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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, September 22, 2014

Clearing the Mess ~ Rainbow

I'll admit, the computer sometimes interferes with my ability to be prudent with time well spent.  I'm getting better at it.

The weekend went by too fast.  Laundry was put out early, recycling was gathered and delivered,
eggs boiled, green peppers frozen, and tables were somewhat cleaned off.  I ran out labels for my jars so I resorted to labeling my lids with a sharpie.  I roasted two more pie pumpkins and got those pureed and frozen as well.  I weighed the potatoes I had left after dinner the other night - seven pounds (not enough to can yet).  As soon as the wind dries up the dirt, I can dig up the remaining.

I've got to do some finagling in my own room, to create a table for crafting, so I can move a project from the kitchen to there as well.  That will free up more space. 

The weekend did not end without some weed wacking, or wood stacking either.  Winter will be here before we know it.  I want to be prepared. 

I found a use for all those envelopes Son brought back from SC, that were glued shut from the heat down there.  I cut the very tops off and filled them with seeds.  They make great seed saver packets for me.  

Shortly after dinner time it rained again for a quick shower.  It was cold, windy and felt like winter would be here tomorrow.  Daughter came running inside.

There was a beautiful rainbow when the rain stopped and the sun came out for a bit.  I just got a photo before it disappeared.

Big Boy is getting studded out later today.  The goat owner attempted to sell her goats, but could not a buyer, so she opted to breed one more year.  She wanted a registered, pruebred lamancha, and she saw our add for our doelings for sale.  She inquired, and Big Boy now has a few dates.

We did get an offer for the two doelings, but the buyer wants us to deliver them one hour from here.  We do not have a trailer, so we are searching for one to borrow,  Praying we find a trailer of some sort.  It would be nice to find them both a new home.

I have another kiddo home sick for the second (maybe it's the third, I lost track) time again.  She has a fever, vomiting, she is shaking, and has a mean headache.  This sickness is being passed around at school, and continues to find a way back into our home.  This is the part of public school I do not like.  Our school is Pre-k thru 12th, all in one building.  It's the pits for germ growth.  So, I am mixing up elixir today and giving everyone a dose, and making more medicinal tea for the sick one.  

On a good note, I got to skype with Son in California last night.  I joked and asked him if he was donating to the "ship to Son" fund.  I held up items and he told me what he wants shipped out to him.  I have to admit, after seeing myself on the skype screen, I myself, look tired, run down and haggard.  I believe I will try to take it easier this week, and get more rest (if that is possible).



Sam I Am...... said...

You do have a lot going on but then it is fall...a sign to gather up and get ready to hunker down.
I'm working outside all this week;cooler temps and no rain in the forecast.
You looked great in your camping photo so you're probably just worn might want to take a nap today. Don't let your immune system get down. I'm not a nap person but I must admit when I am really not getting anywhere fast I will sit in a chair and close my eyes and take a little "power nap" for about 10-15 minutes and it's amazing how it refreshes you. Take care!

Liz said...

I have really been trying to limit my computer time too! Beautiful rainbow! Our little grandson sure seem to be the little germ spreader around here. Glad we have just had colds, that other stuff sounds terrible! Hope you stay healthy!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I think we are our own hardest critics. You probably don't look as bad as you think. :)
I admit that since June I've lost weight...and my skin is starting to droop a little...and the cheeks...sinking. Blech!
I can see why you may be tired for run circles around me! I get tired just reading about all you do! (though, NOT tired of reading it.)
Hope you get the 'taters out before the ground starts to get too wet.
Glad you're getting to skype with your Man-child!
Oh! and firewood...we've been getting our stack ready too.
take care, rest some and I agree with Sam I am...
a 10 min. power nap...does wonders!