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Friday, July 29, 2016

Book of Herbs, Weeds, Flowers, and Trees ~ Tidbits

I've been looking for a complete book on herbs, medicinal and culinary for a long time now.  I am pretty sure there isn't a "complete" book printed, but this comes closer than some others I've read through.  It's pretty thick too.

Our library only has a 1996 edition of this book, but it's pretty close (but not yet complete) to a good resource.

There are long descriptions for some plants, but calendula is not even listed in this book.   Now that I think about it, it may be listed as a "pot marigold" or something else.  I'll have to check that later.

 Ginger is explained in a very short paragraph, but some other plants (such as mullein) have pretty good descriptions.  I'm thinking of just taking a notebook and writing my own findings, and just borrow this book for now.  I'm not sure if I want to spend the money just yet.  Until then I'll keep looking.  This book has a medicinal description for almost every plant/tree, history, and other information.

Speaking of herbs, I stocked up on thyme yesterday.  I waited too late and had to dig through my thyme patch for ones that had not gone to flower.  However, since most did, I should have a nice large thyme patch next spring. 

About 5-6  potato plants already turned brown.  I dug them up to see what the lack of rain grew.  I got a few good sized ones, but mostly small.  I'm glad the other plants are still green, and rain is on the way.  

I haven't said much to Hubby about the root cellar.  We are both working are bums off, and his hours are crazy.  If we don't get it done (which he says "we still have time this fall" I have another plan to stock these up. 

The popcorn looks great so far, and stalks have ears (yay!).  However, we planted the sweet corn a bit too late, taking a chance.  It's about 1 foot tall.  I may not want to miss the chance of stocking up while farmstands have some on hand, but finding organic will be a chore.  I may be taking a break and doing some driving today.  I have zero corn in my freezer.  It's not my first "go to" vegetable, but it would be nice to have some.

Guess what?  The scale continues to slowly move.  I'm very happy and feel so much better.  My first concern was my weight involving my varicose veins, so that keeps me motivated.   I've struggled with the thyroid issue far too long.  However, I am not convinced the brazil nuts are doing it.  I honestly think it's adding the greens, especially the dandelions, and possibly cutting out all store bought bread, and making the breads from scratch. 

Truth be told, I felt my size had to do with family genes, but I don't feel that is the case anymore.  I believe when we finally find what our body is missing, it all clicks into place.

I'll keep watching things and see what happens.  I stopped eating dandelions for two weeks and my weight stayed the same.  Coincidence?  Not sure.  I don't eat enough blueberries either, so I have been making a smoothie for lunch on these hot days.  I don't add any sweetener, just fruit, organic yogurt, organic milk and some ice. 

My to-do list is growing, so I must get this posted and get my day started.  The coop is needing a good cleaning today. I want to get it done before the rain arrives, and they are all stuck inside for a few days. 


Mama Pea said...

It's a never ending challenge to get enough of the foods we want put by for the coming winter months, isn't it? Heck, we should have a 2-year supply "just in case" but for many things that's almost impossible.

Kudos to you, m'dear, for your continued weight loss and the fact that you're feeling better all the time. You've changed your way of eating probably even more than you realize and you can see it's a good thing.

We've been having strawberry smoothies for lunch every day for weeks now. But the strawberries are all but done producing. Good thing the blueberries are starting!

Wish we had rain in the forecast but there's none in the near future. We need it.

Liz said...

I dug my potatoes Tuesday, they were mostly small too. Got them all packed in the basement today. We did popcorn for the first time this year, it didn't do very well.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, it's blueberry time here for us too, but I have to buy mine. I search out the best MI ones that don't use chemicals. It's tough, but we found corn the other day too. And peaches. Oh my....I'm in for some work.

Kristina said...

Liz, the first year we planted popcorn I thought we did terrible too. However, most stalks are 4 foot or shorter and only one ear of corn. We planted a small amount and ended up filling 4 quart jars. I hope this year's harvest will restock the pantry. I'm just not certain what to do with all those potatoes yet.

RB said...

All very interesting. I once worked with a lady who went to an Oriental doctor. She said he put drops of this and that in various places on her tongue, and depending upon the reaction, color and such, he could tell her what food to avoid and what to eat for the next week. Then each week she'd go back in for new directions. I can't say I understood much of it, but I'll tell ya, she lost a lot of weight doing that.
If only our doctors in the US would learn something from doctors in other countries, I'm sure we'd all benefit from it.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, that is very interesting.