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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, July 1, 2016

Peas and Cauliflower for Breakfast ~ Mixing up Herbs ~ Timmy

Shell peas are slowly coming on, so I decided to take the first picked bit, and toss it into a breakfast frittata.  I did not have enough for a meal for all of us, nor enough to freeze.

This time I used cauliflower, potatoes (sliced), and peas. 

I had one green bell pepper ready to pick, and one hot banana pepper.  I tossed all of that into my cast iron skillet (cooking all the vegetables first), and did not add any other spice/herb.  I just added salt and pepper and it was delicious.

Now about the peas.  I boiled them in a separate pot before adding them to the pan.  I tasted it all before I added the eggs.  

There is a bistro that Hubby and I go to on our "date" night rides sometimes, and the sell a side dish that is cauliflower, hashbrowns and peas.  It's delicious.

I have been playing around trying to duplicate that recipe, but without  the bad fat (I'm sure the restaurant uses a bad oil to grill their recipe).  I also simply slice the potatoes, and I use organic coconut oil.  

It finally rained this morning, but not enough sadly.  Just a quick spurt.

Yesterday, two girls joined me in the kitchen.  Most afternoons, I mix up one type of herbal tea and enjoy it on the porch.  Both girls told me they felt they were getting worn out and possible sick and needed an immune booster tea.  Most of the time my kids just roll their eyes and go on with their day, when it comes to my suggestions.  But there they were asking for a tea.  Both had nettle to give their body a dose of healing from exhaustion.  I had to laugh when one looked over at my tea infuser and said, "that looks interesting Mom, what is in yours?"  I made ginger/lemon (freshly grated ginger, and fresh squeezed organic lemon), but tossed in some bilberries. 

We'll I'm glad we have a "Vet Tech" in training.  Our poor cat Timmy had a moment yesterday.  One daughter picked him up on the porch and he went all over her lap.  Then we saw blood.  We all kind of went into panic mode and screamed for  "Vet Tech" daughter.  She calming inspected the scene and said, "he's got urinary stones."  He passed one, but we put him in a kennel to watch over him and make sure he passed them all, or if he'll need vet care. So far he's okay. 



RB said...

That frittata sounds good. Saw on a cooking show where she made them, cut them into quarters and made sandwiches of them. That looked good too. And what a great way to use up bits and pieces of meat or vegies that otherwise wouldn't be enough for a meal.
Glad Timmy's going to be ok. Had to hurt. Prayers for the little furfella.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, we kept an eye on Timmy and he seems to be okay, but he's mad we put him in a kennel for a night. He'll slowly start loving up to us again soon.