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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Pulling what is left of the Garden and other chit chat

I should have pulled the last of the garden weeks ago, but you know how life goes.  I at least got the tomato plants and stakes pulled.  It's a start.  I'm still getting some hot peppers and picked one green bell pepper.

It's finally good weather to open the windows and left some fresh air inside.  The cool nights are so welcoming.

Daughter E is doing everything we have suggest to her to get better.  Our friend is home again, but on oxygen.

I baked us a strawberry crisp.  

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Dehydrating ~ and other tidbits

 I dehydrated more sage and rosemary, and started a sage tincture.

Daughter K did a door dash for her sister.  We sent a lawn chair (fresh air and sunshine), a box of tissues, immune boost vitamins, and a bottle of tea tree oil.  She still has a bad cough and congestion. 

She did a steam inhalation with eucalyptus oil the other day.

I did a check-in with Mom.  I took her a piece of breakfast frittata, some bandages and wound tape.  Her legs are so swollen from water retention (they even upped her meds) that her legs are leaking.  I'm very concerned about it, and may see if her insurance will cover an aide (to put her compression stockings on) and/or for her wound supplies. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Tuesday Tidbits

Monday was a busy day for sure.  I called Daughter E to ask if the homemade ginger-ale I delivered was helping with her nausea.  She has lost her smell, but not her taste.  She is moving around to keep her from getting worse, and getting sun and fresh air.  She's basically bored stuck there all by herself.  She has dug out her craft box and made some friendship bracelets.

I called Mom to check in and see if her 14 free meals arrived.  Unfortunately, she is not seeing any improvements and said she'll call her doctor. Oh, and no meals.  

Breakfast - sweet potato, onion, sausage, mad hatter and jalapeno peppers, collards and kale, and eggs.

Dandelion greens were blanched and frozen.  I dug into the jungle of our potato patch.  Zero.  Well, not really zero, but a teensy one on each plant.  Lack for and too many super hot days was the problem this year.

I submitted a vendor request form to a business that is similar to one in the "Big City" but haven't heard back yet.  The one in the "Big City" was too expensive to rent and offered one table space to sell my handiwork.  

However, some great news!  I may be selling some things at a store on the island next summer season.  So excited.  I'll be working on those items this winter.  I've also spoken to the owner of the General Store in another town.  I've emailed them a photo of my jar grippers to sell there.  I pray it all works out. 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday


We had a beautiful sunrise Sunday morning.  After shopping for Mom and Daughter E (and door dashing), we retired at the house with playing cards on the porch.  We have been exhausted, so I'm hoping we both revived after last night's good sleep.  

I should have taken a photo of the cat food at Meijer yesterday.  Both Kroger and our Meijer in the "Big City" are bare.  There wasn't much to choose from, to buy for Mom's cats.

We stopped at 3 stores yesterday, and the shelves at Dollar Tree were bare as well.  We were able to buy Mom 5 boxes of tissues though.

The big "Bash" held in the "Big City" had 30 vendors not show up.  I haven't participated in the event in the last two years, but may next year if covid is not spreading as bad as it is this year.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. I will link up when she posts.  As you can see below, I have a lot on my to-do list.

On the breakfast plate . . . 
I'm thinking I'll bake a frittata of some sort.

Looking around the house . . .
There is a lot to do, since we were busy all weekend and took Sunday afternoon off to get some relaxation.

On today's to-do list . . .
-check potatoes in the garden
-tidy the kitchen
-unload the dishwasher
-bake a breakfast of some sort
-bake a crisp requested by my husband
-yank tomato plants
-replant indoor cilantro and parsley
-blanch and freeze greens
-slice up bell peppers for hubby's lunches
-start another jar of 4 thieves vinegar
-start sage and mullein tinctures
-start cleaning up computer area to prep and remove counters and whatnot to plan our weekend to rip up the kitchen floor
-make onion powder
-make calls to check in on Mom and Daughter E
-roast, puree and freeze pumpkins
-dehydrate basil, parsley and rosemary

(in no particular order, and for the week)

Currently reading . . . 

On the TV . . .
Army of One

The weather outside is . . .
A bit windy, low 80's, sunny

On the menu . . .
-Sweet Potato Chili
-breakfast for dinner

If I have a few minutes to myself, I will . . .
Most likely crochet and watch cooking shows if they are on.

New recipe I tried or one I want to try this week . . .
I still want to try the Kentucky pie, but my husband wants a crisp baked, so we shall see.

