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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Carrots are finally done.....

It was another long day of indoor and outdoor chores yesterday. 

Dinner was in the crock pot early in anticipation of
a work day ahead

-organic pork tenderloin, and leftover home canned BBQ sauce (pulled pork BBQ sandwiches), roasted potatoes with rosemary.

Laundry was put on the line.

Pie pumpkins were roasted, pureed, and cooled in pint containers (to freeze).  

These smelled so good when they were roasting.

More carrots were scrubbed, peeled, sliced, and blanched for freezing.  There are a few strays left, but those are going in the fridge for snacking and whatnot.  The tops went to "Big Boy" and our indoor pet rabbit.  The peelings went to the other goats and a bit tossed to the chickens.

This time, I saved the blanching water to use for vegetable stock this winter.  I simply poured it into freezer containers and labeled them.  You can also water your house plants with this.  Normally, I just let it cool and pour it into my herb garden.

The chicken coop was cleaned.    I mean, why not clean it when I was already covered in sweat?  Sparta and the ladies will be happier now.  I collected the eggs.  Days are warm, and nights are cool, so I tossed some extra straw into their roosts.

More of the garden was cleaned out.  Those are just the weeds I pulled to get to the carrots.

Picked Peppers.  The garden is not done just yet.  We've been blessed with a good harvest this year.  I got all the hot banana peppers sliced and froze yesterday too.  The rest will have to wait until Saturday.

Dug up some potatoes for dinner - roasted with rosemary for a healthier "french fry."  The remainder will be canned.

Took five minutes for myself on the front porch. 

Typically I whine and moan when it's coop cleaning day, but this time I didn't complain.  Hubby works hard every day for his paycheck, and endures that one hour drive there and back, so I need to work harder and not complain.  Although I did show Hubby what I have to do, to preserve our carrots, and told him a root cellar next year would really help us out.  He agreed.  We tried keeping potatoes inside, and there really isn't a good place, not even the garage.

I was so exhausted by nightfall, I never picked up knitting needles or my crochet hook.  Nor any other handicraft.  

This morning's sunrise was beautiful.  Gorgeous pinks and light blues.  

What's in store for this weekend?  I am pretty sure we'll be doing yard work, splitting wood, and digging up more potatoes.  Then it's an all-out house cleaning that needs done.  I think the kids are on board with me too.  We are all ready to see the tops of the kitchen tables and be able to eat at them, ha ha!  I keep reminding them that this time of year doesn't last forever, and to enjoy the porch(s) as long as they can before we are hunkered down inside for the winter.

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Liz said...

You sure will be stocked up for winter! My garden is still producing LOTS! Found some beets today I forgot I planted. Hope you get sometime to sit back and relax tonight.