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Friday, January 29, 2016

Fennel Tea ~ Lemongrass Tea ~ Tidbits

I used Hubby as the "guinea pig" for this tea - fennel tea.  I crushed organic fennel seeds, then made a tea with the crushed seeds.  I have read that is a natural antacid, so I did my research, and it was safe for him to take the tea.
I had tea photos, but forgot to load them last night. 

First, Hubby suffers from severe stomach indigestion and heartburn daily.  He used to belch often until he started taking omeprazole pills.

I've tried for years, to get him to give herbs a try, and he insisted he take the pills.  Pills like these have side effects and cause damage to your kidneys and other organs (according to what I can find on it on the internet).  

Finally....finally....he tried a tea.

He had been sipping fennel tea instead of the pills, and the results?

He agreed to drink it without taking his daily pill.  Keep in mind some people taking prescriptions may not be able to drink this (or any other) herbal tea.  This is simply his experience with the tea.

He agreed if he had no stomach issues he would drink the tea when needed and give up the expensive, unhealthy pills.

Also, the organic fennel sold in the grocery store is not as strong as the organic bulk you can buy from health stores or natural food stores.  I tried both myself.  Of course, growing it this summer is an option too.

Update on Lemongrass tea:  Our 16 year-old had a headache and did not want to take an over-the-counter pain reliever (I think they are finally realizing that "pills" are not always a healthy answer).  I made her a hot cup of lemongrass tea and her headache subsided.  She now asks for a "tea" when she is ailing.  I myself love it!  I honestly think it works better if not just as good as Valerian alone for a "help you sleep" tea.  I will be trying it out a few more times in the evenings.

We do not know yet if our 19 year-old got the job at the dog kennel yet.  She is very hopeful.  There was another girl being interviewedIf Daughter is chosen, she'll receive a call today or sometime soon.  Keep crossing those fingers.  She really, really wants this job.  

I have to get my car's oil changed today.  I tried yesterday and with kids in and out and one staying after school for science club (yes, I have two science nut kids), I could not get it up to the "big city."  Maybe today.  I wish I was trained on doing it myself, but we don't even have the space in the garage to pull the car in right now anyway.  Some day.....

The chickens are in the winning circle right now.  They killed another mouse in the coop.  Before I let them back in at night I did a complete search for any more to be removed.  

I just flipped my calendar/organizer page to February.  I have a few bills to record and pay and then I must get on with my day.   Hard to believe January is almost over already.  Where did the time go?  

I may just do something very spontaneous today.  You never know. should hear my puppies right now.  It's 7:13am, and they both have a squeaky toy blasting away, ha ha! 


Kim said...

I am saying a little prayer for the job hunting young lady. She deserves it and would be wonderful with the animals.

Interesting on the lemon grass tea. I may have to put lemon grass on my list of seeds to look for. Do you know if it is invasive?

Mama Pea said...

Oh gosh, I'm really pulling for your daughter to get that job. Wouldn't that be wonderful for all of you!

Kristina, I have a question about lemongrass tea. I want to try it as a sleep aid and don't have any of my own homegrown, but found it (organic) in our co-op. It's dried, of course, and is listed as "Lemongrass - Cut." Is that what I want to use in brewing tea?

Susan said...

Thanks to your wonderful (and thorough) research, I have ordered organic lemongrass for my herb garden. I am seriously thinking of starting a medicinal herb garden separate from my culinary herbs. I didn't realize that fennel tea was good for digestion - another thing to put in my notebook. I use herbal teas for just about everything. I used to be on pills for acid reflux until I took myself in hand and changed my diet and eating habits. Haven't taken one in over a year. We have gotten so reliant on running to the pharmacy for everything. Given the research on long term side effects, I'm surprised there are not more people waking up to the benefits of natural remedies. (I hear you on the squeaky toys - isn't it amazing how rapidly they can get the squeakers going?)

Rain said...

Hi Kristina, I'd love to get your hubby's update. My bf too suffers terrible indigestion and heartburn. We did an elimination diet and found the main culprit, but it still happens too often for our liking and we're stuck on what is the cause. He hates the idea of fennel tea, but I've also read that it's very good for digestion. He pops way too many Pepto's in my opinion...

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, I grew my lemongrass in a pot, but the grass will need to grow in a deep pot for the stalks to thicken up (part used for cooking).

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, that is exactly what I bought when my own stash ran out. I have to find out if it's invasive or not.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I came across the fennel info when I was looking up teas for health. I really do like the lemongrass too.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rain, I don't like Hubby taking so many stomach pills either.

RB said...

Will be interesting to hear how these teas work, cause I deal with both acid reflux and with migraines.
Funny about the puppies playing with the squeeky toy early in the morning. I'll give you another hint, don't give cats a golf ball to play with. No surprise the clonking noise they make hitting baseboards in the middle of the night. LOL
Prayers for a happy safe week ahead for everyone.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, thanks for that tip on the cats. That noise would definitely wake me up.