One of my simple pleasures . . .
Writing my blog.

Something fun to share . . .
I have nothing to share.

Favorite photo from the camera . . .

Praying for . . .
-Mom (health issues due to heart failure), Daughter E (has covid), our friend Hope (hospitalized due to covid) and her husband Steve (also has covid but at home), our friends L and M (recovering from covid)

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Cleaning ~ Weddings and Door Dashing


I spent Friday cleaning, washing laundry, tidying up, and sanitizing.

It was a great day to dry laundry outside on the line.  Pretty windy too.

I also spent my day making calls to check in on Mom and Daughter E.  Daughter E sounds like she is doing okay, and well supplied with anything to help her heal faster.  

Saturday we had two weddings.  One was outside, and we took camping chairs and sat way away from everyone.  The other one was way under way by the time we arrived, and hardly anyone there.  We literally spent 15 minutes are less there and went home.  We were exhausted, because we did a door dash for Daughter E, and did a check in on Mom.

We plan to do two door dashes today and then we plan on being back home to have a day of relaxation.  

Other than checking in on Mom and Daughter E, we plan on staying in our hidey hole from now on and working on things at the house.  No kids birthday parties, gatherings etc.  Our one friend with covid is now in the hospital with low oxygen.  Stay safe my friends.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Chilly Weather and random chit-chat

I think we are moving out of the temperature drop, and back into the 70's.  

Daughter E is sick.  We tried to buy her some zinc, but it was sold out.  We found her some vitamin D and C, and delivered her some 4 Thieves.  It was a door drop just to be safe, and thank goodness we did.  She went to the doctor and tested positive for covid.  Please pray for her and anyone she was in contact with.  

I sent Daughter K with another door drop for her with other medicinal items that could help her.  She lives alone with her cat, so I reminded my husband we need to door drop some cat food soon.  I pray she recovers quickly.  So many more at my husband's work are getting sick too.

I am dropping out of the craft show for all these reasons.  My Mom needs our help with food, cat food, household chores, getting the mail, putting trash out and many other things.  I can't put her at risk.  She literally cannot walk well, and needs someone to check on her physically vs. just a phone call. Stay safe my friends.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Rain and Wind ~ Dutch Oven Chili Adjusted ~

We are getting hit with a ton of rain and wind.  Flooding is happening in some areas.  The temperature has really dipped too.  We woke up to 48 degrees this morning.

I went scrambling for my chili recipe and could not find it.  I think I have too many tab options in my recipe box ha ha!

I found it in the "camping" recipes, but I adjust it to make on the stove and in the crock pot.

I basically cook the bacon and ground beef first on the stove top (or oven). Then put all remaining ingredients in the crock pot.  I add jalapeno for some heat too.

I'm putting the recipe here, but if you want to make it over a campfire, you'll need a dutch oven and hot coals.

Dutch Oven Chili

2 lbs. ground beef, organic
1/2 lb. bacon, organic
2 5.5 oz. cans tomato paste, organic
2 large yellow onions, diced
2 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 Tbsp. chopped celery (optional)
2 tsp. cumin
2 - 28 oz cans of whole tomatoes (I use frozen garden tomatoes when I have them)
3 -  16 oz. cans red kidney beans, organic, drained

I also cook the ground beef with the onions and add garlic last.  I then just add everything to the crock pot, and heat it on low all day long, but it has better flavor the next day too.  I have never added the celery, but that is optional.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Hot Peppers and other tidbits

I did one more picking of the hot peppers.  Some went with my husband to his work to share with co-workers.  Three trays of the rest went into the freezer.

I spent most of the day doing housework and laundry.  There was so much to catch up on.

There are two upcoming large outdoor fall festivals (prior to the one I signed up for selling crafts).  If more people become sick from attending these, I plan on pulling out of my commitment (craft show), for the safety of my mother.

 Once again, Mom's 14 free frozen meals arrived rotten and thawed out.  They are once again shipping another 14 meals.  I however, would personally tell them to not attempt it anymore.  We can pick up groceries, and although the free meals would have helped, delivery is just not going to happen with today's situation.

It's just that more and more people we know are getting sick from attending large event.  Too close to home for us.

It's 58°F this morning, with wind and rain.  

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Breakfast ~ New Flowers


Breakfast that I baked yesterday - onions, sweet potato, green bell pepper (forgot to add some hot peppers), sausage, garlic, eggs and chives.

I planted the flowers I bought over the weekend.  I love the new red ones.  The pictures were downloaded from my phone, so they are not great, but the dragon's breath is a bright and beautiful color.

