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Friday, May 24, 2013

Honey Roasted Pecans ~ Chilly Day

We are very much enjoying roasted pecans on our salads lately, so I started making my own (vs. buying them already roasted).  Here, a 3.5 oz. bag of honey roasted pecans costs $3.99. 

These are so simple to make.  It's just pecans and honey.  I did cool them on parchment paper, which kept them from sticking to the pan.  The recipe is here:  Honey Roasted Pecans

Although these were absolutely delicious, they remained sticky after cooling.  I'm looking for a recipe that leaves the pecans with a crunchy coating.  I think I will try a few more versions of roasted pecans.

Yesterday was very strange.  It was cool early morning, but no rain.  I was able to get another 39 tomato plants (Yea, I counted them) in before the rain did arrive, and get some stakes in also.  I was thankful for not having to do it in the humid 90°F weather. 

Later in the day it became so dreary, the temperature dropped, and the drizzle continued the entire day.   The temperature dropped to the low 40's overnight.  Secretly, I was happy I could wear my newly crocheted shawl, while sitting and resting on my front porch.  We however, did not get enough rain to fill my rain barrel.

It's cool yet this morning, but garden work is on the schedule again.  Almost all of my flower seeds I planted are up, except my shasta daisies.  I may have to replant them.

Last night my 16 year-old brought Artie in for a visit.  He's the last baby buckling that was born, and is up for sale.  He's such a cutie!   

Tiger, my youngest daughter's cat, got extra treats.  He not only caught one mouse in the house yesterday, but one the previous night.  Good kitty!


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

The honey roasted pecans sound delicious.
Might have to give these a try...we're hoping for a good pecan crop this year.
39 tomato plants, seriously? That's a lot of tomatoes.
We're still having some cool weather off and on...but the humidity is awful most days.
I took a dip in the pool yesterday...thinking the water would be wasn't too bad...but still a little cool for my pleasure.

...have a safe weekend. Pat

Unknown said...

Oh, I just bought pecans today at costco! Thanks! I'd like a crunchy version too...

Katmom said...

I think my 'Dolly~girl would have a heart attack if a mouse crossed her path! lol!
oh and pass the Honey Pecans plz! :>)