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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Garden Planning ~ Puppy Updates

I'm adding many new herbs to the gardens this year - feverfew, yarrow,  tarragon, valerian (did not grow this last year), white horehound and summer savory.  

My lavender plants died the winter we had temps at -22°F here, so I have new organic seeds ordered.  I did some research on hawthorn, and I am pretty sure I will find it growing wild along the edges of our property.  Stinging nettle, catnip and plantain are all wild here too.

Just the thought of making more radish relish, got me all fired up to look forward to a ridiculously amazing garden year.  I ordered a few new varieties of radishes to try this year as well.

 The snow arrived. Directly after the downpour stopped this morning.

Puppy photo updates ~ these are from the yesterday:

 They are growing fast.  Here is what they looked like last month:
Have a blessed Sunday!


Candy C. said...

They do grow up quickly, what a couple of cuties!!
I'm adding more herbs to my container garden this year too. I'm still working on my list and layout. :)

Kim said...

It is so nice to sit around a warm fire and think toward planting time and all the things we will, Lord willing harvest for our families. I have been working on a new bed for springtime planting. It is a no dig bed.

Dawn said...

I have a good collection of herbs, some are in a dedicated herb bed and others are planted in the borders with other plants, I planted lavender along our driveway last year I had 72 mature plants delivered, I have another 60 young plants coming on as well not yet planted out, the bees love them and I dry some to use in various things and cooking.

Mama Pea said...

I need to get out my seeds and make note of what I need to order! I always keep a good backlog of seeds from year to year (and have very little problem with germination so I guess that's okay) but don't want to get caught short on anything. I must have about 4,000 seed catalogs for 2016 stacked on my desk to go through!

Your pups look so healthy and alert. Aren't you glad you brought home both of them? (I'm sure they are!)

We had a couple of inches of snow day before yesterday (at a temp of 34 degrees!) so you know it was heavy, wet stuff. Yesterday the temp dropped way down. We had -2 this morning. Now it really feels like a normal winter up here!

Kristina said...

Candy, Hubby and I want to dig a new plot, but we'll see. We need higher ground in case it another wet year.

Kristina said...

Kim, it is very fun to start drawing out a garden layout. I will need to increase my herb garden space too.

Kristina said...

Dawn, I but the bees love that. I hope to produce many from seeds this year.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, we only saved seeds from our organic Dakota black popcorn. We grew just enough to replant. Everything else died off before we could save many seeds. It's a new start for us this year.

RB said...

The puppies are adorable. It's a blessing they have one another, as well as a loving family now.
We're still trying to get the garden straightened up from last year, let alone to think of what to do this year. LOL Usually brother is on top of yard work, but the last couple of months, he's slowed down. I told him I'd help him do it, but he prefers to do it on his own (maybe without my supervision, hmmm) ;o)
Prayers for everyone to have a great safe week this week.
God bless.

Kristina said...

Thank you RB, they are best buds too. They will just curl up together and sleep.