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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, July 16, 2021

Rosemary ~ More radishes ~ This and That ~ Something I Learned


A bit of rosemary made it's way to the dehydrator.

I picked more radishes.  Enough to make dip again, but this time I used garlic powder (garlic scape season is pretty much done).

Although hot and humid, and a complete soaking muddy mess, I managed to free the bean plants from their blood sucking weeds.  What a job on such a hot day, but I beat the rain in the process thankfully.

We are now under a flash flood alert with rain all day today and tomorrow.

Daughter E is leaving the salon she is working for, and moving up to a salon that does hair color/highlights etc.  Risky move (requires booth rent), as she is also getting her apartment next month.  We hope she does very well.  

Something I learned - one of the large flea markets located in Amish country in Ohio are closing their doors the end of October 2021.  Holmes County flea market sold their building.  Sad to hear, as it was one of the main reasons to visit the area.  The Walnut Creek Flea market however has stated they are expanding.


Lisa K Thomasson Jung said...

I love flea markets ! I am lucky I can grow rosemary year long. I use it in recipe and homemade potpourri. Have a great week!

Faith said...

hmm....there is one in particular they which I like to visit. I believe it is the Walnut Creek one. It is the one where at one time they had the train for the kids to ride, there is a leather goods store there. I go every time we visit Amish country. I've bough a few things there over the years. It is changing fast down there, with Berlin expanding their road to accomodate traffic. Very touristy now. I'm not a fan of crowds or commotion. We stay at a cabin down there and that is divine.

Carol said...

I hate to hear of the flea market closing, but I hope the other one can do well. Many flea markets near us have closed as well and it is just super sad.

mamasmercantile said...

Wishing your daughter every success in her new venture.

Kristina said...

Lisa, we love the flea markets too, but sad one is closing. I love roasted beets with fresh rosemary.

Kristina said...

Faith, Walnut Creek is the newer one, it's the older one that is closing. We don't like crowds either and the traffic is always backed up in front of the Old World Bistro (favorite place to eat).

Kristina said...

Thanks Carol, sad to hear of closings near you too.

Kristina said...

Thank you mamasmercantile.