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Monday, January 2, 2017

First Ride! ~ Tidbits

Although I do not have a photo here just yet, Hubby took the Harley out on January 1st, and took the first ride of this year.

Was on I the back?


He said, "quick trip" and "just need to fire up the battery" and "I'll be back in a jiffy."


He came back after an hour.  

An hour folks.  

He wore my half-chaps and my lined gloves too.  Said it was nice and cozy on the ride.  Hmpf.

He joked he'd take me today, but we'll see.  I'm still happy to see the bike get started and for it to keep going, even in winter (when more normal people have their bikes up in storage).  It's our "sanity saver" in our life of tribulations.

As for us today.  The Christmas decorations come down.  I feel kind of bitter sweet today.  I really didn't get to enjoy the outside lights, the tree, or every else.  I basically had a week to enjoy it all.  I'm ready for a new start anyway. I do not make resolutions, but I do like to try new things.  Grow new foods, raise new know me.  

Pretty soon, Hubby and I will be back to the gym, but those "once a year wanna-be's" need to stay out of my way.  Sorry if you have been one, but it's frustrating to go to the gym, pay the fee, and have to stand and wait for a person to get off the equipment, only to never see them in the gym after March.  Hubby and I are dedicated, and plan on being healthy.

The most frustrating thing so far, is getting my sleep schedule back on track. However, getting up at 4:30am will help me prepare for the gym again.  Then again, by 5pm, I am dead tired.  I guess I am ready to put greens in my breakfast again, and get that good wholesome energy flowing.  By the way, the doctors and nurses did not believe me when I said we eat dandelions and every other green for breakfast.  Ha!


Kim said...

You need to throw your arms around hubs and give him a good tight hold! Just to let him see you got your strength back for holding on for a Harley ride. I am so glad to see you are getting better everyday.

Sandra said...

My daughter is a regular at the gym-she said January is always crazy :)
Happy new year!

RB said...

That's funny about the doctor and nurses not believing all the greens you eat. They need to try it. Then they'll be healthier too.
Speaking of greens, New Year's Day, we had the traditional southern Collard Greens and Black-Eyed Peas. Now it's tradition to eat them separately, but I'd made only a small bit of each cause there's only the two of us, so I mixed them both together with a bit of ham broth and some ham chunks from a leftover ham, served it with mashed potatoes - and boy, was it ever good.
Then today I took the little bit of the beans & greens that was left over, simmered some potato chunks in ham broth until tender. Added the greens & peas, added a bit of cream, and made a pot of soup with it - and boy, was that ever good too.
I'd gotten into the habit of boiling hams before baking them from our maternal Grandmother. First, it gets any excess salt out of the ham, and secondly, it gets you a pot of broth you can do many things with, so it's like getting many many meals out of the same ham. (Oh, and if the first round of ham broth is too salty, dump it and do it again until you get the broth just the way you want it. You'll be left with a tasty broth and a very sweet ham.)
Tomorrow schools start back in, and people will be getting back into the normal stream of things.
Praying for everyone's health and safety this week. Take things easy, life can wait.
God bless.

Kristina said...

Kim, we almost went the next day but it was colder. I plan on getting on soon. Although cold weather is now upon us.

Kristina said...

Sandra, typically January to March is crazy at the gym, then 90% of the people stop coming. It's a routine a person must love and want to stick with for sure. I'm ready to get back, but Hubby says a few more days or a week yet.

Kristina said...

RB, that food sounds delicious. I have had to buy my black eye'd peas online to get them organic, but love them too. Our kids start back to school today too.