of items, but when you go to the description it says "made in china."  I tried Lehman's as well. Nothing.  I saw it on a cooking channel and have emailed, but haven't gotten an answer back.

It looks something like this, but with a wooden handle and handmade in the USA.  If you know where to get one, please comment.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Breakfast Using Leftovers and other tidbits. . .

I ended up making a breakfast soufflĂ© yesterday, using up leftover sausage patties diced, and leftover homemade bread.  While I was in the kitchen I tossed together a meatloaf for dinner.

I finally (finally) finished Daughter K's cardigan!!!!!!  She is so happy and so am I.  She said, "do you want a photo for your blog?"  Ha ha ha!  Of course!

The cardigan was the biggest project I have ever attempted.  I frogged several times, and learned a lot from doing this project.  I learned to crocheted "hidden" pockets and more.  It's very comfortable and warm, and perfect timing as we woke up to 20°F (feels like 11°F).

The wood stove is warming up the house nicely, but I have zero intentions of going outside, other than to tend the hens, and get the mail today.  I have a cough now.  Most likely from being out in the wind all weekend, but treating it with medicinal teas and what not.

The world has already gone mad, and now 3 men have been seen during the wee hours of the night in our town (we are on the outskirts) are trying to steal tires/rims off trucks.  Two occasions so far.  

I just realized I will need to suit up and fetch wood.  We need to restock the porch. I'm just thankful for the dead trees the boys fetched for us.  They are burning so nicely. 

Monday, December 6, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday

I am starting to dread weekends.  I write out the to-do list, and my husband completely changes it.   I literally had to wait for 5 hours for him to return from helping cut pine for grave blankets.  He admitted his help wasn't needed, and he mostly did visiting.  I was not happy. 

Anyway, he did get a few small must do jobs done at the house, but the list remains and I'm starting to add to it.

Sunday morning there was no sleeping in for us.  At 7:30am a dump truck and back hoe pulled in to do repairs on the driveway.  While the boys were here they went out to the "back 40" and hauled some trees up to split (that had fallen down over the summer).

While he installed a new pull string on the splitter, I knocked nails out of old barn wood to cut for kindling.  Later in the day I went out for kindling and saw 3 hawks circling.  I had good timing with that and locked up the chickens.

We split enough wood for about a week, before we quit for the day.  We had to stop, as Daughter E came out and my husband did an oil change on her car for her, then put new rungs on the chicken ramp for me.  I was thrilled to cross off some of the honey-do list finally.

Mom is out of the hospital.  The recliner we ordered for her back in August is finally in transit, however may not arrive until as late as February.  Although she is back to getting meals on wheels, she is insisting one of us take her grocery shopping (again).  Covid is ramped in the area, so I suggested she just make a list.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.
I will join up after she posts this morning.

The weather . . .

48°/21°F,  Chance of a morning shower. Decreasing cloudiness and windy. Morning high of 48F with temps falling to near freezing. Winds W at 25 to 35 mph.

It rained late afternoon yesterday, and we got lots of it.

How I am feeling this morning . . .

 Well, the both of us are feeling hard work in our muscles, from the work we did on Sunday.  

On my mind . . .
Daughter K pulled all my cookie recipes last year and miss filed them.  I am missing one recipe. I will have to go thru the entire recipe box soon to find it.  Daughter E had a cookie baking party for her co-workers, and I was trying to help give her what she needed to make the cookies. She bought butter in a tub (yuck) to make cut-outs.  Ha ha!  I explained to her what she needed and loaded her up with supplies.

Something Christmas related I've done the past few days . . .
Get Christmas cards out and index cards to write and mail a recipe to a few people.

Christmas movie I watched . . .
The Prince, Single All the Way

What I am wearing today  . . .
Sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt.  I have zero plans to go anywhere today.  I do need to make a grocery list and make a quick trip this week.  We are low on fresh veggies and fruits.

On my reading pile  . . .
My Bible

On today's to-do list  . . .
-write out a grocery list
-Bake a breakfast
-plan dinner
-do dishes
-finish up any laundry
-master bath

On my TV . . .
Shooter, Step-Mom (netflix, which is available for free until the end of December)

What I am listening to  . . .
The radio, Christmas Rock 

On the menu this week . . .
-have no idea, will work on it this morning.

From the camera . . .

Looking around the house . . .
I started cleaning out a shelf in my kitchen (that's behind a curtain vs. a door), to make room for my dutch oven.  I found a box way in the back with a digital camera in it.  Later I pulled open some drawers and found 3 more (one of ours that was broken, sent out for repair twice), and lots of cords.  I extreme cleaned all of that up, and gave one working camera to a daughter.  I had to laugh.  One camera took actual film.  I'm unable to donate it, so it'll find a new home soon.

In preparation for the Holidays . . .
Nothing really.  Just checking the freezer and pantry for supplies for a nice meal for us here at the house. 

On my prayer list . . .
Our nephew R.  He has covid.  So far his wife and kids have not gotten it.  There are more and more close to us that are getting sick (again, and had already gotten it).  Mom.