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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Seasons Changing and other Ramblings

The leaves are not only changing colors here, but falling to the ground already.  I'm not ready for it, but fall is a beautiful change, and it's when things slow down.  Well, expect for the fact we need to start splitting wood.

The deer are on the move the last few days.  The top two were trying to cross the highway, and the buck was already across the road heading into some woods. I sat on the porch sipping coffee a darn raccoon decided to cross over into our property and into the ditch tree line.

. . . and they're out!  All 100-some of them.  Tomato tally for the year - (paste) 220.68#.  Of course I brought in more green ones, but those can wait for now.

I've been terrible about getting around to everyone's blog.  I hope to do that this week.


Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 We got rain as predicted and I was happy.  I hopefully will have an easier time doing some digging in the garden.  I doubt I'll have much, but it must be done.

Yesterday's dinner was beef stew.  I whipped up some homemade biscuits too.

I still don't have a vehicle, and everyone working here is working long hours.  I had no milk.  I had to make these using powdered milk.  They were still good.

As for a vehicle, my car is supposed to get towed this week or next to get the new engine.  Cross you fingers.  It's been so long since I had the freedom to go out when I want or need to.  Living in the country I have no options but to rely on others as well.

I am back to my to-do list, but first I'll see if we got any good sized beets out there.  Then I'll make up a list of what I need and send it out to everyone with a vehicle in this house.  Just maybe, just maybe someone can bring it home for me.

I hope all is well with everyone.  With the garden slowing down, and my days not so long, it feels strange so I'm trying to allow myself to have handiwork time without guilt.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday


I had a very relaxing island getaway weekend with my husband.

We came back fully recharged mentally and physically.  I've got my to-do list written out and ready to take on the day.

The island has a huge wild flower area and you can't see from the photo, but it is loaded with mullein.  I could not believe how much was in this area.

Grab a cup of your favorite java.  Sorry, but this post is a bit of a long one.  Taking a few days off gives me some things to talk about today.

Before we left I got 3# of tomatoes in the freezer, and I'm drying all the skins for tomato powder.

We are still getting a few nice sized green bell peppers from the garden.  I haven't yanked the plants yet, and with rain coming, I'm leaving them in for now.  It's been a blessing to get so many this year.

I finally got the garlic harvest down from hanging and will be planting the larger ones today for my fall planting.  These will be planted in grow pots.

We won't run out of hot peppers this winter.  It'll be nice to have on hand for soups, chili, pizza toppings, all sorts of casseroles, breakfast and whatnot.

I also got locked in on our pre-pay propane rate before winter is here.  Glad I remembered to do it.

If you asked for the home canned ketchup recipe I updated my last post with the link, where it is on my blog.

Today I'm joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

The weather outside is . . .

The rain has now shifted from Tue/Wed to today.  So....with help of a daughter, and my husband, we picked all my black beans and we fall planted 52 cloves of garlic.  Although, I do need to plant more, but will need to buy it if I can find it so I have enough for next year's homemade garlic powder, minced garlic and so forth.  I use a lot of it with my canning recipes.  I also picked 3 more green bell peppers and one lonely cucumber.

Anyway, back to the weather, rain is 90% today, 78°F/48°F.

How I am feeling this morning . . .

Well, ready to take on the day, but a certain cat thought I needed to start my day at 3:30am.  He's not even my cat.  Sigh.

On my mind . . .

My to-do list.  I already checked off two for today that we did yesterday, so that makes my mind rest a bit.  I'm not looking forward to the shift my husband is working, as that puts all the garden work on me alone this week (one day at a time).

On the breakfast plate . . .

Bacon, Egg and Potato Casserole, Coffee

On my reading pile . . .

Seed catalogs.

On my TV . . .

We signed up for beast TV, so now with a box we can get all sorts of channels.  Hubby watched his favorite football team play last night and he's a happy man.

On the menu . . .