The "Big City" held a large outdoor art event recently, and more and more people have gotten sick.  I may be making a decision on the October craft show.  I really, really want to do it, but I also have to think about Mom and being around her.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday


We are still getting some hot peppers.  Rain is in the forecast for the next 4 days.  I'm okay with that.  

We spent a lot of our weekend in the "Big city" running errands, visiting with Mom and taking her food.  Her 6th shipment of her 14 free meals never arrived.

Speaking of the "Big City" more and more businesses have reduced their hours due to lack of staffing.  Many are closing a few days a week, and many have hardly nothing on their shelves.

We went to Home Depot and picked up more organic gardening soil for the grow bags, and they are all set for the garlic.  I also picked up 4 more flowers to plant.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. 
I will link up when she posts.  I am heading out to plant my garlic before the rain arrives.

On the breakfast plate . . .
Not sure yet.  I do know it will involve one green bell pepper I picked, one sweet potato and sausage.

Looking around the house . . .
There is much to tidy up and move to prep for ripping up the kitchen floor.  We don't have a day set, but it has to be done before winter.

On today's to-do list . . .
-fall plant garlic
-freeze all those peppers I picked
-make a breakfast casserole
-dump dead flower pots and deadhead flowers
-print a copy of a recipe for Mom
-pack and label some seeds I dried
-place a few orders
-master bath
-clean up my computer/office area
-call senior center (to see if we can get Mom rides to her doctors when we are all unavailable)

Currently reading . . .
Mom gave me three books to read.  I decided on this one first.

On the TV this week . . .
Just finished Out Lander

The weather outside is . . 
Hot, rain for a few days, then a cool down midweek. 

On the menu this week . . .
-cheese sandwiches, home canned tomato soup

If I have a few minutes to myself I will . . .
Crochet.  Currently on the hook?


New recipe I tried or want to try . . .
I would like to try Kentucky Chocolate Chip Bourbon Pie.  It's not on the urgent list right now.

One of my simple pleasures . . .
Porch time, sipping hot coffee and reading letters that were written by or to my Dad that I really need to finish and pass on to the next person.

Favorite photo from the camera . . .

This morning's sunrise.

Praying for . . .
Mom's health, Daughter E, a few friends that are sick right now, the world

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Ground Cayenne

(dehydrate for 6-10 hours at 125°F, then grind into powder using a coffee grinder)

I finally got the dehydrated cayenne peppers ground into powder.  I believe I used my last spice jar, but I'm already set with homemade "fire powder"  (random mix of dehydrated hot peppers and ground into powder).  Look at that beautiful bold color next to the expensive organic store bought color.  

There have been 4-5 shipments of Mom's free 14 meals (via Fed Exp).  Non of which actually made it to her house.  There is another shipment that is due to arrive today.  

I have felt my uppity self lately.  Not sure if it's what's going on with our world, or the added stress and overwhelming race to get so many things done before winter. I'm just not feeling my motivated, good mood self.

Friday, September 17, 2021

America's Test Kitchen ~ Pamper Me Day

I love watching America's Test Kitchen and Cooks Country, however, it may get me into trouble with new items in the kitchen (ha ha!)

I have used homemade foaming hand soap in kitchen and bathrooms for years.  However, after watching America's test kitchen and reviews on a touch less sensor hand soap dispenser, my kitchen now has one.  Cooking and washing hands will be so much easier.  I have no idea how I have lived without this.  It does require batteries, but I'm always asking someone to squirt soap in my hands and turn on the water.  I love our new soap dispenser!  I may get ones for the bathrooms, but they are exactly cheap either.  I will see how well it holds up before making that decision.

The sensor responds immediately and you can control the amount of soap it dispenses.  There is a light that comes on when your batteries are low too.  Easy to fill, and has a clear tank to see how much soap you have in it. 

The weather looks like it will heat back up, so the hot peppers will remain in the garden.

I found a new camper lock  (with two keys) for our camper, and it was only $40.00 and it's a perfect fit.  Our nephew (previous owner) lost the keys and the lock didn't work.  Camper World had quoted us $180.00.

I finally got our pre-buy purchase done with our propane.  However, the price for pre-pay went up from $1.44/gallon to $1.78/gallon.   I can't imagine what it will be without the pre-buy rate.

I'm super excited!  I have booked a craft event for October.  It's outside so I am praying for good fall weather.  It looks like there will be many food options that day and lots of fun vendors. 

