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Monday, January 9, 2017

Random Tidbits

It's been a week of "random" everything here.  I made it to the library.  I have never read this book, and sort of excited to read through all the recipes.  

I have found the first "new" thing I'll be doing this year.  Once I have supplies, I'll be posting about it.  This "new" thing is not the "biggest" of all things, but a new experience for me.

I keep asking Hubby to let it be the year we butcher our own hen, and learn how to do it, but that darn lingering tree is keeping him from any other decision.

Prior to the cars breaking down, Hubby took me to the dollar store.  I restocked my parchment paper, waxed paper and a few other items.  It's not the best photo, but I bought some new sticky notes.  They are pretty inexpensive there, and I use them on crochet/knit patterns to keep track of where I am, and such.  I never have enough sticky notes.

The new year has started off with two broken down cars, frozen hot water pipes and now a frozen drain on my washing machine.  These are not new tribulations for us.  We have learned to go without showers, share vehicles and so forth.  One car remains to be a mystery (after an entire day of working on it), my car is fixed (heater was not working), hot water pipes are flowing today, but the washer drain is still frozen.  That is today's project, as I am running out of clothing, and may need to hand wash.  I always joked to Hubby we needed a hand ringer/washer.  We may just get one for winter.

I've been contemplating sharing this, but when you homestead things are not always pretty, and animals need buried.  We found our barn cat Timmy.  We knew he'd never leave the place, but no one really went looking for him.  Some time at the beginning of me getting sick (mid to late November), he must have crawled into, what we call our "garden" barn and passed away.  No one knew he was there, and while I was in the hospital, it got very cold.  Hubby was late to the hospital one day due to a large raccoon on the porch, that definitely showed signs of sickness.  He took care of that, and a few days ago, we discovered why the racoon was here.  He/she found our barn cat Timmy.  

No explanation needed.  Sadly, it was our 17 year-old (who was out looking for the other lady cats) who found him, and went into a panic of hyperventilating.  She was so upset the flashlight was tossed mid air, and left behind.  She ran inside screaming, and could not speak.  Yes, he was a "barn" cat, but to the kids, he was loved immensely.  Just another sad note to deal with here at the homestead, but now we can bury him and put him to rest.  Thank goodness the weather will be warm enough to dig into the ground in a few days.  Lesson learned?  If an animal comes up missing, go looking right away. We can only assume, that Timmy died from kidney stones that didn't pass.  He passed one last year, and if a cat cannot pass them, they will die if left without vet care.
Rest in peace Timmy.  You were loved by us all.

On a good note, I will be sewing the ends in on the baby blanket later.  I'll post a photo too.  While I have had time to sit around more often, I see more clutter more often.  I've taken photos of the areas that are driving me nuts, and will challenge myself to a 30-minute clean up of each area photographed.  I see a few "Christmas" items have not been packed away as well, and the outside lights will come down, as long as the 45°F upcoming weather gives us a break from the rain.

Have a wonderful Monday today!  I plan to get one "clutter" mess clutter free today.  My list is long, so I'm definitely not going to be bored this winter - crack walnuts, remove popcorn from cobs, "winter" clean the house, sanitize one entire cupboard that was invaded by one large mouse (don't worry, he was eradicated immediately).  I'll be back to share a fun idea one of my cousins started as well.


Sam I Am...... said...

So sorry about Timmy...we had one that disappeared like that and he and I were always together outside. When I moved we found him in the back of the garage behind some plywood. I felt terrible but we looked and called for days. I still miss him.
Yes, when you are home 24/7 you notice lots more things that need to be done. At least you have your Christmas decorations put away! LOL! I have major decluttering to do also. Don't over do it!

RB said...

Sorry to hear about Timmy. If it was a kidney stone, he must've suffered horribly before he died. Very sad.
All of our cats are "sheltered" - either indoors, or if outdoors, out in kennels attached to heated housing. We stopped letting them run loose long ago. It was too sad when we lost one. This way we quickly can tell when someone needs medical treatment.
Bro Tom finally got out and got to work today. He said the roads he takes are finally clear. That was good to hear because it means it'll be easy for me to get to work and back on Wednesday.
Prayers everyone's having a good week.
God bless.

Kristina said...

Thanks Sam I Am. I am taking it easy, but still moving each day to get back to where I was. I'm still working on getting back to bread baking. I just haven't gotten that far yet. Yes, we will miss our friend Timmy. He was a very friendly barn cat.

Kristina said...

RB, our barn cats are free to roam, and take care of the rodents here. They are all very friendly, except for "Leo" who is new to the homestead (and becoming more friendly). Timmy, and the ladies, never missed a chance to get loved on with a visit to the front porch. We'll miss him for sure.