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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Farm Logo and Other Farm Occurrences

Last night my son finished his drawing of our new farm logo.  It was a gift to me.  

He typically draws me something for Mother's Day, and this year, it was Mazda.  Now, I just need to have it framed.  

~Other Farm Occurrences~
The raccoon made another appearance last night.  I did not hear back from the wildlife professionals, so we set a trap.  If we catch it, I guess I will have to call animal control to send someone to pick it up.  

Although days are long here this planting season, I am slowly getting it all planted.  Between watering, planting, and yard work, I do have to let house work go most days.  I am just too tired to finish it.

Yesterday, I did get cucumbers, two types of squash, and some flower seeds planted, and watered it all.  I still have more seeds to plant - radishes, pok choi, swiss chard, and kale.  

I managed to get zucchini muffins and a nice dinner made as well.  On top of all that work, my 16 year-old still needs about 10 hours of driving before she can take her driver's test.  So...every day after school, we run a few errands, and try to squeeze that into my day too.  Not much crocheting is getting done these days.

One last note:

While playing around with the computer chair after dinner (I was spinning around like a kid would), my 19 year-old said, "ugh Mom, you better not do that, or you will fall back and hit your head and then we'll have to go the ER and then I'll have to explain it to your husband."

Just minutes after I walked outside later, I see my son and 16 year-old walking from the goat/chicken barn.  My daughter was holding her head, and my son said, "uh, Mom I think we need some gauze or something."

She had been chasing Rue, one of her goats, spraying him down with fly spray, when she smacked her head into a part of the barn.  Luckily, she did not need a visit to the ER but there was a lot of blood, and a very bad head ache from it. 



Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Your son is such a talented artist!
I would love to have art work like this in my home...oh wait! I do. I have paintings that my kids have done in the past. I also have some that my hubby's grandmother painted.
I hope your son sticks with it...who knows? that drawing could be worth tons in the future...

Glad your daughter didn't require an ER visit.

Sandra said...

What a great picture!
Very talented boy :)

Anonymous said...

I am totally impressed with your son's drawing talent! Wow!
Sorry about your daughter's head argument with the barn!!! Barn's usually win *sigh*
Thanks for popping by my blog for a visit and comment :D I love comments :D
Hugs and enjoy the upcoming weekend,
Beth P

Michelle said...

Your son does beautiful work. Do your daughter is feeling better.

Candy C. said...

I'm glad your daughter didn't require a hospital visit! That actually sounds like something I would do!
I am just blown away by the drawing your son did, what an awesome gift and perfect for your farm logo! :)

EMMA said...

WOW, your son's drawing is amazing, what talent!

Beansieleigh said...

Love the drawing that your son made you!! (I'm a 4th generation kitchen-rooster collector!)... Hope your daughter is feeling better today, and good luck catching that raccoon! I'm not entirely sure I'd be getting ANY gardening done if I knew he was still out there somewhere, so I'm in great awe of your bravery! (0; Have a great day, and an even better weekend! ~tina