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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Random Tidbits

You were not graced with a talkative blog post yesterday because I was out beautifying myself.  I got a hair cut.  I had it layered, and I do love it!  Youngest did a "job shadow" day with the hair salon, so I thought I better get one while I had someone home to watch the pups.

Youngest learned a lot at her job shadow day.  First, she learned working a full-time job out side the home, is a long day.  She got to answer phones, sweep hair, help with rollers, clean combs and brushes, and more.  I'm glad she had the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of what she really wants to do when she gets older.  Unfortunately, the school makes this "mandatory" job shadow day when they are only 14 years-old.  I think it should be when they are approaching 16 years-old.  

Herbal News!  I ran out of lemongrass.  Sigh.  I had to buy a bag of organic online until spring arrives.  I love the tea.  It has so many benefits, and one being a "calming" tea.    I don't even add honey.  It's tough each day to decide what tea to drink anymore, they are all so good.

I just discovered you can make tea from calendula flower too.  Lots and lots of stuff to learn yet.  I have one daughter who suffers greatly with menstrual cramps (vomiting and diarrhea too), so I may try this tea with her.  I have to research the age it's appropriate for, but I think she's old enough.

Did I ever tell you folks that the last time I had a dental cleaning, the hygienist told me my gums were in excellent health?  Most likely from the herbal teas I drink (she agreed).  

My 16 year-old, while doing dishes in the evening:

"What did you do Mom?  Brew tea from grass?"  

They should know be now.  Yes.  It was lemongrass.  Silly kid.

The rain Gods must have felt we have not quite had enough, so they dumped more on us.   I said a little prayer each time I took a walk to the hens or walk the dogs.  There was a layer of ice all over my drive and it was not warm enough to completely melt it (before the rain arrived). 

This morning?  Well, there is a bit of ice, but at 5am, the cars were driving at full speed.  We are to get snow and winds of 35mph today.  It is colder, but no snow yet.


Dawn said...

I am afraid i like proper tea the only alternative I like is Mint tea although I have to wait until its the season for it to grow again, I have tried dried mint and its not the same, here in the UK the youngsters do two weeks work experience it usually takes place the year before there exams when they are 15 two weeks gives then a real insight to the working world they will soon be joining :-)

Mama Pea said...

It's pretty much been proven that "communes" don't work very well . . . but if they did you would certainly be "The Herb Lady" that everyone went to for everything that ailed them! (Or maybe "The Medicine Woman" in an Indian tribe . . . )

Kristina said...

Dawn, wow, 2 weeks of experience. That would be nice if they did that here in their senior year.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, ha ha! Honestly, I'm enjoying trying the different teas. The lemongrass to me, is almost better than valerian for a "good night" sleep tea.

RB said...

I need to do my hair too. I color it an eggplant color, then I do a semi-circular part around the top, gather the hair up there in a pony tail on top of my head and shave the sides and back with a number 3 guide. It's an mod-odd hairstyle, but so many people have told me it suits me that I keep it. But with my shoulders and arms giving me so much pain, I've run behind time in doing it, and the gray is showing through (not that I mind that either).
It's been very cold here the last couple of nights. It rained mid morning today, and mixed in with it were a few sleet pellets, very few.
I pray everyone has a safe happy week.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, it's a cold week here too.