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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Walking and other Tidbits

Good news!  I made my first walk to the barn (spikes are in my muck boots), and gave my hennies a treat of rotten bananas and over-ripe apples.  They were super excited to see me.  Don't worry, Hubby toted the bucket of water.  For some reason, I am not strong enough to carry it (double hmpf, which sort of makes me mad, which made Hubby laugh).  Today, I plan on walking and lifting some lightweight weights.  I took the leftover water and watered those annoying yet lovable goats.  I think they gained a few pounds since I last saw them, ha ha!

I also helped stack the firewood.  I took a trip to town with Hubby as well, however, by dinner time we were all too tired to even cook (ha ha ha!).


I used to fall asleep at 5-6pm, I was able to stay away until 8pm, and slept in until 6:30am for once.  I have been getting up at 4:30a-5am lately (which is okay for gym days when those resume).

Today's tasks to keep myself moving?  Laundry. Getting the mail, checking the animals, crochet work (for the order put in), and walking and stretches.  The next goal?  Baking homemade bread.

It's raining here today, so the laundry goes on racks.  It's been in the 40's, but will soon dip down again.  

I brought up the idea of getting more hens, putting up a standing box by the U-drive (and putting in a metal "honor system" box), but Hubby quickly said no.  He said he does not want anyone on the property, considering we are on the highway, which could bring in riff-raff and unwelcome trouble.  I don't see it, as a guy down the road has had a produce stand for years.  He has a U-drive, smaller than ours , too.  I even suggested putting hand knitted and crocheted small items in the driveway box (with doors for weather), and he nixed that too.  He said "farmer's markets are okay, but no selling from the driveway."  

There is a country (local) business not far for us, with a gift shop in it.  I may call and see if she is even remotely interested in buying some knitted dishcloths wholesale to sell there.  They sell locally made pottery.   Then again, I heard the owner is not nice too.  I guess a phone call will tell us soon enough.  

My nettle is running out.  I failed to dry enough for winter, and today I am making a much needed tea infusion for "body exhaustion" and to fill me up with energy and goodness. 



Mama Pea said...

Are you sure you're not pushing too hard too soon? Sounds like you're doing an awful lot. I know, I know . . . it's so hard to "sit back" when you see so much around you that needs to be done. And you're used to being so very active all day long. Just don't want to see you have a relapse. Do take care, Kristina!

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I don't feel like I'm pushing too hard. I am walking every day now, but slow, and at a minimum. I just feel better every day. Although I am still not allowed to take King out. He pulls very hard, and he could yank me down in no time.

Unknown said...

First time here and enjoying your blog. wondering what your health issues are as it is apparent you are recovering from something. Living off grid is much tougher when you're not in optimum health.You mentioned selling dishrags & I would like to know if there's any way of purchasing a few online?

Kristina said...

ensign4Him, I became sick with walking pneumonia, and was treated with an antibiotic that eventually made me really sick (so sick it took me to the ER three times and eventually to another hospital). It was a horrible experience. I do not have the dishcloths for sale on any online store, but have a blog where we highlight items for sale (that we take to our farmer's Market. I have to sew in a few ends and will try to post it and link it if anyone is interested. Thanks!