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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Blueberries and Red Onions?

The thought of blueberries and onions peeked my curiosity.  So, in honor of my Aunt, I picked a recipe from the Country Woman magazine she sent me.  I chose "Savory Blueberry Onion Jam."   The recipe uses a lot of red onions and some blueberries.  It even uses honey. 

I have to admit, I borrowed daughter's goggles to cut up the onions, but used my food processor to chop them all up.  The recipe came from the person's Aunt too.  According to the magazine, it was a winner in a contest.

Check out all those onion peelings!  If I had something to dye this fall, I would use them for a dye.

The only problem was I had well more than 6 - 1/2 pints.  I emailed the magazine to find out if there was a mistake in ingredients or in yield, and am waiting to hear back.  I followed it exactly as written in the magazine (which is also online).  I hope their ratio of onions to blueberries was correct.   

Update (9/25/14):  I received an email back, but with more questions for them, they are to get back with me again.  As far I know, they are telling me 16 cups of onions should reduce to 6 cups.  It did not happen for me, and I got well more than 6 - half pints, so I am using it to try with other recipes.  They have since changed the name, and you now have to register to view the recipe.  Our first taste test revealed an "ok" but not an "awesomely good make it again" rating.  We won't be canning this recipe again. 

Vegetable Soup:  Does not work well due to the balsamic vinegar

Roasted vegetables:  Works well

We'll update as we try it with other recipes.  Possibly a french onion soup or black bean and corn salsa (basically any recipe that uses red onions and balsamic vinegar, because the vinegar is very evident in the flavor of it).

I'll update this when I find out if the recipe and yield are correct.  This might be good on pork tenderloin.  

I'm starting to pull plants from the garden now.  Still preserving, but ready to remove dead stuff and get it ready for winter.  We finally go our rain last night, so weeding will be much easier now.  The temperature got up to the 90's and felt like 100° yesterday.  Today, it is to cool down to a high of 70°, but more rain.  A huge drop in temperature.

I worked on a stitched card last night, but was too lazy to take a photo of it.  I'll try to share on another post.


Sam I Am...... said...

What an interesting combination. Did it taste good? that's all I'm ever interested in is the taste. LOL! Your idea of having it with pork sounded like a great idea.
I can't wait to see your "stitched card".
We're supposed to get rain and cooler temps too thank goodness as it was 97 yesterday.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

We haven't tasted it yet, but will post an update when we do.

Michelle said...

Let me know how it tasted. I am still waiting for my tomatoes to finish ripening so I can plant my fall/ winter garden.

EMMA said...

Blueberries and red onions - that must taste amazing.