I drove to the "Big City" with another attempt to be beautified.  Daughter E got trained on highlights.  I also got a fresh do with a cut.  Now she can offer more services and make more money.

I guess Federal Express is having a terrible time getting drivers.  I have an account to check on my orders, but it's mainly one company that I do regular orders, and it has not arrived.  However, amazon orders seem to arrived timely.  They are using amazon vans to help with deliveries.

Mom is finally out of the hospital and back home.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Dehydrating ~ Tomato Season Ends ~ Seed Saving

 The storms are over, so the dehydrator was back at it.

Rosemary made it's way into it first.  Once that was ready to come out, trays were cooled and washed.

Cayenne peppers made there way in next.  

Tomato season is officially over.  I am freezing what I have left.  Sort of a sad tomato year, but thankful for what we did get.

My layers are slowing down in egg production, which has me thinking of water-glassing them again for long storage.

Seed saving continues, and I feel it is very important to do, especially this year with how things are going with our food system.

The insurance company has attempted to deliver my Mom's 14 free meals 4-5 times now.  So far, nothing has arrived (other than the first shipment with warm rotten food).

Woke up to 55°F this morning.  I'm pretty sure the hot pepper season may be coming to an end.  I guess we'll see.  We better start stocking up on firewood.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

How I killed some seed starts ~ How I ended up with so many serrano peppers and other bits

I started some cilantro and parsley seeds indoors, and they were doing great.  However, I had two spray bottles in the kitchen, and one is not labeled.  I have a 50/50 of vinegar and water in one (not labeled), and one with water.  

I was spraying the plants with water and they were doing great.  They other day I noticed them all dying.  Guess who used the wrong spray bottle?  Yep, ha ha!  Labeling the bottle and replanting.

Back when I was at the greenhouse picking out some plants for the garden that I didn't start from seed, I asked for "serrano" when I meant to ask for San Marzano (tomatoes).  That's how I ended up with 6 serrano pepper plants, ha ha!  I never figured it out until I went to plant, and that's how I ended up with so many.

I picked more hot peppers, and gave some away.  I am finally getting some cherry bomb peppers. Due to high price of disposable gloves I am rinsing off my gloves after slicing then, and reusing to remove them from the pan after flash freezing.

I did some deadheading while I was outside, because they needed it and rain was on the way.  

Daughter K got called in to work on her only day off (happens way too often).  While she was at work, King (on of her dogs) had a seizure.  It's very painful to watch, but I gave him as much comfort as I could.  Poor dog.

Mom is still in the hospital and getting more testing done.  She's not happy that she isn't home yet, and of course she isn't seeing us enough, so we are calling as much as we can.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Tuesday Tidbits

Monday's, after a vacation/getaway, are always discombobulated.  I never have a quick breakfast on had or a lunch to pack for my husband.  The plan this week, is to look up meals to freeze prior to a trip (or even before a weekend), that way we are prepped for Monday.

Mom was admitted into the hospital again.  They changed the rules again.  Now whoever takes her in, is the Emergency contact, and one person per day, with screening done upon entering the hospital.  It was much different the most recent time she was in the hospital.  Oh, no kids under 16 can visit either.

I spent my gas and time to head to the "Big City" to get my hair done (this was before I was notified of Mom's situation).  Daughter E made the appt. for me with her.  She was a no-show.  I was so upset I left and returned home.  I'll just call my old salon and get it done there.   I had planned to visit Mom after my hair appt. but with her admitted and one person per day rule, I could not (as my younger brother took her).

I had camper dishes to wash (we still haven't figured out the hot water heater issue in the camper).  I had other dishes needed put away, dishwasher to empty, laundry to do.  I went thru my email etc.  I made a breakfast frittata for the next few days, and made a chicken marinade for tonight's dinner. 


Terrible photo, but I used my cell phone and it's not the latest version and the greatest (not upgrading until it's on it's last legs).  A humming bird came to visit me while I was enjoying a well deserved adult drink on the porch.

My husband had forced overtime last night, and Daughter K worked until late.  I literally put things away early and went to bed early.  My husband was home very late and had a hard time getting up this morning.  At least this time I had a go-to packed breakfast that was healthy.  I just didn't have a lunch.  I offered to make a PB & J, but he was so tired he said he'll buy from the cafeteria at work.

I need to head out, to what's left in the garden, and bring in anything today.  Rain arrives and we really need it.  Our grass is all brown and the remaining garden is thirsty.

