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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Christmas Homemade ~ 2016

We finally had our family get together (a winter, non-Christmas gathering) yesterday, with my side of the family.  I can share what Christmas gifts I gifted.  I ran out of time, then you know, got sick, so it was not very much this past holiday. I had them ready, other than the recipe to attach to the sage (but emailed everyone it, along with what to do with sage).

Jars of homemade Whiskey Butterscotch Sauce.  

We love this stuff!  Only one family didn't get this.  They were headed our way, but had to turn around due to bad weather.  This sauce must be refrigerated, and expires in a month.

Jars of home canned plum jam.  It looks like Christmas so I made several.

Jars of home grown sage was the herb I chose to gift this year.  Sage can be used to make a tea for a sore throat, as well as other medicinal benefits.  It's great on seasoning roasted chicken, frying tofu (for vegetarians), and in pasta dishes.  We add it to our macaroni - pumpkin cheese dish, so that recipe was included with sage.

Bottles of homemade Kahlua were gifted.  If you are interested, here is the recipe I used:  Homemade Kahlua

I'm already working on the list of what to try and make for next Christmas.  The kids keep telling me "don't plan" because we have a history of rotten holidays.  I'll just create some things, and the plans will just fall into whatever they may bring us.  Hopefully good health, wealth and happiness.

I haven't heard from anyone other than my mother, but I hope they all like their homemade, and edible gifts. 



Saundra said...

It just amazes me how so many people cannot be bothered to let one know they like, enjoy, used, the things you make for them. I would have been so happy to be gifted those things. Not the sage though as I have three big plants in my garden.
Love your blog--keep writing, Sandy

Kristina said...

Sandy, I think most of the people I gift to here locally, don't know what sage is used for, and do not use many herbs. It's great to know you grow it. I love making homemade gifts. I wish I had more time.

Lady Jane said...

Thanks for that kahluha recipe. I will try it. it looks yummy. Hugs, LJ

Kristina said...

Lady Jane, you are welcome!