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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, December 22, 2014

Storm Prep ~ Second "Pop Test"

Sunday was a full work day here - wood pellets restocked, wood cut, split and stacked, animal feed restocked, and  chicken coop cleaned.  Water jugs were also filled. Around here any type of storm can cut out our electricity, and we have yet to buy our generator.  That's next on the preparedness list.

Tonight we are re-securing the snow fence, in anticipation of bad wind, rain and maybe snow.  We may even have a white Christmas this year.

Although they are talking about "storms" they are also saying it is not the worst storm to come through.  So we are praying for good travel weather for friends and family.

Next year I'll allow more time for Christmas gifts. This last project is not really that grand of a project, but more so time consuming.

It began in the yarn aisle at the store.

It was November.  I told Hubby to never leave my side (again) when we are out shopping together, and there is a yarn section in the store.  

When he left my side, I wandered.

I wandered right to the yarn aisle.  That is what has gotten me into trouble this year - taking on new projects so close to Christmas.

Last night Hubby and I did our second "pop test" with our home grown Dakota Black (non-gmo/organic) popcorn.

Absolutely delicious!  It popped almost all the kernels this time.  

Drying tip:  I simply put the ears of corn in a cardboard box near the wood pellet stove.  Every so many days, I would move the ears of corn around in the box to help rotate them to dry.  It worked perfect.  

I giggled to myself last night.  I felt like I was Carolyn in Little House on the Prairie, laying in bed eating popcorn with her Hubby (while he read).  Only we were watching Christmas movies.

We'll definitely be growing popcorn again.  What a nice, healthy snack too.  I'm glad my kids could experience too.

I may be sharing a few new recipes soon.  Youngest wants a "healthy dinner" for her birthday dinner, and she's picked out two new recipes to try. One involves thawing homegrown pumpkin (puree).


Mama Pea said...

We've been warned of really nasty weather for the next several days, too. Starting with rain, then freezing drizzle turning to snow. How's that for perfectly awful weather for those who have to travel for Christmas? Ugh. So far today the temp has hung around 35-36° so no ice or other bad stuff yet.

I love that you say your youngest has asked for a "healthy dinner" for her birthday. (As if you don't cook healthy all the time!) But I know what you're saying in that birthday dinner requests can sometimes include not-so-healthy goodies they don't get other times. You'll have to be sure to tell us what her special dinner turned out to be.

My Garden Diaries said...

Congrats on the yummy corn friend! It looks beautiful!!! And well done on getting ready for anything....I hope the storm wasn't too bad! Wishing you a blessed Christmas! Nicole xoxo

Sam I Am...... said...

So glad you got all that work done in order to "weather the storm" when it comes. It's such a good feeling to be prepared. I went today and got supplies for quite awhile and ingredients to make granola too.
Oh! BTW, I made that black bean and sweet potato chili and it is a real "Winner"!!! I love it! And crock pot too? Double win! Thank you so's a keeper!