I have a craft show opportunity coming up in October, but it's literally for a 1 1/2 hour outside event.  I have a lot to take, so I'm debating if it's worth the haul and set up/tear down.

Thank you for you prayers and good thoughts for my Mom and Daughter K.  Daughter K is feeling a bit better, but we still need answers on Mom's situation.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday

We went on yet another camping adventure, and a well deserved retreat.  Just the outdoors, nature, card playing, music, campfires, campfire meals and time for us.

We drove to another city and picked up some of Mom's favorite popcorn (a different kind), got locally made ice cream and other treats.  We both laughed when we looked down and we both had on our slippers in the store (ha ha!).

I took my latest unfinished project I found in the closet and enjoyed the great outdoors.  Meals were cooked over the campfire.  Our camper has a radio that plays inside and outside, so we took advantage of that too.  We can't wait for the next adventure.


Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.
I'll link up when she posts (and I remember to, ha ha!)

Weather . . . 

Hot!  We had beautiful weather over the weekend.  Perfect for camping, but we are now back to hot weather.  90's.  Possibly rain Tuesday late and into Wednesday morning.   

How I am feeling this morning . . .

Revived and ready to get order in this homestead.  I'm also happy to have received a "paycheck" from the museum, where I sell handiwork.  I am not happy to see Daughter K left dirty dishes sit, but we came home to find out she had been sick over the weekend.

She went to Urgent care on Sunday evening and was told she is dehydrated.  Wearing a mask 8 hours a day, she is not drinking water.  We told her it's best to carry a water bottle or thermos at work from now on.

We visited Mom Sunday as well, when we returned home.  She's not really feeling any better.  

On the breakfast plate . . .

I have no idea, ha ha!  

Looking around the house . . .

Kitchen needs a major clean up.  Same with the living room, but then we have yet to set a date to rip up the kitchen floor.

On my reading pile . . .

I took a book to the campground,  but spent most of my relaxing time doing crochet work.  I'll post it a picture of it tomorrow.  I hope to start reading it, now that the garden is slowing down.

On my TV . . .

Click Bait, Netflix

On the menu this week . .

-Roasted Turkey, Sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts
-Pork chops/BBQ sauce, quinoa and a veggie

From the camera . . .

*see camping photos at the top of this post

I am thankful for . . .

...whatever we are getting from the garden, for our recent camping trip, for coffee, good friends, family

I am hoping to . . .

I haven't really had time to think on this, since returning from our camping trip.  Definitely hoping to get more camping in before the end of the season.

Something fun to share . . .

The "Big City" has these robots that roam the sidewalks.  They pick up and deliver food.  How they can safely cross roads is crazy.  They just crack me up when I see them.

Prayer list . . .

Mom (her health), our country (our rights, what a mess),  Daughter K (overwhelmed, dehydrated)

Friday, September 10, 2021

Apron Day

There was so much I needed to get done before the weekend.  I did some calculations and made a small batch of tomato sauce.  I'm so happy about that.

Next?  A batch of meatballs.  I would rather buy fresh meat to do this than frozen, and didn't realize all I had to get done.  It's a lot easier to get these frozen before more goes into the freezer.  One year I smashed them, trying to get them in the freezer on baking sheets.

I froze more bell peppers, boiled eggs for egg salad.  I wanted to get egg salad made to take to Mom to increase her iron.

Has anyone cooked with black garlic?  I finally got mine, but now I'm wondering can I use it as is or do I need to put it through a process with oil to use?   I read where you place the bulbs in a crock pot on warm, but not sure.  It is soft already, so I'm wondering if I just refrigerate it and use.  Would love advice on this.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

The to-do list continues. . .


I have a lot on the to-do list this week.  Gosh.  I totally wish it was canning tomato sauce, but I don't think that's gonna happen.  Not unless a family member has tomatoes they want to get rid of.  So what's on the list that got done yesterday?

I canned hot pepper jelly.  Gave some hot peppers to my sister who was in town visiting Mom.

Made a breakfast scramble with steak, sausage, eggs, hot peppers, and cheese (burritos).

Took a few more totes upstairs and cleaned up an area of the bedroom (I've been pulling craft supplies from the closet).

Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, and washed canning dishes.   There were many things on the list that didn't get done, so I'm back at it today.  I do feel it's the end of tomato season for me.  I'll watch it over the next few days, but mostly I'll be yanking plants soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Random Tidbits

In lieu of the kitchen floor project discovery, I sliced and diced yesterday to get some tomatoes off the tables.  

