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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Garden Goodies!

In my best sing-song voice, with "Welcome back, welcome back, wellll-coooome-baaack!" 

The zucchini exploded while we were gone.  I got a handful of shell peas, but their vines are loaded for a good harvest I believe.

My first day back to "reality" was a busy one.  Hubby texted me "you ok?"  He had not heard a peep from me all day.  I was so durn busy.

I think it took 7 loads of laundry to finish up the camping linens, our trip clothing, just regular towels and whatnot, and then I washed up the blankets in the front room.  Whew!  I was running in and out from the garden, writing things down so I would not forget (like watering house plants, trimming roses, cutting more catnip).  I was running around like a crazy woman, and even forgot to let my hens out.  Daughter was out letting her goats out, so I hollered to the barn for her to open the run door.  Thankfully, I had a teensy bit of help too.  One daughter helped me weed out the broccoli, cauliflower, green peppers, peanuts and a tiny start of the popcorn.  I went back out later and weeded the yellow squash.

Oh, the sweet corn is buried in grass.  The peas need touched up, and oh, the green beans need it too.  I can't afford another day off, but today I have to water, water, water, and water.   No rain here since last Friday night.  It's very dry right now, and today it will heat up to the 90's.

The rose beds are buried in grass along the edges, so some girls will be helping with that.  I am just going nutso, but trying to keep it all on target.

Hubby returned to work with a much worse schedule.  Hence the week long vacation and the very important time alone with each other.  He gets up at 4:30am and works a 12 hour day now.  This will last for about 2 weeks.  I'm not sure what's to come after that, so the garden work is a one person job (me).  Along with kiddos when they can.


Sam I Am...... said...

Whoa Nellie! You are a work horse but I know the feeling. I've been trying to focus on creating and making on the weekends as I find when I stay home 24/7 365 a year....I never seem to take a day off...although I do love staying home but there is always something that needs "doing". But then come Monday my list is really long! But I am getting somethings done in the creative/making area that I have wanted to do for awhile now. Zuchinni looks good! It is hot here too but I'm amazed that the North is having such hot summers...almost the same as here in the South...what's up with that? Stay cool!

Mama Pea said...

Summer time when the livin' is easy! Ha! What joker thought of that? I always think I'm busy enough in the winter, but holy smokes, all that needs to be taken care of in the good ol' summer time is almost . . . well, too much. I can relate to your day of not knowing which end was up. I feel that way, too, and I didn't even leave for a couple of days! We have company coming for a week . . . and I have to honestly say it's gonna take some juggling to get done what absolutely has to be done during that period!

Rain said...

Kristina, even your writing style in this post seems busy! I hope you can take a breath now and then! :)

Susan said...

Wow, that's a brutal work schedule! It's amazing how fast the weeds can take over. I'm battled weedy grasses this year - the worst! Things are starting to form up, but I am not anywhere near getting wonderful zucchini like yours! (Make sure to breathe....)

Kristina said...

Sam I Am,today is another busy day. And a hot one too.

Kristina said...

Oh Mama Pea, I hope you can get it all done. If I were to get guests this week, they might be helping me can some goodies, ha ha!

Kristina said...

Rain, I hope to get a break. It's crazy busy right now.

Kristina said...

Susan, I have chopped 12 cups of zucchini and it doesn't even look like I cut any up, ha ha!