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Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Random Writing

5 Random Things

1. I Got "Notered" 

My 11 year-old often leaves me notes that are special.   We call it getting "notered." She left me this one recently, in my inbox:

"i love you mommy. anyway, you should take the day off and go return your shirt,wear it with your new skirt  and wear some new mother's day jewelry, the ones i bought you. by the way... I Love You!

and just so you dont forget about me... i throw it on thee grownd!!!"

It made me laugh.  You see, when she went to camp, she told me how the "mailman" came to visit them and deliver letters we wrotePrior to camp, the teachers allowed us to write our kids letters, and they would be delivered.  Anyway, the mailman would come in and do a funny act while delivering the mail.  He'd throw it on the ground and say "I throw it on theeee groouuunnnnd!" enunciating it in a hilarious fashion.  When she got home from camp, she re-enacted it for days.  She'd run to the mailbox, and re-enact the "mailman" from camp each time.  And of course, it was funny.

2. With my new fitbit, I joined a community group, and pledged to try to loose 16 pounds by July 4th.

3.  My 13-year old is at an all weekend sleep over.  However, she's my "chick" keeper, so I now have "chick" duty (watering, feeding, and cleaning their boxes).  My goal is to get them outside next week.

4.  My allergies are in an uproar, due to farmer's out in their fields.  The dirt is flying, and my nose is finding it.  Thankfully, I stocked up on nettle tea.

5.  Sapphire has been sleeping in my herb garden.  The other day, when I leaned over to cut some chives, she stood up and scared the livin' poo out of me.  After my run-in with the raccoon, I am on edge every time I am outside.  She blended in with the dirt so well, I didn't even see her.  She was all cozied up between the chives and green onions.

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Nancy said...

Love the exclamation at the mail box -- I think I may have to steal that saying!

The school house in your header looks very familiar. Any chance it was taken in Nebraska?

Thanks for joining in today. Enjoy your weekend.

Kristina said...

Nancy, the photo is from a location in Ohio. I snapped the photo while at a horse rescue with my oldest daughter.

Candy C. said...

I'm glad Nancy asked about the header photo! :)
My hubby is really suffering with allergies from the dust here too. That was funny about the cat scaring you in the garden, glad it wasn't the raccoon!