Ketchup was canned.  I love Amish paste, I cut less, because they weigh more.  I may have to mix it up next year to ensure I have enough for all things tomato.  I may plant 3 types of paste tomatoes.  

I started to drain rain barrels and flip them upside down for winter.  We were supposed to get rain last night but did not.  We really needed it too.

Picked hot peppers, and there were a good amount to pick.

I froze two more trays of mad hatter peppers.

My husband told me twice he was bringing dinner home.  Guess who walked in the door with no dinner?  Yep.  I was tired.  He was tired.  I made adult cheese sandwiches (Recipe is online with America's Test Kitchen).

Daughter K has been a Godsend in helping with Mom's appts. She not only picked up the transport wheelchair and shower stool, but also took her to two appts, and one was to get her hair done.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Wham Bam Slam

 Conversation with my husband....

"Hey, Mom gave me her set of red glass dishes to put in the glass door hutch.  In order to do that we have to jack up the floor first."

Well, that was followed by an entire day of trying to access under the kitchen with two accesses we already have.  Didn't happen.  We created a 3rd.  Got in a few feet, and dug out some dirt to get to the beam.  

Jacked up the floor only after an entire day of work, to find we have dry rot.

Guess who is ripping out their kitchen floor?  Yep.  We can't do sister joists from the access.  No room for anyone to get in.  Seriously old house problems.  Guess I'm gonna get new kitchen flooring out of this now.  Just what we don't need.  I may live with a wood floor until next year, and put new flooring in the kitchen.

On the same day, after all that bad news, we went to town to pick up a new recliner we bought for Mom.  We picked it up, delivered it, and once it was inside we discovered it was the wrong chair.  We packed it back up and took it back.  Delivery date for the right one??  12 weeks.  Sigh.

On the good side of this, we found out before winter.  On the bad side, it's canning season.

Mom's 2nd delivery attempt of her 14 free meals failed.  They never arrived, so we picked up a few hot meals.  My younger brother was off over the weekend, so he (what I call "granny rigged") added handles, hooks and what not to her home to make it much easier for her to get around.

Oh, her appetite is back.  Such good news that the new medication is working in more ways than one.  Today we are working on getting a transport wheelchair and a shower stool for her.  She would very much like to get her hair done, which would make her feel much better.

I'm beginning to tarp down more grass between 2 flower beds to make mowing much easier, but those tarps will stay down all winter and we'll tackle that area next year.  Not sure, but I think I'll add a few flowering bushes and perennials in that area.

Labor day weekend was full of labor for us.  Thankfully, Monday we were able to have a somewhat restful day.  We grilled steaks on the porch and relaxed.  We didn't get time to play cards, as he worked on fixing Daughter K's blinker too.  I was thankful to get my husband's famous bacon omelets Monday for breakfast.  Those two steaks cost us $42.00!! 

Daughter T came for a visit with our grandson.  I sent her home with two kids wooden, handmade rockers we had in the garage, along with a few other items (so thankful to get more purged).  More went out by the road that was basically junk, but a scraper may pick it up, which would be nice for us.

 China is buying up US businesses and farm land, and it's very scary of what will/my happen to this country now. 

Friday, September 3, 2021

I'll be back

 Utterly exhausted and overwhelmed.  I will be back with posting soon.

Hot Peppers and tidbits

I had a mess of hot peppers to take care of, so I made one last batch of hot pepper jelly.  I'll be freezing the rest, or using them in recipes such as salsa etc.

I froze a bunch of mad hatter peppers.  I'll use these in recipes that call for red bell pepper and in many recipes.  I have a ton more to freeze today or I lose them.

Army worms have invaded our state.  I have yet to see any at our property, but some friends are dealing with their entire yards gone.

I brewed up a batch of homemade ginger ale for Mom.  She has had no appetite and loves my ginger ale.  I wanted to make her favorite snack, but decided it was best to not right now.  She says the only thing she can eat right now are tomatoes and popcorn.  My tomato plant has new tomatoes on, but nothing ready to pick, so we'll check the produce down the road.

Speaking of Mom, she has had two more falls since I last posted.  We went into town last night and helped do some things and feed her cats, but didn't get home until dark.

Daughter K had to work late, so we had dog duty, had to feed her cat, put the chickens in and when that was all done we were literally drained of any mental/physical energy.

My kitchen sink and counters are full of dirty dishes, laundry was left on the line all night, I didn't have time to make a breakfast for my husband to take to work this morning, and we are both mentally and physically exhausted.