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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Writing Letters

I've been using my rubber stamps to spruce up plain writing paper to hand write letter with.  I only have one color of ink, and a few stamps, and still I am having fun with them.  I am stamping my envelopes too.

I can see that I will need to save up and get a few more colors of ink and a few more stamps (of my favorite things).  I got these pads of paper at a very low price, and can reuse my stamps for anything.

Mom is getting a hand written/homemade Mother's Day card.  My Aunt is getting a hand written letter this week too.  Anyone else writing letters/cards this month? 

Happy Mother's Day to all!  


EMMA said...

What a great idea. Email is great but you can beat the joy of getting a hand written note.

Carolyn said...

I LOVE the look of the stamps! And I have a bunch of them someplace downstairs....why didn't I think of using them?!

Looks like I'll be going through boxes of crafty stuff to find my stamps and get some letters written!

Louise Houghton said...

Love the stamps. Who are they by? I write letters regularly as I have a couple of pen pals, even at my age. I also write to my elderly mum as she is in a care home and also quite hard of hearing so she still gets all my news and I can also send her photographs.

Kristina said...

Louise, the stamps were sold at our local Hobby Lobby store. They might have them online also. I loved writing letters to my Aunt. She has since passed away, and I so miss her and writing to her.