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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Random Tidbits

It's been a whirlwind of routine changes.  Hubby was switched to nights (temporarily) and is home sleeping all morning now.  I have to change my work load, and we have to be very very quiet. 

I have to take my laundry out the front door and around the house, so I don't wake him up, going in and out the door.  

Also, I have to have dinner done by 4pm.  That is impossible.  So....each dinner (done by 8pm now) is Hubby's next day meal to take to workAdjustments made.

This basket of goodies was from day two of picking green beans (and peas and cucumbers).  Today is day three.  I'm thrilled to be filling my freezer once again.  And of course we ate a lot at dinner the other night.  I also cooked peas one night.  Oh my gosh they smelled so good when I boiled them!  I have had to buy these in stores for two years now, and am so thankful for this bounty.

 For the first time, I bit the bullet, and baked bread on a busy gardening day.  I was running in and out, and had a timer on me, but was successful.  I usually talk my self out of it by saying "I don't have time" to make it.

 I literally had to slice one loaf while it was still warm.  The family was attacking it with gusto. It's been a few weeks since I've baked it.   I wanted 6 slices saved to make bread pudding (new recipes to try).  

 I used our homemade vanilla extra, home raised eggs etc. and made one with granny apples.  I felt it turned out too dry for a bread pudding, but the kids loved it.  I want to make one with blueberries next.  Got any good recipes?

An herb question.  I want to grow Arnica here.  I see two types of seeds offered - Montana and another one I can't remember right now.  Is there any difference?  Do they both work the same?  I borrowed another reference book from the library also.  I hope to post about it soon.  If I have time I'll look up Arnica in it too.  I just thought I'd ask here too.

 I've been working like a mad woman in the kitchen (that photo was a mix of veggies) these last two days.  My family alone, is lucky if they get dinner, hence I have not delivered any meals to Dad recently.  Last night I had dishes everywhere, just trying to get dinner on the table (well after Hubby went to work), and make extras to put in containers for Dad and Hubby.  I was super stressed out and still working at 8pm.   

Salsa making has been good. Two batches are in the pantry (I'll update on this batch, as it was canned without corn starch), but we also ate two jars already.  Maybe three.  However, salsa making is all at a stand still right now.  I have only one zucchini on all my plants right now.  We need rain badly.  

I should be out watering already, but I accidentally slept in until 8:30am (Yikes!). I guess my body needed it, and Hubby didn't wake me up, so he must have thought I needed it.  Boy did I.  I have been so exhausted, but thankful for all the garden goodies.  I have been infusing nettle tea for a "re-boot" on my body.  It's been much cooler here, so late watering won't hurt today (thankfully).  Hubby wanted to go camping (even with his schedule, so his drive after work would be shorter), but I'd have to drive home every single morning (an hour drive) and garden.  We both agreed to wait until we got a break (ha ha! break?).



Rain said...

Sometimes I wonder where we get our energy. I've been under the weather the last few days but still managed to be in the kitchen cooking and baking for the last 6 I'm pooped though! My bf is a night owl, he works from home but does most of his business on the West Coast, which is three hours behind our time. He usually only gets to bed around 5am. I get up around 8am. It does make dinners a little tricky but we eat around 8pm, my dinner, his big lunch, and he makes himself a snack before bed. It was hard getting used to the schedule, but honestly, it's kind of nice having the house to myself all day! I too have to try to be as quiet as possible. He does the same for me during the night. The dogs however don't understand the need to be quiet ;)

Mama Pea said...

'Tis not the season to get breaks in! Especially when the garden starts coming in there's no time for anything besides the daily must do things and canning/preserving. Sometimes I think it's amazing how we ever manage to find time to get the harvesting and preserving done in already busy and full days.

The homeopathic remedy we use probably more than anything is Arnica Montana . . . but that's all I know about arnica. I'm sure some of your research (when you get time to do it) will turn up more information for you.

Susan said...

Wow! Big changes for everyone! I'm so glad your garden is doing well, after the challenges of last year.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rain, I know what you mean about the dogs. I cold hear King barking in the house all the way out at the garden.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Mama Pea. I think they both work the same (Arnica Montana).

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, it is a huge change from last year's garden. I am so thankful.

RB said...

Wow, you two sound very busy, with very rewarding work, but busy none the less.
When I was first married, I worked 1st shift, hubby worked 3rd. What I made for my dinner, he got to take to work for his lunch. I even got him small insulated Thermos containers so I could put hot vegies in them for him. One night he got southern fried chicken, hot smashed tatties and chicken gravy, with a biscuit, and was happy as a clam. It worked out fine for us with just a little extra planning involved.
We've had more than enough rain here, with more scheduled. Last Friday, we got over 4 inches of rain in about 2.5 hours. We've had to tip all the planters because they've filled up with more rain than they could use. That's the first time that's happened here. We're usually dry as a bone in July and August here, unless a hurricane comes through.
Prayers everyone has a safe and blessed week.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, that lunch sounds fabulous. I hope we get more rain soon, but I'm told our heat will rise again soon.