-beef stew, homemade biscuits

-homemade biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and fried potatoes

-roast, potatoes, onions and carrots

-possibly a cake or sweet item on the menu this week.

On the camera. . .

Picture of the moon I took last Friday night.  Strangest shape I have ever seen, but neat to see.

Looking around the house . . .

Well, the tomatoes are dwindling down, but at least the dishes were washed before I got home after our weekend away.  Romeo needs his toys restocked so one of these day I'll get that done.  He's acting up lately.

New recipe I tried last week or one I want to try . . .

Kahlua Krisipe Treats using homemade Kahlua.  I'll be test tasting these at dinner.

To relax this week I will . . .

Crochet. Maybe work on Christmas tree ornaments.

Something to share . . .

On my prayer list . . .

This country (FL and Idaho have lifted all restrictions, and FL said they would never shut down again and banned fines for people not wearing masks), my youngest daughter, our family, and any personal requests.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Canning Ketchup


I spent the day yesterday reducing ketchup and it was canned.  So happy for this to happen twice this year.  

Updated:  Here is the link on how I make my ketchup - Canning Ketchup.

The weather here has been amazing.  I'm already writing out my to-do list for next week.  There is much to yank from the garden yet, but I'm thrilled for more tomatoes.  I will be taking a peek at what's left on the plants (tomatoes) and yank a few more today.

While the ketchup reduced, I got online and ordered some Christmas pajamas.  I can't lie, it sort of got me excited for the holidays, although it may just be us.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

More Canning ~ Tomatoes


I canned another (and the last) batch of hot pepper jelly  I've already had two people say they would buy a jar.  I have 3 hot banana peppers left to freeze, but a bag full of jalapenos.  I'm tempted to give them away ha ha!

I tried a new recipe for dinner last night.  Crockpot Taco Chicken soup.  It was okay, but nothing fantastic (but filled our tummies).  I made buttermilk cornbread to go with it.

Believe it or not, the tomatoes and I have another date with canning.  I'll be checking the remainder I brought in and start freezing some.  I am pretty sure I am getting down to where there is not enough to can anything specific, although I may do a small batch of crushed tomatoes.  I'm just thankful for a good tomato year.

Things are looking so-so in our area.  On a good note, one daughter said that fast food joints in the "Big City" are now opening their lobby area.  On another downside, they are some restaurants shutting down due to someone getting sick or a patron (for deep cleaning).  We are just eating at home and avoiding shopping until needed. 

Okay, I need to take a dog out (he's an early riser) and get cracking on the tomatoes.  I'd like to have some crochet time today.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Still Canning and other tidbits

Yesterday I had to get some hot peppers taken care of.  I canned 5 1/2 pints hot pepper mustard sauce and 7 jars of hot pepper jelly.  I also got a few more bell peppers frozen.  All that, including washing some dishes and taking dogs in and out several times, and I called it quits by 2:30pm.  I put turkey/zucchini meatballs in the crocky and picked turnips for dinner.

I gotta get cracking on my to-do list today again.  There was a lot I didn't even get started on.  I am motivated by another weekend off from the kitchen and garden.  I only brought in another 7.5# of tomatoes, so some can sit and wait on me.


Monday, September 21, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday

 Woke up Saturday to 42° (feels like 39°F).  I knew it was coming, but man I was not ready.  I do know that it's just for a short time though.  It'll warm up again.  However, we canceled the one and only last camping trip we had booked.  Way to cold to be camping in a pop up (even with a few small heaters in there).

Instead we went on 2 motorcycle rides.  I gifted a hand crocheted blanket to our friend's daughter who had a baby shower over the weekend.  

Keeping my to-do list here to stay on top of things today:

-can hot pepper jelly

-dinner in the crocky (turkey meatballs, chili sauce)

-label more canned jars and put in pantry

-write up grocery list


-refill paprika


-check emails

-get a crochet set up for sale

-there's more but can't think of it until I walk by it or remember

This is probably the most boring homemaker post you'll see.  Just a lot going on here emotionally and physically.

