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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Random Tidbits

I have mixed up a few tablespoons of oil and two essential oils, to use on my back.  It's still sore from that hospital bed.  I had to sleep elevated with that tube in my nose, and my back is still sore most days.  I hope it helps with the inflammation and pain. So far, it is helping.

I'm down to a half jar of homemade "Vaseline" too.  It has saved my feet.  The hospital visit was terrible on my skin.  My feet were the worst with dry, cracked, damaged skin.

I have not forgotten about posting my homemade noodle recipe.  I'm working on that soon.  With my "extreme clean" going on, I tend to forget things and run out of time.  Except for the day I got "lazy" ha ha!

My current, pain in the rump, project.  It's the leftover mess after we attempted to remove wallpaper trim about 8-9 years ago.  Now that this small room is empty, it's back on the "to-do" list.  So far, spraying the remaining paper with vinegar water is removing it.  There is a layer of "glue" leftover that I'll be dealing with in a few weeks (this won't be an overnight job).  I'm enlisting help from the kids on this one.  I have other jobs going on too.

Sorry if this is a repeat - I did the first "pop" test with 4 kernels of homegrown popcorn.  Two popped perfectly, and two popped about halfway.  Just a few more weeks of drying, and I'll be removing it from the cob.

Word from the kids - the fox may still be around.  According to their research, a fox can "cry" and sound like a woman screaming.  Wonderful.  Unless there is a woman screaming in the woods, the fox is living out there somewhere. They are nocturnal, and the sounds were heard sometime after 10pm.




Sam I Am...... said...

Did I miss your homemade Vaseline recipe? I don't use the actual vaseline as it is a petroleum product and my Mother used it for years on her face and she got skin proof but when you know better you do better...right? I remember when I had my kids that the sheets in hospitals are very stiff and I was chaffed in many places from them. You can moisturize on the outside for comfort but you can only truly moisturize by drinking lots of H2O! LOL! I did not know that about Foxes and we have them here. One night there was one on my front porch but I've never heard the screams but probably because there are so many animal noises here that my dogs would be barking non-stop if I had the windows open. I have heard some 'screams'? occasionally and now I wonder if that was it. There is a brief period of open windows here in the Spring and the! Looking forward to your recipe and I have a 'long-term' project I've returned to also....grout cleaning....I never did get it all done and it waited for me....imagine that! Have a great day!

Kim said...

Just a note, a bobcat also sounds like a woman screaming. And both are nocturnal.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I Am, I will link the recipe I use. Give me a day to find it, ha ha! I'm sure it's on my blog. I love the stuff.

Kim, thank you! I had no idea about the bobcat. Yikes!