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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, January 23, 2017

Random Tidbits

Woke up to no coffee (again).  Our first one broke down before Thanksgiving.   Our Army daughter had a cheap-o version in the garage.  

Well, we obviously wore it out.  I woke up to it not brewing this morning.  So, so bummed.  

I'm forced to drink organic instant to wake up, then wait for the rain to give me a break, and pop up the camper and get are third back up pot out of the camper.  There is a fourth back up too (the kind you heat up over a campfire). 

On a good note.....

I got my first motorcycle ride this year!  Saturday it was a high of 62°F and beautiful!  Sunday the weather was just as good, so we took another ride.

I got a break from the rain and the coop got a much needed good cleaning.  The ladies and Sparta were happy, happy, happy.  

Hubby worked on Daughter's car (again), but he thinks we will need to buy a $90-some dollar part next.

It pays to clean my home each day.  The cleaning saga sstories continue if you can stand another, ha ha!

I told Hubby I will try to put away 10 things in our room, every day (toss, put in it's home, give away, etc).  I pulled about 11 CD's (yes I had more) off the top of my desk.  I told Hubby I'd take the CD's out, and put them in a case to put in my car.  

Well.  I opened the first case - no CD.  I opened the next - no CD.  Ha.  All year last year, I thought I had CD's in the cases, and here they were already in the car.  Then I got to the last CD.  Still in the sealed plastic.  Not even opened.  

So I opened it.  Then realized I already had that CD.  Exact songs, all but one song.  I gladly gifted one to the girls.  Oh, we had a good laugh that.  Hubby said that can't count as my "10 things" and laughed some more. 

It's pouring rain here today.  We were smart to restock the wood while the weather was nice yesterday.  It went from 59°F yesterday to 38°F today.  We do not need more rain. The ground is saturated.  Snow is coming again too.  

The wall paper trim is all removed and the room is ready to paint.  I just need to make a large deposit to the thrift (that is piled in my garage), before I can remove the large items from the room (and to the garage) to paint it.  There is always something slowing my progess down, but I'm thrilled to get it done.  I'm not driving to the thrift today.  I'll wait for a dry day to load and unload the stuff.

What's in store for today?  I have no idea yet.  I have two empty bookshelves, and two more piles of books in my kitchen - waiting on a new home.  I can't shampoo carpets, nor paint, so I may start cleaning out my desk, while I wait on that dry day.  I could always can jelly too.  Hm.  Gotta love rainy days.  I still have walnuts to crack too. 


Mama Pea said...

The advantage of being a housewife/homemaker: There's always something else to do if you can't do another!

Oh gosh, if my hubby couldn't have his coffee in the morning . . . well, I think the smartest thing would be for me to just leave for the day. I like my latte every morning, but can go without it easily. I think it all stems back to caffeine affecting some folks more than others. Sounds like the purchase of a new coffee pot should be high on your priority list! ;o}

Debby Flowers said...

Guess I am kind of surprised at your coffee dilemma because you are so resourceful! I would not, under any circumstances, go without coffee. I think I would either just boil some water and throw the grounds in (my dad used to boil the coffee when I was a kid) or put the grounds in a filter in a small strainer and pour the boiling water through that. It's good to have a back-up and a back-up for the back-up...

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, that new coffee pot is top proirity now. With a college daughter who drinks it non-stop for studying, and me to keep chugging, and Hubby to start his day, and even the younger was a shock.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Debby Flowers, I always have my campfire pot. It's been a back up for all coffee for years. We dug out our pot from the camper and will be using it until I find a good price on the 3-4 minute brew style that we want. I need one to stand up to constant use with this gang. I also always have organic instant in my cupboard. I use it for other recipes, so it's always on hand. My college daughter, still living at home, said "now you know what it was like for me at college (instant)."