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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year's Day ~ Campfire Fire Starters ~ Homestead Plans 2016

Happy New Year's Day!  It's hard to believe January 1, of 2016 has arrived so quickly.  Seize the day folks.  Seize every day.  Life it too short.  Grab a cup of java and seize the day by starting with reading my first blogpost of 2016.

Hubby woke up seizing the day right off the bat.  He was mumbling something about me making tortillas and excited to scramble eggs and make some breakfast burritos.  Then he mentioned buying a pizza joint and something else.  I asked if he was smoking something.  He woke up fired up for some reason or another.

I know Son will seize the day, as he is due to leave for base tomorrow.  He's planning a day at the movies or something with his siblings.

Last night, a half hour before car dealerships closed (keep in mind today they are all closed today), Son signed the last paper and drove home in his new car.  No, not paid for by the driver's-at-fault-insurance either.  We were pressed for time.  We met up with the insurance agent at the wrecked car, and he said he was 95% sure the wrecked car was a total loss.  However, he had to punch in numbers, which went to another office, then back to him, and it could be Monday or later before that statement would be official.  I explained Son must be on the road Saturday, heading back to base.  This guy could have cared less.  

They refused to give Son a rental, and could not say that he would be reimbursed if he rented one one way either.  Frustrated and out of time, considering today is a holiday and he leaves tomorrow, we took the chance and he bought a new car, praying the old one is a total loss.  Now we play their waiting game again, but at least Son has transportation.  I pity who ever else has this particular insurance for car insurance.  They are the worst. 

I don't care what folks say, even when your kids are grown, you still stress and worry when things go sour.  I can rest now, knowing Son has transportation.

Puppy Funny:  I tried to tell the kids, when they were putting out our traditional spread of leftover Christmas cookies, apple slices/grapes, tray of veggies, punch and organic non-alcoholic grape juice, that the puppies can't be left alone in the kitchen.  Pretty soon I hear screaming coming from the kitchen.  King devoured a container of Son's favorite cookies.  I tried to tell them.  Next thing to teach the puppies, is the table is off limits, ha ha!

As a kid, Mom used to put a ton of Christmas cookies, chips and dips on the kitchen table for New Year's Eve.  We would toss confetti, blow horns, toss streamers, and then bang on Mom's pots with wooden spoons at the stroke of midnight.  I remember running around the house in the snow, banging on pans.  And we lived in the city.  My kids used to do all that.  Now they bang on Rock Band, and other fun stuff.

~Fire Starters~

There was a request on how I make my walnut shell campfire fire starters recently, so here is the link (it's on my "Scrap" blogspot):

Campfire Fire Starters ~ Using English Walnut Shells

I have only made them with English walnut shells.  I have never made them with the black walnut shells.  

Aside from our list from 2015 (root cellar etc.), I am finally unwinding from the Holidays and making a new list.  I'm not one to make new year resolutions anymore, but the beginning of the year always seems like a good time to change things up a bit.  

I'm relaxed enough, and crazy enough, to consider doing more upkeeps and whatnots this new year.

Paint the master bath.  The original color is light blue.  I just have to come to an agreement with Hubby on a new color.

Paint the front and side doors red.  This we agree on.  We've wanted to do this for a long time, but never put the energy into adding it to the list.  I need to pick up paint chips and figure out what shade of red we want.

Our bedroom closet needs a vent in the wall.  It's not heated nor cooled, and is air tight pretty much.  We need a way to get air flowing in and out of there.  That's on the list.

It's a short list right now, but growing, and most of the paint jobs will take a good amount of time.   Maybe I can convince Hubby to rip up carpet in a hallway?  Let's hope.


Dawn said...

Today is list writing day for me, we are planning projects for the year, planning on what to grow, planning on what livestock we are having, :-)

Kim said...

I don't make resolutions either. but plans for things to take place is always a good thing. Good Luck with yours.

Kristina said...

Dawn, it's a good day for making year long plans. I hope to put goats back in my pasture this spring.

Kristina said...

Kim, plans are always good. I just wish we had less football on TV so we would get more done, ha ha!