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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, January 21, 2017

They're Back!!!

The recipes.  In my best sing-song voice....they are back.  The new ones "to try" are back. Torn from magazines, newspapers, freebie cards from the store.....they are back!!!!

(bad photos due to the weather dark and dreary that day, and the light not on yet)

They are haunting me.  I swear they are!

Not just one binder full....

 ...not just two binders full, but

....three!!  Count them!  One is actually a photo album (which I could use too).

I'm taking all the recipes out of this and putting photos in it (some random 100 photos that were slowly gifted to me over the years, and I could not think of what to do besides make a "coffee table" album with them, or gift them back).

As for the other two?  I am tempted to close them up, and stick them in with the thrift donations. I really don't want to remove all the recipes from the plastic page protectors.  Tough decisions. 

I know one thing.  I'm not keeping one recipe from this "find" either.

I hope I have the self control.

So, how did these hide out so well?  

Good question.

I attacked a bookshelf with full gusto the other day.  It is a shelf that my Dad built using scrap materials, and is pretty sturdy.  Somehow, when we first moved in, it was placed sideways, next to the TV stand, to hold VHS tapes.  You can't see what's on it when you walk into the room, so the shelf was typically ignored for years.  I have a few books, but some already went into the "donate" pile.

Back to the recipes.  Next to the shelf I have a wooden stand, inherited from my Grandmother.  I had a lamp on it, which was knocked off by the dogs (and broken).  Underneath the top of it, is where the binders were hiding all these years. 

And everyone has a stack of 3-4 year old magazines too, right?  I did.  I used to keep a "stack" for the kids and their school projects.  They were always needing photos of something or other to cut out and paste.  Boom, that pile is gone.

The VHS tapes are waiting for kid approval, to remove and donate.  If they want any, they have to store it in their room.  The rest go into the thrift donations (if they still take VHS tapes).  I know, there are people who say the Disney tapes are worth money, etc.  I really just want them gone.  We do not have a way to play them.  They may be so old, they may not play anyway.

I found VHS tapes that are family movies. I plan to deliver those (some day down the road when I am bored) to a place to have them converted to CD's.  I think there are places that still do that. 

I found two stacks of CD's.  Those are being sorted and donated as well. 

The bookshelf will be used in the barn to organize tools, work station items etc.  Unless my Army daughter calls and says she found a home for it.  

The house will look very messy for a while.  Then it will look pretty darn awesome when I'm done.  

Oh, the cleaning continues.....more to announce later (my husband is a happy guy right now).  


Mama Pea said...

Holy moley, stand back! This woman is on one heckuva spring cleaning craze. And it's not even spring yet! I'm sure just about all of us would benefit from doing exactly what you've been doing. (I'm thinking specifically about that medium-sized cardboard box on the floor of my closet into which I've been tossing "recipes to try" for years.) (Bad, Mama Pea, bad.)

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I have no idea what I was thinking. There are a ton of recipes in the binders, ha ha ha, he he, ho, ho! Oye. More cleaning to go too.

RB said...

Wow!!! Have you ever been busy. Good for you.
Raining here today. Suppose to rain (and possibly storm) again tomorrow. I'm good with that, but the cats that generally go outdoors in kennels are not, cause the kennels aren't rain proof, so they can't go out in the rain.
Well, maybe Monday. LOL
Prayers everyone has a GREAT weekend, and a safe one too.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, I have much more to deep clean, including windows (but those will be last when spring arrives.

Sam I Am...... said...

I think we're going to have an early Spring too so I need to get my rooms all clean too! I've been working on it but not as hard as you have!