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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All In A Day's Work

Yesterday, while planting, watering and weeding, this little guy came to visit me.  There is a small hole in my garden hose, and he came to get a drink.  I do have a bird bath filled with water, but he chose the hose.  I'll have to do some research to find out if this is a he or a she.  I'm still not getting a pristine photo, but working on it.

Some things, like this bird visiting me, make all the all the hard work of self-sufficiency and good living hard labor worth it. 
Speaking of birds, a vulture came to visit us.  This time, he/she was right behind the goat barn munching away.  I was just zoaming my lens, and then "SLAM" went the side door on the house.  Off went the vulture.  Hmpf.  Anyway, when the pasture was mowed, he ran over a large black water snake, and that was the vulture's meal.  He never did fly back for the rest.

Yesterday, I managed to get 40 roma tomato plants in the ground, along with 8 more peppers.  Rain never did arrive, but we had strong winds.  Cucumbers and squash are up now.  Even though it seems like a lot of tomatoes, we had enough home canned taco sauce all winter, that we didn't have to buy any, and I still have 2 more jars.  And we have 2 more jars of home canned ketchup too.

I planted flower seeds in this new planter, but went ahead and added a few flowers yesterday.  My comfrey is doing better now that the cats are not using it for a bed too.

Days are long still, but I continue to stop garden work by noon to exerciseMy 16 year-old continues to add up her driving hours.  I had her drive me to town for some needed yarn, and goat feed, and back again - logging in just short of an hour of driving.  She needs a total of 50.  

Somewhere in those hours, I made another large salad.  We've gone through 7 bags of organic romaine in a week.  I top it with organic carrots, celery, red bell pepper and green onion from my herb garden.   Then the kids and I either put tuna or organic chicken in it, topped with pecans or/and dried cranberries.  I can't wait for my lettuce to be ready for harvest.

I never did get time to work on my short story.  Today, I plan to take paper and pen to the porch.  Some times writing by hand is more productive than using the computer.

It's dark and dreary out this morning, and they are still forecasting very strong storms later today.  I am heading back out to plant more tomatoes.  Hubby couldn't help me again last night, as he was asked to stay over at work again.  This time getting home about midnight, and back up at 6:30am.  We are both very tired.


onesimplefarmgirl2 said...

Pretty picture of the bird. Your driving system is so different.There isn't a time limit up here but rather three tests over a five year period to have your general license. It is rather complicated ( for me) as the system has changed so much over the years.Still more thunderstorms here. I hear the grass growing! Good for the hay lousy for me cutting the grass.

Unknown said...

It's a male American Goldfinch. My trees are full of them in spring and I just love to hear them sing. I use to help me identify new visitors to my yard. Hope he stays for a while and serenades you.

Candy C. said...

What a pretty little finch, seeing the birds does make all the time outdoors more enjoyable. Your garden sounds like it's coming along nicely and now you have me craving a BIG salad! :)

Unknown said...

We're planting our summer veggies this weekend. 85 yesterday, high of 55 today with a frost advisory. Wacko weather!!!

EMMA said...

"stop garden work at noon to exercise" - my dear, gardening work is a lot of exercise!!!
Your husband does such long hours, how does he manage it?
I wish I could grow tomatoes but without a hot house of some kind it's virtually impossible here.
Your salads sound delicious.
Good luck with your writing.

Nancy said...

That's alot of romas! You will be a busy canner this summer.

I just bought 4 Celebrity plants yesterday. I still have lots of canned tomatoes and salsa from 2011 and 2012 to use. :)