Today I'm joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

The weather . . .


How I am feeling . . .


On my mind . . .

My youngest daughter.

On the breakfast plate . . .


On my reading pile . . .


On my TV . . .

Heart of Dixie

On the menu this week . . .

Have no idea.

From the camera . . .

I got nothing.  Sadly.

Looking around the house . . .

I still have tomatoes in my kitchen. 

New recipe I tried last week . . .

We tried a new baked green bell pepper "fry" recipe and it was delicious.  

To relax I will . . .


Something I want to share . . .


On my prayer list . . .

Our youngest daughter, for this Covid to go away so life can resume to normal.

Friday, September 18, 2020

The Start of the End ~ Garden Season

 While another batch of tomato soup reduced, I got some cherry and other tomatoes put in the dehydrator.

I yanked all of the hot pepper plants yesterday.  Such a good feeling to get them out.  We ended up getting 21.47# of jalapenos this year, making 4 batches of cowboy candy and even selling some.

I also started yanking tomato plants.  What's worth saving is being brought in before the weekend.  It's gonna be pretty chilly Saturday morning.  Woke up to 46°F this morning.

I some how got beef stew made in the crock pot as well, and I got one bite.  Hubby had 2 bowls before he accidentally dropped all of it and he said it was the best he's ever had.  Sigh.  Wish I had gotten a bowl, but he was so mad I didn't say a thing.  I will have to make it again.


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Jalapenos and other tidbits (new recipe tried)

The morning sunrise keeps reminding me winter is coming. It's moving direction way too fast.

The jalapenos are coming to an end.  I made a 4th batch of cowboy candy and I'm selling it.  We will not eat that much, but so thankful for having it for all my canning recipes, to put up in the freezer and use for meals.  I put more in the freezer for winter chili, baking, and other recipes (I use them a lot in my homemade breakfast meals).

Sage made it's way into the dehydrator and I started a tincture for winter.

Fresh Salsa.  Yum.

I took a look at the turnips.  Not large, but not small.  I thinned them out a bit and will leave them in as long as I can to hopefully have a good harvest.

Last night's dinner.  Chicken Tetrazzini (with a twist) using Jovial pasta, and baked bell pepper oven fries with homemade dip (the best ever, and I'm not a fan of panko).  The bell peppers were from the garden.  Recipe for the bell pepper fries can be found online with Delish. You dip in flour, then egg/water, then in panko/garlic/paprika etc.

I'll say it again.  I do NOT like the new blogger.  I'm too tired to figure new things out, and today I could not "revert" to the old blogger.  I am guessing that's why I don't see many posts from anyone anymore.  Maybe I'll post in the afternoons vs. my normal morning hour?  I dunno.  I'm up at 4:37am today.  Couldn't sleep, but have to make some tomatoes disappear.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Carrots, or lack there of....

I finally took a look-see at the carrots.  I managed to grow the world's smallest carrots in 5 months of watering.  Dang drought.  Oh well.  I can't leave them in the ground either.  They will never grow to size by Nov even if I left them in.  Sheesh.  We did get a chuckle out if though.  Our one daughter's rabbit will love to munch on some of these teeny tiny nibblets.

We've harvested 95 bell peppers so far this year.  The season for them is winding down.

We've harvested 19.47# of jalapenos so far this year.  They have done amazing this year.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Canning is in full swing

Big weather change here.

Canning is going daily lately.  I have to label all of this and put it in the pantry before I start chopping more tomatoes.  I brought in more.

The weather dipped to 45°F last night, so I brought in everything I could that was above ground.  The green bell peppers are about done.  I brought in 5 more bell peppers.  I have a few small ones on, but with the weather, they may not develop.  Hot peppers are on, but it's hard to tell how much more I'll get.

My life as I know it.