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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Count down . . .

Here's a few more Christmas items around the house this year.

Here is the famous bathroom (white) Christmas tree.  It continues to have red lights and ornaments this season. I had planned to buy blue lights and put some antique blue ornaments on it this year, but that will have to wait for another year.

Yesterday, about 3pm, I announced to the kids that I was heading to my room to watch TV and crochet.  One response was, "You can't do that!  It's only three o'clock!"  

My response, "Oh yes I can!  Dinner is in the crocky and your Dad is working late (and this ding dong crazy woman thought she could get a handmade Christmas present finished before Christmas, so she's madly crocheting the days away now)."

Sadie visited the vet yesterday.  She had her staples removed.  The test results are back too.  There was no cancer of the spleen itself.  The tumors that caused the bleeding were removed in surgery, so this can indicate that she could live for many years.  It's not really something the vet can determine.  A dog could live for years without a spleen.  We'll just have to keep her diet nutritional, and get her good exercise.  She is looking better and can now resume normal running and playing fetch.

I forgot to link the recipe we made yesterday.  It's one of our favorites - Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili.  I add extra sweet potatoes and we do top it with a dab of organic sour cream.  It is a crock pot recipe too.  

After my laundry and floor chores (and barn duties) are done, I plan to abandon all other work and crochet.  It could be an all-day crochet-a-than for me.  Too bad I don't know any gal-pals with unfinished projects.  We could sit around, chat, sip beverages, snack, and get our work done in a day.  If only I had thought of this back before Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, I don't know many folks who crochet and knit, that I am friends with.  It's does sound fun anyway.

It appears we could get a storm here around Christmas Eve.  Next on my list?  Make sure all animal feed is well stocked, firewood is restocked on the porch, and jugs of water are restocked.

1 comment:

Mama Pea said...

Shucks. A day (or two!) before Christmas for all of us to sit around together, keeping company and getting loads of headway made on last minute handwork projects . . . another great reason why we should all move to a close-by location where we could support and help each other in real life! (If only, huh?)

Sooo glad to hear Sadie has gotten a clean bill of health!