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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Greens, Beans and Raspberries

Today is the fifth day in a row to pick green beans.  I planted two rows of two different organic varieties, both of which stated were great for freezing.

Not including day one (I might have picked 3-4 pounds that day) we put up 12 1/2 pounds of beans so far.  The first variety is yellow (buried in the basket), and other green.  I have the names written down somewhere around here.  I've lost track of putting this information into my "homesteading journal."  I'm just so busy, and my mind is just focused on getting it put up without waste.

UpdateI located the names of what I planted - Strike Bush Beans, and Gold Rush Beans (yellow).  Both from High Mowing Organic seed company.  Both are delicious and high yielding.

Once I have a good supply, extras will be put up for our dog food.  I found out that 16 pounds will provide 100 servings, so I think we are doing extremely well this summer.  Considering I have 6 mouths to feed, plus make extra meals for Hubby to take to work and to deliver to Dad.  Sometimes I feed two more kids when they drop in too.  Some days that's 10 to feed.

The dogs were sitting around the table as we removed ends, and begging for some green beans.  King never misses a day of pea shelling either.  I typically drop one or two, and he sits patiently for them to drop.  

The rain we got a few days back, brought up some more plantain, so I picked what was not bug eaten or brown from drought damage.

Have any of you eaten this part of the plantain plant?  I read (Mother Earth News) that you can cook it like asparagus, or add it to soups.  I'm wondering if it's worth blanching and freezing for winter soups.

The last bit of rain we got a few days back, gave us 3 red raspberries.  I tried one, and gave the other two to Hubby to taste.  Delicious!  He now wants to plant a bunch more, ha ha!

I had a few minutes of porch time last night.  I want to read about a few more herbs and update later on the resource I am looking over (herbs).  I have to rush out and water.  We are to get up to the 90's tomorrow and we haven't had the rain we need.  


Michelle said...

Your beans look great. Because of moving I wasn't able to do a garden this year. It feel worried not having one.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Michelle, last year we flooded out and got only a few tomatoes I think. And Kale. We had to find Farmer's Markets and look for organic vegetables to stock up that way.

Susan said...

What beautiful beans! I will jot those types down for next year. Mine are still in the flowering stage and I just can't wait to have beans!

Sam I Am...... said...

Your produce looks good! Yum! And the raspberries? My favorite! Be careful in the heat. I thought plantain was like a banana?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, the beans are producing better than any other green bean I have grown. Despite the lack of rain, and heat, I picked another 2 pounds yesterday.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I Am, there is a weed that grows wild, and most likely in most lawns. It grows all over here, since we do not use chemicals on our grass.

RB said...

This all looks fabulous and tasty. So glad the garden is doing so well this year after the disastrous year last year. And how great the dogs will eat some of it too - so good for them.
I wish I could say my herbs were doing better after all this rain, but they're little more than stubble in the garden. I hope they perk up because I'd love to have some to put by for the winter.
Hope everyone's having a safe and happy week.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, the dogs love the beans. They will sit and beg for the ends now, ha ha! King loves dandelions. Zuri had her paw in one of the kid's laps yesterday, while cleaning the beans, begging for one, ha ha!