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Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Hazards and Random Homestead Happenings

I survived the weekend without making a trip to the ER after I hit a patch of ice, and did the chicken dance to keep myself upright.  My hip, to say the least, does not like that sort of dancing.

Driving out of the homestead on Saturday, I survived getting to the "big city" without sliding all the way out into the highway. I wasn't going very fast, but our drive is all ice right now.

It rained all night Friday, then froze, then snowed on Sunday.  Our one daughter drove back to college just before the majority of snow fell and blew with the wind.  She texted she wanted to be home right after she arrived back.  It was hard to go back after a long break.

Hubby, having had a long week of overtime work, did not want to do a single thing Sunday.  I didn't blame him, but we needed to restock wood.  We enlisted the help of two other kids and got the job done rather quickly.  It was getting very cold, so there was no messing around.

The puppies are learning to "stay" and "go lay down" now.  It's taking some time, but I'm working overtime this week to work on it too.  Jesse has been caught actually playing with them now.  He gets worn out quickly, and we do supervise, but they are getting along for the most part now.

I'm already re-writing my spring to-do list (aside from the garden and other stuff around here).  Our camper has a small rip in the canvas (along the seam) in one area, so I need to sew it.  Any suggestions on thread?  I thought maybe a thick quilting thread would work, but are there threads for canvas on a pop up camper?  And then should I seal the thread area with a sealant of any sort? 
I finished my second book this year - The Simplicity Primer, by Patrice Lewis.  Not sure which book to start next, but I'll be reducing the "need to read" pile this month.  This book wasn't my favorite.  There were parts I enjoyed, and quotes I took from it, but most of the last third or so of the book was old news to me.  I am pretty frugal, I try to live green as much as possible, and so forth.  I'm already married and have grown kids.  I am past the parts she gives advice for, and that's why I recommend this for a high school graduate or a college student finding their way in life.
We have been gifted two microfiber Norwex cleaning cloths.  I'm a bit concerned using something with some sort of silver in it (items cleaned as well as my hands).  Do any of you know about these towels and if they are safe?  I have a septic, and wonder about washing them too.  It states to wash with "nothing else" also.  One is "all purpose" and the other is for windows (glass).  It states to not add any cleaner, only add a bit of water or use dry. 

Looks like the cronies of or one neighbor still feel the need to drive by our homestead and rev up their truck.  These lot of people are so immatureThey spend so much time harassing us, that I think at some point they wear themselves out with wasted time and energy.

It's a chilly -16°F wind chill here today.  It looks like we'll warm up to a -7° later today.


Kim said...

For fixing the camper tear I would use a monofilament thread and yes I would seal the seam afterwards. A curved needle might be the way to go as well.

Lady Jane said...

Hi Kristina, Glad you didn't have to go to the ER. I think you would enjoy the website They have great sewing ideas for heavy duty fabric which they sell. I used their pattern to make roman shades for my kitchen and door window. They also sell fabric. Great informative site. Hope your neighbors stop bugging you. Years ago we had some idiot neighbors and it isn't any fun. Snowing here today, if I get a chance I am going out to take pictures. LJ

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim and Lady Jane, thank you for those tips on sewing my camper canvas. I'll check out that site too.

Dawn said...

At first I mis-read and thought you had a trip to ER, nothing worse than going over on ice, perhaps get some ice grippers for your footwear, take care :-)

Mama Pea said...

A couple of years ago my husband bought a cone of heavy duty thread for sewing canvas. We'll never use all of it so I'd be glad to send some of it to you. It's black and I don't know what color your camper top is or if it wouldn't matter. Just let me know if you want some of it.

We've still got ice all over outside and I'm so glad we've made it so far without any falls. But you sure have to be super-careful!

Susan said...

That weather combination is a dangerous mix! Glad you've remained upright. I'm thinking that YOU should be writing a book on homesteading.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Dawn, ice is definitely my enemy I think.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, thanks, but I think the stitching is all white. I did find some online yesterday for $4.95.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I do have one book going, but have not finished it. I have a few from National Novel Month I may sit down and re-read and consider submitting too.

Rose said...

Sounds like we are having very similar weather. Our know is very welcome this year because the last 2-3 years we didn't have any snowpack, therefore, our irrigation water was halted Aug. 5th in the heat of the summer and fire season. Sorry to hear about your annoying neighbors.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rose, glad to hear the snow is helping your area. It does make a difference too.

RB said...

I'm so clumsy, I could trip over an ant - no kidding, so ice I just don't try. Course I'm mostly retired, so I often don't need to stir when it's icy out. Plus, I always applied the old adage, "If you can't walk on it, you can't drive on it either."
We've got something minor coming in tonight, maybe just few flurries although there were already reports of 10,000 homes in the NC mountains without power for a while today, and since that's headed our way, who knows.
But the worst is suppose to come Friday evening into Saturday all day. I hope the electricity holds, because that's how so many, including us, heat our homes.
Prayers for the safety of everyone in the face of these storms. Make good choices and stay safe, and if you live alone and need help, for God's sakes let someone know, even if it means dialing 911.
As for your neighbors, Karma, i.e. "What goes around, comes around" will get them eventually. It always does. In the meantime, just pray for them and have good thoughts for them whenever they do something aggravating or'll be building up good Karma for yourself.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, wow! That is a lot of homes without power. Glad you are safe. I have been wondering how our weather will turn this weekend.